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Paige vs. Rosa Mendes- POV Story

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by kodivas, Oct 7, 2015.

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    [h=1]Paige vs. Rosa Mendes- POV Story[/h]This is a point-of-view story told from Rosa's perspective. There's more sex than in my other stories so far. As for the imminent shutdown of this site, I plan to post my old and new stories on whatever new site we get, so they won't be going anywhere.
    1 Paige vs Rosa.jpg
    So I was in the Diva's locker room, putting make up on, when Paige walked out of the dressing room behind me and snapped a quick selfie. The chick was only wearing a small black top and skimpy denim shorts. My eyes completely drifted her way. I couldn't help but stare at her. I mean, damn. That ass...
    2 Paige being creeped on.jpg 3 Rosa GIF admiring Paige.gif
    'Goddamn, she's hot...' I thought to myself.
    I completely forgot about my own makeup and stared for as long as I could. I looked over every inch of that fine body, every little curve. Mine were bigger, obviously, but she was a tight piece of work. I could toss her around like a ragdoll, I bet. I'm not usually attracted to women, but I'd been with a few. Paige could be next... I'd teach her a thing or two... She'd be inexperienced with a woman like me. I could get her to follow my lead and do whatever I wanted...
    The thought of undressing that young body made me go after her. I caught her in the hall and tried to start up a conversation, but she didn't seem interested. Apparently she had a date with some guy to get to.
    "Paige, look..." I began to tell her after she got rude with me. "I know you're the Diva's Champion and all, but you should still make time for me. I'm a Diva here just like you."
    "Really, Rosa?" Paige sneered.
    She had a bit of an attitude, an ego. It was definitely deserved, I'll give her that, but still. I mean, she was the champ and she had a killer body. She was probably the best of us in the ring too.
    I kinda liked her fire though. Made her tough, resilient. I like breaking down rebellious girls like her. Little rebels are just my type.
    "When's the last time you won a match?" Paige asked me.
    So she was impressed by wrestling, huh? Fine. I guess I'd have to beat her at her own game.
    "How about a match then, girl?" I asked her confidently.
    Paige scoffed at the idea. Even her little unimpressed noise sounded sexy though. Mmm... even her voice was pure seduction to me.
    "If you're so confident, then it's not a problem, right?"
    "Fine" she shrugged. "You're on. I hope you don't think it'll be for my title though."
    "I've got a different idea... If I win, I get a date with you."
    "You heard me, baby."
    "Whatever, fine. I'll kick your ass so it doesn't matter. You've never won a singles match in the WWE. What chance do you have against me?"
    Paige walked off with her head held high. I barely noticed though. My eyes were much lower on her body.
    She had good reason to be confident, but I was no amateur. I knew how to wrestle just fine, and if I surprised her with some unique offense, there's no way she'd resist. When the match was done, I'd be taking the sexy Brit out on the town. Mmm....
    * * *​
    Before our match, Paige actually looked bored backstage. She was so damn cocky, and it was starting to bug me. Sure, she was sexy as hell, but she acted like she was so much better than me. I was going to prove her dead wrong though. She wouldn't have anything to be bored about when the match started. She'd be in too much pain. Too much sexy, throbbing pain.
    4 Paige bored before match.png
    4a Paige ring gear.jpg 4b Rosa ring gear.jpg
    I entered the ring first in w simple white two-piece outfit. I did a little dance for the fans on the apron, just to tease the boys in the crowd. They were going to be so jealous of me for what I was going to do to Paige. Every man would kill for a chance to be me right now. Soon, my hands would by all over that sexy pale skin, tugging that dark hair and grappling her body around...
    God, I could hardly wait.
    5 Rosa GIF entrance.gif
    Paige made her way to the ring next, championship over her shoulder. She looked pretty confident, but I was more interested in her little purple ring gear and black leather jacket. Damn, she was fine in that thing. When she took it off on the apron and screamed out for her fans, I died a little inside. What a sexy little rebel I had my hands on.
    6-small-Paige-GIF-entrance.gif 7 Paige GIF before match.gif
    Paige climbed the turnbuckle once she was in the ring. She looked my way, glared, and then blew kisses to the crowd. She was actually taunting me, the little brat. Oh... I was going to get her for that. Those kisses were all mine.
    "Those aren't for you" Paige called out at me. She was loud; she didn't even need a mic to be heard. "You'll never get one from me."
    "We'll see about that, babe" I told her. I had a confident smile of my own.
