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Lucy's Trials

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Psycho333, Dec 27, 2011.

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    Lucy's trials

    A blonde-haired scientist was using some machine to filter an unknown compound, inside a laboratory of a research facility charged with developing an anti-Diclonius vaccine. She nearly dropped a vial when an ominous message played over the loudspeaker system: ˝A Diclonius has broken into the facility. Defensive countermeasures deployed. All scientists head for safe rooms...˝ Gathering focus, the woman hurried to the hallways, as an alarm blared.

    Lucy roamed the halls of this facility, believing it to be like the Diclonius Institute that imprisoned her earlier she decided to kill everyone who worked there... "Inhuman primates", she said coldly as she made her way to the center of the area.

    Walking in haste, but without panic, Bertha Rabenau traversed the corridors, following evacuation routes. However, the sight of a strange girl clad differently than anyone else alarmed the scientist. The look towards the forehead confirmed her suspicions: it was the intruder. Horns, both intact. Quickly, she changed direction, going into another series of hallways.

    Lucy gave chase, seeing the scientist Lucy knew she was someone in charge of this place...all her instincts told her to kill this person, Lucy thought she was connected to the Diclonius Institute which fueled her desire to see this scientist woman die.

    Bertha remembered the golden advice: keep away from the Diclonius assailant. Speeding up, she focused on the red and yellow box on the opposite end of the hallway. She was almost there...

    Lucy was fast approaching as she chased Bertha... getting closer and closer she didn't notice or seem to care about the red and yellow box. "Ready to die?", Lucy asked coldly.

    ˝Your race will be stopped from purging the planet.˝, the woman replied, and pressed the button on the box. A barely audible hum started to echo, changing frequency, every so often. It could drive people crazy. But to the scientist, it was a life-saver. With her face showing irritation, Bertha explained: ˝This is a new security measure. The Kalotschnik disruptor. Irritating, but saves human lives.˝

    "Human lives.", that echoed in Lucy's mind... she felt that she did want to live in peace, but as long as people like Bertha lived she would be persecuted. "Your the one who is inhuman", she replied coldly and attempted to use her vectors...but nothing happened. "My vectors...that annoying noise is stopping them?" Lucy asked.

    The woman nodded. ˝As long as the central unit is active, you will never be able to use your mental abilities. The sound is too annoying to perform complex mental activity.˝, Bertha added, and started fleeing again, knowing that the assailant was nearly powerless now.

    "I still have two hands to kill you with, pathetic primate.", Lucy said as she ran after Bertha, chasing after her, extra enraged at the fact that she activated such a device and the fact that such a device even exists.

    Not bothering to reply or even turn back, Bertha gave haste, knowing that a safe room is nearby. If she could enter it and lock herself in, she was saved.
    However Lucy was slowly gaining on her...little by little and soon was mere inches away.

    Wondering how could the intruder be getting closer and closer, Bertha was searching for a defensive weapon. She would have to incapacitate the Diclonius first. Luckily, a fire extinguisher was in the section with the safe room entrance. The scientist took it, and turned herself to face the attacker. ˝Your fate is sealed. Without your abilities, the security will dispatch of you swiftly. Give up.˝, she stated.

    While running full tilt at Bertha and hearing her words she ducked down and used her momentum to drive her shoulder into the stomach of Bertha with tremendous force, knocking her to the ground before smirking and throwing the fire extinguisher a distance away. "No, it's your fate that has been sealed by choosing to work for the Diclonius Institute...after you die I'll deactivate that infernal machine.", she said while stomping on the chest of Bertha.

    The scientist was shocked by the sudden turn of events. The stomp on her chest hurt her. However, safety was not far, so Bertha tried to save herself by tripping the attacker with her leg. ˝This is...just a vaccine development institute.˝

    Lucy looked enraged: "Vaccine?! So to you my existence is a virus!", hearing Bertha speak enraged Lucy further as she grabbed Bertha's legs and twisted one and put it over the other before using her own legs to apply pressure to Bertha's legs in a figure 4 leglock... "I'm considering a career as a WWE Diva. After all, in the WWE unusual isn't considered demon, freak, or a virus.", Lucy said, revealing why she's learning wrestling moves.

    ˝We are...treating the virus that keeps transforming human babies into your kind. And...you're deranged.˝, Bertha retorted, writhing in pain. But, the woman quickly got an idea. She took a pen off of the pocket of her lab coat, and, by trying to get into a sitting posture, shortened the distance between her and Lucy's legs enough to stab the pen into the right leg of the girl. She then mustered strength to get on her knees, readying to stand up.

