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My first original character: Nasara

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by SufferingLily, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. SufferingLily

    SufferingLily Ryonani Teamster

    Feb 3, 2014
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    Name: Nasara

    Class: Swordswoman

    Appearance: She is of a dark countenance, her skin bronzed from a lifetime spent under the harsh sun of the open plains, her eyes dark brown, and her hair jet black, tied back in a ponytail. She is shorter than average and possesses a slender figure of lean muscle. She wears a simple green dress with short sleeves, and slits on either side of the skirt that run to the top of her thighs, along with a pair of brown leather boots. She dons silver bracers when going into combat.

    Skills: Nasara is a student of the blade, focusing on speed and accuracy over power. Hours spent practicing with the sword has granted her fluidity of movement and a keen eye for her enemies weaknesses. She has sacrificed both strength and durability for these skills. Her attacks are average when they do not strike true (critical). Her speed allows her to run circles around slower enemies but she is capable of sustaining very little damage. An accurate enemy will only need a few hits to bring her down.

    Backstory: Nasara was born the daughter of a wise woman of a nomadic tribe. As such, her tribesmen afforded her a great deal of respect. However, that very respect was the source of her greatest grief. It was an innocent isolation, born not of ill will but humility. The people did not believe it proper for their children of humble origin to associate with the daughter of the greatest leader and seer their tribe had ever known. Another crushing blow came in the form of bitter disappointment. At a young age it became clear that she had no aptitude for her mother’s healing arts or mystical foresight. She might have sunk into a terrible depression from which she might never recover if not for a certain man.

    War was a foreign thing for the tribe. The struggles of kings and nations did not extend to the plains. Their horses and bows knew only of the hunt. Because of that, they were entirely unprepared when a raiding party, separated from their army, arrived. These men of war had lost themselves to bloodlust. It took only moments for them to begin tearing through the village, killing without regard. They might all have died that day if not for a single soldier who had retained his dignity even in the face of war’s horrors. It was due to him alone that they survived. He managed to rally the people and bring them against the rampaging soldiers. He was a magnificent blur of steel and blood, tearing through his former allies. When the dust finally settled the raiders had been driven back. Victory came at a heavy cost however, taking the lives of many of their people and the life of their soldier turned hero. Nasara remembered with perfect clarity when her mother couldn’t heal his wounds, when she told him that he would die. He smiled then, and proclaimed that he died without regrets. It was in the very moment she saw that smile that she knew the course her future would take.

    She claimed the sword of their savior and dedicated her heart and soul to mastery of the blade. The entire focus of her existence became the art of combat so that she might grow into a warrior that could defend her people from any threat. Her greatest friend was her sword, forever unnamed in honor of her unnamed hero.

    One fateful day, when Nasara had grown into a fine young woman and warrior, her mother received a vision of a great and terrible struggle to come and her daughter’s involvement in it. While she did not know what part her daughter was to play in these events, she was convinced Nasara must go out to seek her destiny. Nasara leaves the only home she has ever known for a world she does not understand. With a steady hand and an iron will, Nasara sets out, prepared to play her part in the struggles to come.

    Personality: Her isolation and single-minded dedication to the sword have left the young plainswoman with a cold but not unkind disposition. She is quick to help those in need and treats any she meets with proper respect but is slow to open up to anyone. She also harbors a deep respect for great warriors and those that honor virtue above duty.

    Her skills are based heavily on the Myrmidons from the Fire Emblem series. I went a little nuts with the backstory :) Let me know what you think!

    Reference Image: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m75erqzTcD1rrs1e7o1_1280.jpg

    This is more or less her appearance, just replace the blue with black and you've got it.
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  2. Idoro

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    Nov 10, 2010
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    She reminds me a lot of Lyndis from the FE series, which is not a bad thing. Definitely someone who would not take defeat easy (especially a humiliating one :D)

    Do you have any image references so we can get a better picture of this character?
  3. marvelfan1234

    marvelfan1234 Vivacious Visitor

    May 14, 2012
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    Cool, really good job on the backstory. Her hair reminds me of the legend of korra.