    8 Paige blows kisses and taunts Rosa.jpg 9 small Paige-GIF-match-start.gif
    The bell rings and Paige looks ready to grapple with me. I know better though. Still, I pretend to play along and then ram my knee into her gut when she least suspects it! The girl bends over with an 'oof!" sound. It sounds so funny to hear her get hurt already.
    I grab her black hair and pull back, slamming her to the mat. She holds her hair and winces at the unexpected pain. If she thought things would be going better for her, then she was realizing how wrong she was now. This was easier than I thought, in fact. I expected the famous anti-Diva to be tougher than this! Maybe she wasn't such a champion after all.
    "I thought you were tough, baby" I said as I knelt beside her. "Aren't you a little rebel? You seem more like a helpless little girl to me."
    Paige rolled over in a vain attempt to crawl away. Too easy. She was just begging me to stop her! I grabbed her long hair, lifted her up, and threw her back down, face-first into the mat! I threw her down again and again until she stopped crawling. She just lay there face down, holding her pounding head. I hope I didn't bruise her pretty face!
    I yanked her up to her feet and checked the damage, but she still looked flawless. She even had enough energy to push me back and throw one of her big superkicks at me! I sidestepped it in time, thank goodness, and rolled out of the ring. Paige was right in thinking she'd win in a straight-up match. I planned to mess with her instead.
    As planned, the girl came after me and chased me around the ring. She'd just tire herself out at this rate. I slid back and waited for her to follow, then I hammered down on her back when she came close. She didn't expect the ambush and cried out in pain again! Easy peasy.
    Paige held her hurt lower back as I grabbed her up by the hair again. I didn't bother checking on her this time though. I knew she was tough and could take whatever I dished out. If she couldn't, she wasn't worth my interest anyway! I threw her shoulder first through the turnbuckle and into the ring post. Her skin cracked against the thing with a loud smack, and she sat down in the corner for a little rest. Poor girl actually thought I'd give her a breather...
    I walked up next to her, looking down on the whining little girl before me. She sure as hell didn't look like such hot shit now. I turned around and shoved my ass right in her face! She sure didn't like that and kicked and squirmed as I wiggled back and forth. By the time I let the chick breathe, she was gasping and nearly gagged!
    10 Rosa stinkface.gif
    I took a moment to gloat to the crowd, and to also look back at my handiwork. I couldn't believe how easy it was to take advantage of this girl! She was just helpless against me. But oh, did she look great whining and whimpering down in that corner...
    When I looked back at her though, she was suddenly up and charged into me with her arm outstretched! I went down but quickly got back up, but she clotheslined me again! It actually didn't hurt though. A bit surprising, sure, but the feeling of her hand smacking against my chest... Ohhhh, it was making me want her even more...
    I laid on the mat for a second to adjust my top. Couldn't let Paige get a sneak peek before our big date. She seemed to think she was on the offensive and tried to lock in her PTO. I just yanked her hair when she tried. It didn't take much to reassert my dominance and put the girl in her place. She had me turned on now; that was enough out of her. I wanted to handle the rest myself.
    I repaid Paige's touches by grabbing her boobs. I pushed her back against the ropes, squeezing them in the palms of my hands. Mhmmm... They were so soft and delicate... She really was just a weak little girl trying to hide it with a tough attitude. Some champion...
    Paige tried to push my hands off her, so I thrust my knee between her legs. She collapsed to her knees in front of me. What a fine position... But it was too soon and too public. I let her fall flat on her pretty face.
    Paige held her sensitive area in pain with tears in her eyes as I stood over her. I wondered what I should do next to my sexy toy. So many possibilities, so little time... Maybe I should embarrass her some more, knock her ego down a few pegs. I really wanted to show her that I had her in my grasp and that she should submit to me in all the ways I wanted.
    I untied Paige's boots and tore them off her feet. She squirmed but was too preoccupied with holding herself still. I pulled her up by her hair and smashed her own boots into the back of her head. Three or four good smacks later and she was my private ragdoll. Now I really could toss her around however I wanted...
    I was getting pretty turned on though, so I kind of just wanted to hurry up and get to our inevitable date. I turned the girl over and went for the pin.
    1... 2... Kick out!
    Paige actually lifted her shoulder up at the last second! She wasn't as unconscious as I thought. She sure was good at pretending though. Oh... that just made her even hotter... God, what I wanted to do to her, and to think she'd be limp and awake for it all!
    11 Paige hurt.png
    Paige was looking kinda rough though, even if she had kicked out. I felt bad for the poor girl, to be honest. She tried so hard to act all tough, but she was so soft and frail and weak... She just needed me to release some of her stress.