    Lucy grunted with pain from the pen stab but then sat up herself and headbutted Bertha in the stomach and shoved her back down before intensifying the pressure on the figure 4 leglock. She was trying to snap Bertha's leg entirely... "So you do consider us a virus... something to be made extinct.", Lucy said, sounding enraged "You seek to end my existence and the existence of all those like me because of how we were born... people like you are the reason I'm deranged.", Lucy retorted.

    Bertha's leg hurt. But she knew she could get to the door, even if she limped to it. Without spending strength on words, she sat again, grabbing the pen, before twisting it inside. Her other hand was used as a rake. The sharp fingernails dug into the spots around the pierced flesh. The assailant would definitely lose focus from the pain, and the annoying noise.

    However, Lucy this time was ready for her and used her arms to grab Bertha's hands and placed them underneath her right arm before leaning backward, she then used her left hand to plant it on Bertha's face before pushing her to the side... adding pressure to her back by twisting it in an unnatural way and her arms... "Looks like I just created a new submission hold on the spot... what should I call this?", Lucy said tauntingly... "I was thinking the "Diclonius Lasso" or "The Vectors of Pain" . She added in a cold and taunting voice.

    Bertha screamed as her attempt was a failure. However, this new hold was not tight enough. Bertha pulled her arms backwards, freeing then, and then grabbed Lucy's left arm. With venomous spite, she bit her arm, drawing blood immediately.
    Lucy reacted immediately by grabbing Bertha's head under her right arm and slamming it to the ground in a modified DDT like fashion before applying more pressure, mentally cursing the fact that her new hold failed...
    Bertha did not expect the maneuver that slammed her head into the floor, and from the impact, she became extremely dizzy...

    Lucy used this chance to apply intense pressure in her figure 4 leglock, putting more and more pressure on the lags of Bertha, trying to shatter them.
    Since her brain was affected by the impact, Bertha's sensations were not as they would have been in a normal person. Instead of excruciating pain, she felt only moderate amounts of it, even though her legs were broken.
    Lucy had a twisted laugh as Bertha's legs were shattered and released the hold. Walking over to her chest and giving it another stomp "So, you see.... I'm already getting good at holds and such which means my new life as a WWE Diva will start as soon as I destroy this place." She said coldly before grabbing Bertha's right arm and pulling it up and behind Bertha's back while planting a foot on the back of her head to apply even more pressure to the hold.

    Bertha knew she would probably die. But, every second of stalling she did, would allow others to be safe, and security to murder the Diclonius. With last ounces of strength, she pulled off a spare pen from her pocket, and swung it into the foot pressing her neck, with her left arm. ˝I...may die...but you will, too.˝, the scientist defiantly spat out.
    The pen did stab Lucy in the foot which did cause her pain, but at the same time it pissed her off, and as a reaction Lucy sharply kicked Bertha in the face as hard as she could before applying a tremendous amount of pressure to Bertha's right arm... more and more she wanted the limb to be destroyed.

    Bertha just began laughing. The Diclonius was foolish. Taking time to kill just a particular scientist, instead of running for her life. She was also crippled. Easy prey for anyone with weapons.

    Bertha's laughing served to enrage Lucy so she released the arm, no longer caring if it was damaged, and wrapped her hands around the throat of Bertha to silence her once and for all, she positioned her thumbs underneath Bertha's jawline and used them to press upward as she used all her strength to strangle Bertha.
    The elderly scientist was trying to get air. But, to no avail. Her death was imminent. But, she had peace. The alarm for safe room evacuation had ended. Every scientist and other non-combat personnel was safe. Only guards patrolled now. ˝You...failed.˝, Bertha said somehow, before losing consciousness.

    Lucy decided to grab Bertha's chin with one hand and force her head in a sharp upward motion until she felt her neck snap like a twig... "We'll see who failed", she said as she headed back to where that annoying machine that disabled her vectors was located. However while backtracking, Lucy spotted a figure that had a strange blue glow to it. What was more weird was the fact that this figure seemed to be floating and had no legs or waist. "Tch... my mind must be playing tricks on me", she said as she went to investigate.

    Lucy noticed the ghostly figure turn around... "Kouta's... Sister!" In Lucy's stunned state she didn't immediately notice the ghost making eye contact with her... "Pay...back" Kanae said as she began making Lucy strip. Lucy's expression changed to that of panic as she realized her body was moving against her will, removing her top... then her bra...then her skirt...then her panties...then her socks and shoes. Lucy stood there completely in the nude before Kanae, but soon she realized the practical purpose of the clothes removal as Kanae controlled her body. It was to tie a noose.

