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Lucy vs 18 (Me and Parasitoro)

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by Psycho333, Dec 14, 2011.

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    Oct 15, 2011
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    Lucy vs 18

    Lucy found herself in asmall container, not knowing how she got in there as her senses returned... she heared a vague voice from outside "Yes, My Greatest creation" something about this voice annoyed the hell out of Lucy, reaching a vecter through the container she quickly beheaded the old man then ripped the door to the container from the container... she looked over and saw a beheaded old man with a white mustache... "W...Where am I?" Lucy asked out loud... her memories fuzzy, she only vaguely remembered her own name and the name "Kouta" , Lucy observed her surroundings, a strange labratory... "Labratory..." She remembered that she was a prisoner in a lab before so she ripped the door from the hinges with her vecters and proceeded to leave, stumbling into the light as her eyes readjusted to the sun.
    Another android activated its search mode when the energy reading of Dr. Gero disappeared. Soon, No. 18 found the culprit, ouside the scientist's laboratory. ˝Identify yourself.˝, the blonde android droned.
    Lucy looked over the blonde girl, inately distrusting of her yet unsure of why that was... she remembered she was betrayed but nothing specific. "I think I'm named Lucy... or D1" Remembering the label on the pod she was in... unknown to Lucy when she took a step forward her diclonius horns came into clear view of android 18. Lucy did not know who the person in front of her was nor what she wanted so she had her vecters out.
    ˝You have assassinated Doctor Gero. Explain yourself.˝, the artificial life-form demanded, after scanning the ruined area around and inside the lab.
    "Doctor...Gero?" Lucy asked "The old guy that claimed he made me? I killed him because he's an egotistical primate" Lucy said,sounding annoyed... "He wanted to use me as a tool" She added.
    ˝He sought to fix the imperfection in organic bodies. Why did you oppose his work?˝, Android 18 asked, confused by the rambling of the murderer.
    "Is that what he did to me?" Lucy asked "I woke up in a small container" She added, still eyeing 18 with distrust and her vecters still out, watching 18 for the slightest sign of hostility, Lucy not understanding what 18 was talking about.
    ˝He was not finished. Now his plan is ruined. You are responsible, and will pay for it...with your existence.˝, the android stated, and began charging up energy.

    Lucy noticed the attack charging and utilized her vecters to seize the arms of android 18, pulling them apart and in T formation before twisting them around and squeezing them in the grip of the invisible appendages... Lucy having acold sadistic look in her eyes "That fool... what bussiness is it of yours what I did to him, He was simply a foolish primate who didnt know his own limits and so got himself killed when he tried to control someone like me" Lucy said sadistically, twisting 18's arms more.
    ˝Fool. He had the wisdom you will never have. His vision has no limits, and he used it to construct us.˝, the android retorted, before firing a blue field of energy that hit Lucy with murderously high voltage, knocking her back into a mailbox. The twisted arms realigned somehow into the right position.
    Lucy stood up fromthe impact with the mailbox andgrabbed it with her vecters, throwing it broken end first at an amazing speed with her vecters, her aim was 18's stomach as Lucy glared at her with acold icy look. a silent rage building inside of Lucy. "Wisdom? IF hehad such wisdom why did he die by his own so called creation?" Lucy asked coldly "Too bad he didnt give you some of that "wisdom" that way you wouldnt have to die here" She added...
    ((OOC>> Lucy vecter throws anything into extremely deadly projectiles and naturally that's enhanced since she's an android))
    The android axe kicked the mailbox out of her way, making it crash through a window, before stomping furiously towards her opponent. ˝I have completed my improvement cycle. You...stayed an imperfect freak.˝ The words were maybe even worse than the following punch barrage.
    "Freak" Lucy heared in her mind and remembered something... "Freak" "Hey Freak" She saw avague image of a bully with short black hair... "YOu thought you were pretty cleaver didnt you, but you werent smart enough" She then saw a puppy being punted accross the room... then the puppy was beaten to death by the bully ring leader... "Tomoo" Lucy said out loud... remembering her childhood... how Tomoo murdered h er only friend in front of her eyes, how she was treated like a monster and a freak her entire life... "You know who isnt human? YOU KNOW WHO ISNT HUMAN!" Lucy said out loud, her flashback and rage making her not feel the punches nearly as m uch... "PEOPLE LIKE YOU!" With that Lucy abruptly rushed her vecters at 18's arms or more specifically her arm pits... the aim was to sever her arms right then and there...
    The android could not react in time, and her left arm was severed. The only logical conclusion was that the being she was fighting had psychic powers. but, persistence was a key element of the androids. No. 18 used the other hand to grab the head of Lucy, and deliver an electroshock fatal to most living beings. The lamppost nearby exploded from the accumulated electricity.
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    The shock filled Lucy's body with pain as she felt every bit of it, but her rage, her remembering Tomoo, caused her to push through, even though her muscles were paralyzed her vecters were still active and she decided to use them to attempt to sever 18's right arm. Unknown to Lucy her extra durability above a Diclonius is from her being an android. but seemingly unknown to 18 the closeness of her ment dodging the vecters will be much harder since they come out of Lucy's back.