    I tossed Paige's boots at her, hoping to catch her off guard and finish her soon. She ducked the throw though and the things hit the dumb referee! He fell back in the corner, and Paige looked worried about him. I guess she should- without him, there'd be no way to get the pin.
    He was just dazed though, and Paige was distracted. I slid out of the ring, grabbed her Diva's Championship, and slid back in to shove it in her face. I smashed her hard over the head with her own belt, and she crashed to the mat lifelessly. Now she really was out like a light, and the ref hadn't seen a thing. I went for the pin again, hooking both of Paige's legs with one hand and grabbing her boob with the other. She didn't even resist she was so far gone.
    1...... Damn the ref was counting slow.
    2...... It just gave me more time to grope her. Nice.
    I did it! I won my date with Paige! I was so damn comfortable though I just lay on top of her a little bit longer. I let her legs down so I could feel both breasts, of course. Before her eyes fluttered open, I had time to fondle her soft assets as much as I wanted. Soon they'd be all mine...
    I left the ring pretty quick once Paige came to. She'd be pissed off, I bet, so I'd let her cool down some. I left with a little skip in my step as the poor girl sat in shock at what just happened. I bet she never pictured this moment would come when my hand was raised in victory over her motionless body!
    11a Rosa GIF wins.gif 12 Paige loses.jpg
    I turned back to catch one last look at my sexy date for the evening before I left the arena. Poor Paige looked so sad and alone in the ring, sulking and sobbing over the loss. I just wanted to dry her tears and kiss those pouting lips... She was too adorable to pass up!
    13 Paige sobbing.jpg
    I got ready for our date by wearing a sexy silver dress. Even Paige would melt when she saw it. I texted a picture of me in it to the girl and asked to see what she was wearing. Knowing her, it'd be something lousy to get me back for cheating in our match. I hoped it was sexy though, a skin tight black dress would really suit her... I decided to tell her that in my text too.
    14 Rosa date outfit.jpg
    Paige replied with photos to melt me to my core. Oh my god, oh my god... To think I had this little thing all to myself tonight... Once again, I thought... that ass... and those eyes... Damn.
    15 Paige date outfit.jpg
    I gave Paige a ride to a fancy restaurant for some drinks, but she wasn't as in the mood as her dress made her look. She barely talked to me the entire time, and when she looked at me it was with a glare. She had even snapped an uncomfortable-looking selfie on our way over.
    16 Paige awkward.jpg
    Maybe she didn't like how our match ended, I thought. Maybe I should have been a bit more delicate with her. She was a frail little thing, after all.
    "Look, I'm sorry I beat you" I told her. "You left me no choice though. I had to get your attention, babe."
    "You cheated" she seethed back at me. "You hit me with my own title and threw my damn boots at me. You didn't win fair. You never could."
    "Hm... if I do, will you be more happy with this?"
    "How about a rematch? If I win again, clean this time, you owe me a real, honest date of whatever I want. Deal?"
    "What's the catch? You'd never win clean."
    "Still so cocky... Tsk, tsk, girl. I was kicking your ass before I used the belt. That was just to put you out of your misery. I was sparing you the humiliation."
    "What do you want, Rosa?" Paige demanded angrily. She was such a sore loser. "You're not getting a shot at my title after one fluke win."
    "I told you I don't want your title. What I want is much more valuable... If you lose again, instead of losing your title and dating me, you have to dump your boyfriend and date me. I want you all to myself...."
    "You're disgusting! But you'll never win, so you're on! And when I win, I don't ever want you to speak to me again!"
    "Deal, sexy. How about we make it an I Quit match?"
    "Fine. But I'm not just going to make you quit. I'm going to make you my bitch."
    "Then an I'm Your Bitch match? First one to admit that loses."
    We both agreed and the match was on. Oh, Paige... If only you knew what you were getting yourself into, girl... I am going to wreck you so bad in that ring, and then I'm going to wreck you outside of it... You'll be single, ashamed, upset, weak, and oh so vulnerable...
    * * *​
    Paige had an interview backstage before our match. I only listened in, but she trash talked me and defended her defeat last week. She acted like it was a total fluke and wouldn't happen again in a million years. She called me a cheater and a bitch.
    Too bad for her she'd become my bitch later. I was going to make her eat every one of her cocky little words, and then a whole lot more too. Poor, stupid girl...
    17 Paige determined for rematch.jpg
    I felt so bad about what I was going to do to her in front of thousands of fans, that I tried consoling her before our match. I told her that no matter what happened, I'd still admire her, but she remained her defiant, cocky self.