    From a control room bunker deep inside the complex, Bertha's son Gottfried watched with hatred and disbelief as the murderer of his mother disrobed herself for some morbid reason. ˝The race is born with degenerate desires, and deadly powers. May their mental disease be their undoing.˝, Gottfried spat out.

    The ghost of Kanae appeared on the monitor of Gottfried... "The one called "Lucy" will die, if you so desire you can take full advantage of her during her death sentence." Kanae told him, her blue glow and missing lower half showing that she was obviously not alive... Lucy meanwhile, against her will, finished making the noose and with a panicked expression on her face, Lucy noticed a wheeled office chair roll out into the middle of the hallway as the noose made of Lucy's outfit went over a light fixture. The look of absolute dread stayed on her face as her body stood on the office chair and put her head in the noose. "Goodbye, Lucy." Kanae said coldly.

    ˝I'm...hallucinating...no...the virus is now airborne. Quick, Oskari...sedate me. I believe I'm infected...test the prototype vaccine...on me...˝, Gottfried groaned in anguish. Everyone was in danger if the virus was now airborne...the only explanation for those hallucinations. The intruder had heard voices too. With the mental power he had, he turned away from the screen. His colleagues immediately obliged, blindfolding him, and tying him to a chair.

    Needless to say Kanae was disappointed. "I'm about to hang the one you hate yet your reaction is to freak out about some virus..." Kanae then made a mental note to kill Gottfried next, but for now Lucy was the matter at hand with an abrupt force the chair rolled out from under Lucy's feet and straight down the hall, with more power then Lucy could manage if she had kicked it out from under her, as if Kanae had something to prove now... Lucy immediately made choking noises as the noose bit down deep into her neck, burring itself below her jawline and cutting off all air... "I'll allow you to kick Lucy." Kanae said, allowing those watching from the control room to hear also, and almost as if on cue, Lucy's legs kicked frantically, her toes stretching out as she tried to reach the walls with her legs...or the floor...anything to relieve the pressure...

    ˝The murderer is hanging herself...˝, all of the scientist muttered. Hearing this, Gottfried smiled, and did not resist as he was given Valium... Soon, no virus, no hallucinations...safe world... Everyone else took a dose as well, for precaution, and moved to another room.

    However Kanae was more offended as she forced all the monitors in the other room to turn to the same channel of watching Lucy hang... "No you don't... I'm hanging Lucy for my revenge, the least you could do is watch for your amusement.", Kanae's ghost said over the intercom system then the sound that played was the sounds of Lucy hanging, the choking noises she made: "Grrrkkle" "HRUK", the video showed Lucy's kicking grow more frantic as the monitors clearly showed Kanae holding onto Lucy's hanging form... increasing the frantic nature of her kicking as her toes curled up tightly out of a reflex... her face showing clear signs that this isn't a suicide... there was no peace... just pain as her face began to turn bright red and her eyes became bloodshot... her tongue began swelling and sticking out of her mouth as well...

    The scientists sighed as they became sleepy. The Valium took effect, and they heard and saw, nothing... The facility was secure.

    Kanae was frustrated, but just shrugged. "Oh well... I guess this is just a show for us two Lucy", Kanae whispered in her ear as Lucy's kicking slowed down little by little... Kanae cutting off the audio feed as Lucy's choking noises slowed down also "Grrrrkklllleee..." Her toes curled and fanned as her strength faded more and more. Lucy's senses faded ever slowly as Kanae gave her a kiss on her lips. "You put on quite a show, too bad the audience didn't like it.", Kanae whispered as Lucy's face was now purple...her eye whites were a yellow color as her eyes were in a rolled up position. Lucy's consciousness faded and with a sharp tug, as if a force of several wild horses pulling on her, Lucy's neck snapped, ending her life. As Lucy's body hung limply Kanae thought she should at least give the scientists a gift to show them that they are not insane. It was a crime scene photo of her body on the train, sliced in half by young Lucy's vectors... a close examination of her face would reveal that she is the ghost.

    Several hours after...the alarm was over, and the scientists regained full awareness of their surroundings. A photograph of a girl probably killed by vector use was in the room. ˝Hm...˝, Gottfried mumbled, and with a smile added:˝These won't happen anymore.˝ He knew this, as he was informed by a medical team that the assailant was the leader of Diclonius. they could be defeated. There was a vaccine, and with the Kalotschnik disruptor, Earth was safe.

    ((Dont worry, I intend to make a sequal to this))

    ((The sequal is now up http://www.ryonani.com/fiction/3195-rise-diclonii.html ))
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    Is this about Elfen Lied?