    The android was shocked when her right arm was cut off. But, she still had her opponent on the floor. The arms could possibly be reattached later. Wasting no time, she stomped Lucy with both feet, trying to at least stun her, so that her alleged psychic powers were unusable.
    Lucy herself was shocked that 18 didnt seem to react to the pain of her arms being severed but she felt the pain of the reacted to both of 18's feet stomping her stomach, causing her to spit up some blood and pain to rush through her body, this did render her vecters temporarely unusable so instead Lucy used her normal arm to grab a handful of dirt and throw it at 18's eyes attempting to temporarely blind her.

    The cunning tactic did work, but the blonde cyborg knew, as she spun her head, to clear the dust from her eyes, that her opponent was reeling. From her mouth, she fired an energy blast, which burnt the clothes of Lucy, creating fire. ˝My persistence has no bounds. Give up. You cannot stop me completely.˝, she droned without emotion, despite the damage she had suffered.
    Lucy's cloths were removed but shehad enough seperation from 18 for her vecters to come back... Lucy grabed the burning tatters of her clothing with her vecters and threw some of it at her eyes while the rest of it was aimed at 18's cloths, aiming to burn 18's clothing off to make her nude as well... "Yes Lucy... destroy the fool in your way, destroy her completely" one of the voices inside of Lucy's mind said. "Fool... you cant be persistent when your dead" Lucy said coldly and attempted to force a vecter into 18s vagina.

    The response from Lucy surprised No. 18, but it did prevent her from seeing well again. However, the intention to pierce her nether regions was a grave mistake. ˝I do not need to reproduce.˝, the android snidely replied, as the invisible force just dented solid steel. The counterattack was brutal: an energy blast at Lucy's own lower area.
    Lucy however was prepaired for this and utilized her vecters defensively, blocking the energy blast and deflecting it almost harmlessly to the side,almost in the fact that it blew the head off of a random person who was drunk driving a flying car, the resulting crash caused anexplosion in the background that Lucy ignored. "You like that fool Gero dont know how Vecters work do you?" Lucy said coldly and decided to change her tactics, she phased her vecters through 18's skin and reached into her body... reaching for her chest and stomach in order to grasp what she would assume would cause fatal wounds.

    The fight was getting bitter. The word 'vector' had a completely different meaning to 18 than it had to this other being, but whatever was it that she called vectors, just ripped into her internal circuitry. but, with a cold smile, the android said:˝Non-essential component. I am still operational.˝ The next move was one of a desperate person: the android bit Lucy, somewhere around her chest, and let loose electricity into the wound.
    Lucy did feel the pain from the bite and the electrical attack into her bite wound, causing blood to trickle from it and pain to shoot through her body, however at this range Lucy decided to slice 18 in half along her waist so with one vecter she sliced 18's spine clean through then with another she cut through her waist, with another vecter she drove two vecter "Fingers" Into 18's eyes, attemptingto destroy them entirely.

    The situation was hopeless. The android was sliced up, and blinded. One last card could be played, though... ˝Self-destruct sequence active: 5, 4...˝
    Lucy knew well enough to leave so she thrusted her vecters into the ground, creating a powerful jumping effect that propelled Lucy away from the self destructing android...Lucy repeated this to gain more distance, not knowing how big the explosion will be.

    ˝...3, 2, 1, 0.˝ With a disappointed facial expression, the android exploded, leveling an entire street in the process.
    Lucy heared the explosion but did not look as she landed a distance away. Lucy resumed her journey, seeking the one named "Kouta", wondering if he or she'll have the answers she seeks.