    "Stay away from me, Rosa" she demanded. "I'm going to beat you tonight and you're never going to talk to me again."
    "Oh honey, that's just not true. You'll be all mine once you dump your boyfriend tonight. We're going to have so much fun together. It'll be just us this time, no restaurant or anything. Just us, some drinks, and a whole lot of fun."
    "Get away from me. You're disgusting."
    Paige shrugged me off her before I could give her a hug. At least she let me gently rub her back as we walked and talked. That'd have to tide me over until the main event came tonight.
    17a Paige and rosa before match.jpg
    19 Paige ring gear.jpg 18 Rosa ring gear.jpg
    Paige entered the ring first this time, wearing a sexy little black top and short tights, complete with some fishnet leggings. She glared at me as I walked down the ramp in a black outfit of my own. I think it was the first time I had more leather on than she did. She'd slide right off me if she grabbed hold, but I'd be able to grip her tight in that gear of hers...
    20-small-Paige-GIF-entrance.gif 21 Paige is ready.jpg
    The bell rang and Paige paced angrily back and forth, not daring to stand still and let me surprise her with a cheap takedown. She'd learned since our last encounter. She was smarter than I gave her credit for, but still not smart enough. She was a natural wrestler and I'd use that against her. Despite her angry, fuming pace, she still lunged forward to grapple with me. It was a cinch to sidestep her and loop a couple fingers through her belt. Now she was mine!
    Paige looked down at her belt and back up at me with a surprised expression. She looked so confused and shocked! It was priceless to watch her struggle and try to break free, but I held her firm. She wasn't going anywhere, so I leaned in to kiss her right off the bat.
    Sadly, the girl escaped just before our lips met before the thousands of people in the crowd. I heard a lot of disappointed sighs at not seeing the kiss. The fans were with me! Paige was going down, everyone wanted to see it! This victory would be for everyone- they'd all share in my experience tonight.
    Paige wasn't having it though. The poor girl didn't look like she was having any fun at all. She charged at me, all embarrassed and enraged. It was too easy to dodge her and smack that ass hard. She jumped up in shock and held her own butt!
    I decided not to give her any time to be shocked though. I moved in and kneed her firm belly as hard as I could. She keeled over at the force, giving me a good look at her ass once again. It was hard to focus with her bending over for me like this. Something about seeing her from behind was somehow... enticing. I threw her over by her hair in a snapmare and locked on a chinlock. I wrenched her neck back and she kicked and squirmed in agony, gritting her teeth and shutting her eyes. Aw... she didn't want to look up at my face. She must have been embarrassed. Again.
    I held Paige in the chinlock for a good minute, wearing her down bit by bit. She tried to rally the crowd and fight out, but they firmly wanted to see me get what I wanted. Everyone knew how hot this girl was- for her not to be mine was a crime! When she got to her feet, I yanked her back down by her hair, and everyone cheered for me!
    Paige must have really been losing it at the sound. I started to see some tears in her eyes as she gazed out in disbelief at the crowd. She looked distraught and wounded, and not just by me. Her loyal fans were betraying her; they wanted to see every bit of her just like I did... I'd be their eyes tonight, I thought happily.
    The sexy girl began to crawl away from me, but I wasn't about to let her escape. I hammered her back and dropped her like she was nothing. To me though, I guess she wasn't much anyway. She was hardly worth being called a champion if it was this easy to dominate her. All it took was a good spanking and a seductive glance, and she was completely taken off her game. Easy peasy!
    Paige slowly rose to her knees right before me. She only made it that far by pulling herself up my leathery pants. God... the feeling and sight of her crawling up my body, hands slipping against my legs... Mhmmmmm....
    With Paige kneeling perfectly before me, I wanted to just attack her. She still had a match to endure though, so I managed to hold myself back. I had to make her my bitch. She had to admit it to end this. So, I just slapped her pretty little face as hard as I could. And oh boy, did I hit hard. The pale little girl went flying from just one slap on her cheek! She rolled to the mat, crying out and holding her face in total pain! I guess I was stronger than I thought.
    I had to press my advantage though. No way I could risk her recovering and letting the fans down. I grabbed Paige up by her hair and tossed her clear across the ring. She spun out of control and screamed in pain, clutching her roots in deep distress. Poor girl... I really did feel sorry for her. She just looked so helpless through it all...
    Paige was lying near the corner of the ring, so I helped her into it. Then I slid my long leg up her body and pressed my foot against her throat. She clutched wildly at my boot, gargling and gasping to be free, but I wouldn't have it. I choked the life out of her for as long as I could. I pushed so hard she lifted off the mat, sobbing and gasping desperately for a breath of air. By the time I let her have it, she sunk down the ropes and fell with a thud to the mat.
    I wouldn't let her rest though. I pulled her up and whipped her into the far corner, then charged right after her. She crashed and burned before I reached her, and before she could move out of the way, I crushed her with a running splash. I put all my weight into it, and Paige felt every bit of me careen into her weak body. She staggered out of the corner, managed to take two shaky steps, and collapsed at my feet.
    The poor little rebel couldn't even stand anymore. She was nearly done. I just had to bend her a little more, humiliate her a tad, make her cry and lastly force her to accept defeat. It actually shouldn't be hard, as weak as she is.
    I scooped the sad girl up and dropped her down over my knee. She didn't even fight anymore, she just fell and bent over backwards for me, literally. I pushed down on her chin as she lay overtop my knee, bent and broken and entirely helpless.
    Poor, poor, Paige...
    She screamed and cried, and even kicked a little bit, but it was nowhere near enough to break free. Finally, I just shoved her limp body off me and let her fall once again with a limp splat. Sad.
    I mounted Paige's broken body without resistance. She was completely sprawled out on the mat underneath me, arms out defenseless, and face just begging to be smacked around. I obliged and starting wailing away on her, left and right, again and again. She was helpless against it. I was just mugging her, and all she was doing was sobbing.
    23 Rosa beatdown on Paige.jpg
    I had enough of the easy beating and threw up my hands in success. The crowd cheered for me, and I loved every second of it. I'm sure Paige didn't, but she didn't need to love any of this right now. This was just an appetizer; she'd love it later.
    I stood over my little rebel and did a quick dance, grinding my body down over her. All she could do was gaze up at me as I sweated all over her toned little body. She didn't even seem to mind; maybe she was just too beaten. She had a dazed look in her eyes and breathed heavily, exhausted. She couldn't take much more, I realized.
    I bent down and got in her face, grabbed her cheeks and squished them together. The ref gave me a microphone to ask her, "You my bitch yet?" as I shook her face a little. It was too funny to see her so submissive, so helpless. She still didn't give up though. She didn't say anything.
    "Then why don't you make a move?" I taunted, stepping away from her and dropping the mic.
    I waited patiently for Paige to struggle to her feet. Even when she managed to stand, she looked ready to collapse at any moment. No way she could do anything. She attempted to come at me, but it was effortless to scoop her up under my arm and slam her down in a sidewalk slam. I crushed her to the mat in a thunderous blow, and her body splashed up with one last reaction. She was done.
    I knew exactly how to make Paige submit fast, and it was time to do just that. With the little rebel trapped under my arm, I glided my free hand down her stomach, slowly enjoying every subtle feel of her soft skin before I passed over her studded belt and down between her legs. I struck gold on the tips of my fingers, but Paige jerked away at the tingling in her tights and started to crawl away in desperation. I easily dragged her back by her foot, but she squirmed free and tried to escape again.
    I finally sat down on her back, forced her ass up in the air, and did as I pleased. I didn't tease or taunt her anymore, I just squeezed her juicy ass with one hand and slid my fingers back and forth overtop her thin tights with my other. It didn't take but a second for her to start screaming and crying. She tried to wiggle me off her, but I had her stuck, and with each passing moment she grew less and less inclined to move me.
    It was over. The ref handed me the mic so everyone could hear Paige's admission.
    "You have something to say, Paige?" I asked, not letting up with my touch.
    "Oh, god..!" she cried out before everyone. "Ohhhh.... stop..! Stop! I'm your bitch! I'm your bitch! God, stooooopppp.... Ohhhhh......"
    The referee mercifully called for the bell and I had to stop my fun. Boo-hoo... The crowd was upset to see it end, but for me it was just beginning. Still, I decided to give them one last delicious send off before the little girl had to dump her boyfriend on national television.
    I hopped off Paige's vibrating body and rolled her onto her back. There was something missing from my win, a knockout, I thought. Somehow, it just felt so much better knocking poor little Paige out. Maybe she just looked good that way.
    I carefully crawled my way up her ever-so-slightly twitching body. I slithered up to look in her eyes as she sobbed and gasped for breath, fighting back waves and waves of tears. Her eyes were wide with fear at what I had planned for her. But damn, were they beautiful, and so, so adorable. It almost made me not want to knock her out. Almost.
    23a Paige eyes.jpg
    I oh-so-slowly drifted my hand over Paige's mouth, and then pinched her nostrils closed. I watched ever subtly motion of fear, panic, dread and humiliation cross over Paige's helpless face as she tried to squirm free. It was the best delight of the match, feeling her try to squirm free beneath me, kicking with her legs and trying to lift me off with her arms. Her struggle was in vain though. Slowly, but surely, her desperate kicks faded away and eyelids gently fluttered closer and closer to being closed entirely. So slowly, so delicately... I watched the light leave her eyes at last, and I left her lying in total defeat...
    With Paige out cold, I stayed overtop her body, pressed up against her warm heaving chest... I was covering her body from head to toe. I completely owned every inch of her. Just for the hell of it, I started to count her out...
    "1... 2..." I paused, inched even closer to her lips, and finished, "3..."
    Pinned and beaten, I kissed Paige softly, slowly, and passionately. Her lips were juicy and smooth, and oh so soft... My lips just glided off hers, and I tugged at them with a delicate nibble. Her bottom lip snapped back down as I pulled away, deciding to leave the rest of her for later. For now, she had a job to do, and I had to get ready for our second date.
    Before I left, I flicked Paige on the nose and smiled down at her. There was nothing she could do to escape our date now.
    "I'll see you tonight, baby" I whispered down to her.
    I left her there to break the bad news to her boyfriend as I celebrated with the crowd and danced around the ring.
    24 Rosa taunting.gif
    I left the ring after joining the crowd in celebrating my victory over the Diva's Champion. I couldn't help but dance around happily. I was just so ecstatic! It was still sinking in, the fact that I had Paige all to myself tonight. It'd be a night to remember!
    25 Rosa GIF win 1.gif 26 Rosa GIF win 2.gif 27 Rosa GIF win 3.gif
    I took my time reveling in my win. So long that Paige started to regain consciousness in the ring. I stuck around long enough to see her reaction when she woke up. I wanted to see the shock and embarrassment when she realized what happened and what was to come.
    She looked utterly beaten and traumatized by her loss. So many emotions crossed through her stunned face as I walked towards the back. It was a thing of beauty to see her fret and sob. She glared after me, but her feeling soon turned to sadness and sobbing tears when reality hit her. It was time to dump her boyfriend, and I was going to watch it happen from the ramp.
    28-small-Paige-shocked-after-loss.gif 29 Paige upset after loss.jpg
    Paige seemed to take forever getting to her feet. She laid weakly on the mat glaring at me for a while, then looked out at the crowd longing to see her seduced on our date. Her eyes started to water and tears fell down her cheeks as she began to sob quietly to herself and lose her composure into uncontrollable tears. Her eyes turned pink and her makeup started to smear as the sobs and tears kept coming.
    Eventually, the referee had to help Paige up. He shouldered her up and helped her to the ropes. She leaned on them and was handed a mic, and the ref reminded her of the stipulation. She had to stand in the middle of the ring, which was a struggle for her in itself, and she had to dump her boyfriend. That way she'd be all mine.
    She lifted the mic to her lips, not noticing that my handiwork smeared her pretty lip gloss. Her hands were shaking and she had trouble standing. She couldn't even hold her head up to the camera or the crowd. She stood utterly embarrassed in front of the world, and I loved every second of it. She didn't even know what to say.
    "Um... Baby..." she started to mumble shakily into the mic. Every word seemed to take forever for her to spit out between her sobs and sadness. "Baby... I have to break up with you... I... I... I'm sorry, it's over..."
    Paige dropped the mic and cusped both her hands over her face and burst into even more tears. She fell to her knees and keeled over, crying and crying and crying. She couldn't control herself, even under the watchful eyes of so many people. She was beyond helpless now. Easy pickings for me later.
    The referee helped the anti-Diva up again and shouldered her to the back. She tried to control her tears with sniffling and muffled sobs, but everyone could see how devastated she was. I really had crushed her, and it was so easy. Maybe I should be Diva's Champ on top of everything too.
    I followed behind the ref and Paige as he helped her hobble into the back. Not long after she got back there, an interviewer ran up for her thoughts on what happened. This should be good, I thought.
    Paige barely looked up to the camera, and immediately hid her teary-eyed face the moment she accidently did. She didn't even utter a response. All she could do was stand there crying, drenched in her own shame.
    30 Paige crying.jpg
    I decided to rescue my date from her bombing interview. I walked up, put my arm around her as she cried, and responded to the camera for her. Unlike her, I knew how to act for my fans. I was all smiles as she sobbed in my arms, hiding her face by looking at the ground.
    "My date is very excited about tonight" I told the interviewer with a grin. "She and I just need to get cleaned up first, straighten ourselves up and all. Paige is gonna look great tonight, come by my place, and we'll have some nice drinks- just the two of us. See you tonight, babe!"
    I smooched Paige on the cheek and skipped away. I'm sure she kept crying for a while longer, but I had to get ready. She had to as well, it was part of our agreement. She'd be looking her sexiest tonight, and so would I.
    * * *​
    Later that night, I texted a picture of myself to Paige and again asked for a photo of her to get me ready. I couldn't wait to see what she'd wear. Until I saw, I just thought about what I'd do to her in my own sexy outfit. I had a lot of cleavage showing... I wonder how Paige would feel with her face buried in it...
    31 Rosa date outfit.jpg
    Paige replied a little while later. And...
    Oh... my... god...
    32 Paige date outfit.jpg
    The things I'm going to do to this girl...
    I'd smother every inch of her with my big boobs. I'd do so many things...
    I told her to come right over for some drinks. On the way, she sent me another picture. This time it was to express how apprehensive she was, but I just saw her looking sexy again. I wonder if she realized that all she was doing was turning me on.
    33 Paige apprehensive before arriving at Rosa's.jpg
    Paige came to my door and I eyed her from head to toe. Damn, what a body, and what a perfectly skimpy outfit. I let her in and eyed her backside too. It was perfect a well.
    "Come on, let's have some wine" I told her, leading her to the couch where I had a couple bottles of strong wine and two delicate glasses. I poured some for both of us, but more for Paige. She needed it more than I did.
    "You know I don't want to be here" Paige grumbled, taking her wine glass.
    "Sh... Just drink and loosen up. You might be surprised where the night goes."
    "It's just some drinks. No big deal."
    Paige took her first sip and was surprised at how strong it was. It wouldn't take her long to loosen up. By the end of that first glass she'd be feeling a pretty good buzz, and after a few more, who knows what she'd be up for.
    "You know, Paige, I think you're beautiful..." I told her softly as she finished her first drink. It was the perfect excuse for me to lean in close and pour her another.
    I inched closer to her side and rested my hand on her bare leg. She didn't resist it at all. She glanced down at my touch with maybe a little worry, but I pushed her chin back up so I could look into her wide eyes.
    "You're sexy and strong..." I kept telling her. She let me hold my hand on her delicate chin and gaze into her eyes as long as I wanted.
    "To you" I said, clinking our glasses together. Paige hesitated to look away from me and drink, but she did. When she tried to put her drink down, I tipped it back up to her mouth, and she was forced to drink more. She finished her second glass before I had finished my first.
    "You're all mine, Paige..." I whispered as I moved in on her lips. "You're all mine..."
    I planted a hard kiss on the girl's luscious lips, and she barely pulled back. She broke the kiss briefly, fluttered her long eyelashes, and slowly leaned back in to me. I kissed her again, ran one hand up her leg and onto her breasts, and held her face with my other. She didn't fight out, she kissed me back. She enjoyed it.
    34 Kiss.jpg
    I led Paige by the hand and turned on some hot dance music. I poured us both some more wine and encouraged her to follow my lead in some sexy Latina dancing. She wasn't much of a dancer, but the wine helped her out. By the end of her third glass, she was grinding her hips and showing off that perfectly toned belly. I danced next to her, grinding all over her side and tugging at her shorts. She kept drinking on her fourth glass as I ran one hand around her most obvious curves, feeling her up without restraint.
    The night was getting hot, and I could hardly take it anymore. I feigned a little trip and 'accidently' spilled some of my wine on Paige's little top. She was all wet, and she had to take it off. Underneath was a lacey black bra pushing up her soft, soft breasts. We laughed at my misstep as Paige tossed her top onto my couch, and I tugged her shorts open a bit to sneak a peek at her panties. Turns out they matched her bra.
    As Paige finished her fourth glass and laughed in a drunken stupor, I pulled her in hard, kissing her again. She held me too this time, and we ran our hands over each other's bodies in a passionate make out session. Goddamn, she felt amazing. So soft and smooth, so damn delicate... And best of all, it was so easy to push her back into the bedroom.
    I pushed Paige over onto the bed and took the empty glass from her. Now it was just us, no distractions at all. And god was she hot. She was already shimmering with sweat and anticipation, chest heaving and legs wiggling with excitement. I delicately unbuckled her belt and tossed it aside, then unbuttoned her shorts. I left them on for the moment though. Instead, I drifted up her body and kissed her hard again, getting her to arch herself off her back so I could wrap my hands around her.
    I unhooked her bra and it joined the belt on the floor. I slid down her body, licking and kissing her as I went. I made a stop at her boobs to play with them and suck her tits, earning some pleasured moans as she enjoyed every second of it. I pushed my hand down her unbuttoned shorts and played with her below as well, and her moans only got louder and breathing got heavier. Her body was heaving in and out, up and down, with me on top of it. She was completely at my disposal.
    I took my time moving further down her body. I took her shorts and black panties off and gently licked my way inside her. She vibrated at my touch and bit her lip in intoxicated satisfaction. I ate her out and earned the most gratifying sounds out of her. Her entire body twitched as I showed her how it was done.
    Paige was a hot, sweaty, sexy mess on my bed. I held back on finishing her off just yet, but oh, she was ready for it. I grabbed a little toy of mine so I could watch her final moments, a big strong strapon to end it with. I put it on, tossed my ragdoll rebel onto her stomach, and slowly penetrated her with it.
    I moved in slowly at first, savoring every little sound of thrill and delectable pleasure that escaped Paige's once-cocky lips. Now my toy cock was inside her, and somehow that attitude was nowhere to be found. I eased in and out, gradually moving a little faster and faster. She buried her face in my sheets to muffle her own cries of indulgence, letting herself go as I pounded her and took control of her body.
    "Oh, Rosa..." she cried out weakly as she neared the finish line. "Oh, oh, ohhhhhhh...."
    I pulled Paige up by her hair and reached around to handle her boobs. I glided my other fingers down to her sensitive wetness. She couldn't hold back any longer as I fucked her all over, topping it off with a little nibble on her neck and ear.
    "Aw, aw, Rosa! Rosa, fuck! Ohhhh...."
    "Who are you, huh?" I whispered in her ear as I fucked her raw. "You my bitch?"
    "I'm your bitch..!" she cried out loudly. "Ohhhhhhh god...! I'm your bitch....."
    An explosive orgasm rocked Paige's body and sent her into a quivering mess. I let her lifeless weakness fall to the mattress and I slowly pulled out of her. She curled up in the sheets, moaning and groaning at the best sex of her life. I curled up next to her hot, sweaty body and held her tight, stroking her hair and nibbling again on her ear. She couldn't stop her body from betraying her past thoughts. She shook from the night, releasing so many sounds of the utmost enjoyment.
    "You're mine now" I whispered into her ear. "You're my bitch. I own you..."
    Paige gasped and heaved heavy breaths out, but couldn't respond. She had been too dominated to say anything back right now. We both knew it was true though.
    "From now on, you're gonna be my little slave. You're gonna lay down for me in the ring and I'm gonna take your title, then you're gonna help me keep it. You'll go where I go and do as I say. You're my bitch now..."
    To end the fantastic night, I took my own top off, turned Paige around to look at me, and buried her exhausted face in my big boobs. She wiggled her weak little face around in them, and slowly lost the little life she still had. She was out like a light and all mine. I was going to fuck her all over again throughout the night. One orgasm for her wasn't enough... My dream date had just begun...
    35 Bed.jpg

    Once again, let me know what you guys think. I think this is my best story yet.

    Up next is a handicap elimination tag team match with no disqualifications. It's my first requested story and will be Trish Stratus, Kelly Kelly, Eve, Kaitlyn, Layla, and Alexa Bliss vs. two men.
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    Absolutely awesome. I will never ever get tired of the "Paige is just a little girl wholly unable to back up her hardass rebel facade" trope, lol.
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    Another great fic i see, man why do you make Paige such adorable and cute little loser? I really dig how you make her so weak and fragile

    I dont know if is your best work so far specialty because your previous fic was so good too but is definitely the more sexy, and surprisely the First person point of view work perfectly it was fun just reading Rosa so casual think of how weak Paige is. Can you make an epiloguo
    Where a tanmed Paige lose her title
    Against Rosa.
    Overall good sttuf i still prefer the Paige vs the bellas but is most for thad one have more ryona moments
    Keep the good work coming!!
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    Yay! Fantastic story! *____* How about a Kelly Kelly vs Rosa Mendes *sex slave match*. When latex clad outfit Rosa will be totally defeated and raped by perky invincible Blonde?
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    Thanks! The opposite sounds good, with Kelly losing to Rosa. I definitely prefer the face losing horribly to the heel.
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    Heh, ok! I also remember one perfect match. AJ Lee vs Rosa Mendes. Rosa defeat AJ by amazing facesit! ^^ It would be a great humiliation story.
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    Any ideas for another Paige story? She's my favorite.