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Kitty Cat Shenanigans - Koma

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Japaneseruby, Sep 20, 2011.

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    Kitty Cat Shenanigans (Super Robot Wars: Endless Frontier)

    After the lengthy and difficult battle to defeat Katze and Ezel, the team led by Haken Browning entered the town atop the Great Marquis, a tank that had the appearance of an egyptian cat. However, their rather important task of reaching Dulces Tomb was put on hold. While Haken and Reiji spoke with Katze about his relations with the Orchestral Army, the remaining five members of the team decided to track down and punish a certain greedy cat merchant. Namely, Koma.

    Katze informed them of Koma's favorite hiding spot, and he set up a few blockades around town to keep her from escaping deeper into the Great Marquis. With this in mind, the girls divided into three teams to hunt Koma. KOS-MOS ran a wide-area scan to direct the teams to Koma, Suzuka and Kaguya would directly rush her, while Aschen and Xiaomu would use their abilities to sneak up on her and paralyze her. Finding her alone in a single building, their plan went into action.

    Kaguya and Suzuka entered an empty room of the building, and KOS-MOS instructed over a headset that Koma was on the second floor. The oni belly dancer sighed and shook her head. "Of course she is. Her last painful strike at us will be making us climb these horrible stairs." Kaguya giggled and bent over, looking closely at the stairs. "Come to think of it, cat men are rather tall. Katze sure was. It isn't surprising their stairs are taller than our's." Suzuka walked by the busty princess, poking her boobs with her fan. "Be careful where you let those things hang, Kaguya. You may make Aschen come out of hiding and do questionable things to them." As Suzuka started up the stairs, Kaguya blushed and covered her breasts, then she smiled at the thought of the cheerful and chirpy Aschen jumping out and surprising her. Suzuka's throat being loudly cleared snapped her out of her thought and she quickly followed her up the stairs.

    The two princesses reached the second floor and found it to be somewhat classy, with a large bed that had various money symbols on it, piles of cash in corners of the room, a small building constructed out of coins on a table, among other things. Kaguya giggled and approached the small building while Suzuka looked around. "This is so cute, a little money house." Kaguya pulled a coin out of one of the walls and looked at it, when suddenly the entire house fell apart and coins fell off the table and rolled in all directions. Suzuka facepalmed as Kaguya scrambled to put the coins back up on the house, when suddenly Koma jumped out of a closet and pushed Kaguya away from the table, sheltering her destroyed sculpture. "Away-away-go away! Haven't you done enough damage to my precious paradise? Huh?" After a moment of awkward silence, Suzuka grinned with downright evil intent. Koma uttered a single "Nya?" before running for a window. Suzuka and Kaguya chased after her, but a sphere of lightning appeared around Koma. "Xiaomu WAAAAAAVE!" Lightning surged through the sphere, electrifying Koma until she passed out.

    Koma slowly awoke, hearing Suzuka complain about Xiaomu's rather loud voice hurting her ears. After a moment, she realized her arms were restrained behind her by her wrists. Not only that, she was reduced to only her pink panties, and she was now spread out on her own bed while being surrounded by five women, all of whom seemed to have a hard time getting along. Against her better judgment, Koma decided to speak up about the issue, and maybe even eliminate two of the five girls with one fell swoop. "If you girls can't agree, why not settle it with a belly punching contest? The last one standing is right! Who wants to place bets?" After seeing the two girls mentioned in particular glaring at her, Koma quieted. Aschen turned to KOS-MOS curiously. "Actually, that sounds like a good idea. They could resolve their fighting by taking turns punching Koma's stomach." KOS-MOS turned to Aschen and nodded. "The winner is decided by who can make Koma suffer more." Kaguya smiled nervously and waved her hands. "Aren't we the good guys? Shouldn't we be more civil about her punishment?" Koma nodded quickly. "Yeah, listen to Udders over there! She knows what she is talking about!" Koma turned to Kaguya, who simply had an aura of sadness about her. "I'm... I'm not a cow..." Suzuka giggled and pulled out her fans. "I think you just lost your only defense, puss."

    Suzuka gave one of her fans to Xiaomu, and the two sat on either side of Koma, while Aschen sat on her ankles to keep her legs down. KOS-MOS and Kaguya held her shoulders down as Suzuka and Xiaomu took turns smacking her breasts with the fans, making her cry out and make catlike whining sounds from the pain. After about fifteen minutes of the beating, Suzuka put her fan in her mouth and slowly dragged her fingernails across Koma's vulnerable belly. Koma cried out in agony while Xiaomu continued to maul and smack her breasts. Aschen looked down at Koma's feet, then became curious. As the two somewhat evil women tormented Koma, Aschen reached down and began tickling Koma's bare feet. The catgirl laughed uncontrollably, but she couldn't move her legs as Aschen made sure to restrict as much movement as possible. KOS-MOS used her great strength to hold both of Koma's shoulders down, and Suzuka quickly straddled Koma's hips and began stabbing Koma's belly repeatedly with her fan. The mixture of pain and humility made Koma begin to cry, but Kaguya forced a pair of Koma's panties into her mouth, gagging her.

    With an hour spent torturing Koma in this fashion, she was untied and ungagged, then dragged up to her feet. Aschen and KOS-MOS held her up while Kaguya stepped back, then brought her leg forward and up between Koma's legs, making her cry out in pain. Suzuka then took Kaguya's place, and repeated the action, kicking Koma right in the crotch. Xiaomu then had her turn, followed by Kaguya again, and the three continued the cycle until Xiaomu had her tenth turn, this time using her knee instead of her foot. Aschen then pulled Koma into a bearhug, squeezing her waist with a great deal of strength. Xiaomu laughed at Koma's screams of agony while Suzuka licked her lips with a touch of sadism. Kaguya let out a defeated sigh, mentally admiting that she was enjoying Koma's punishment as well. KOS-MOS walked over to Aschen and dropped to one knee. Aschen nodded and released Koma, then raised her up into the air before bringing her down across KOS-MOS' knee on her back. Koma screamed in pain, but was quickly silenced by an elbow to her stomach.

    KOS-MOS stood up, holding Koma under one arm. She grabbed Koma's panties and lifted her rear in a painful wedgie. "I believe a spanking is in order." The group quickly agreed and used Suzuka's fans to pummel Koma's butt until it was red and starting to swell. As the spanking went on, Koma could not help but cry helplessly. Finally finishing with her, Suzuka walked around to Koma's front and lifted her head by her hair to look into her eyes. "This is all because you were being a smart ass, Koma. Betray us again, and I will make you my personal beating slave, and everyone will be invited to torture you endlessly." Koma's eyes widened, but she could not find the voice to speak with after crying from the spanking. Kaguya walked over beside Suzuka with a nervous smile. "What she means to say is that this was merely an intervention. Please work on your morals so this doesn't happen again. We look forward to good deals at the Cat's Wail!" Koma gulped and Suzuka sighed. "Caterwaul, Kaguya. Caterwaul."

    And so ended the violent punishment of Koma. She quickly recovered and made a joke to others about how her being a smart ass ended up making her ass smart, but the team wondered if she really did learn anything from the encounter. Suzuka hoped not, she loved every moment of Koma's torture. In fact... It gave her ideas for the next time they ran into Kyon...


    Well, I was playing Endless Frontier, and... An idea came to me. Or rather, justice in my opinion. If you have played the game, then you will understand that she has gotten exactly what she deserves! ...Though her shop does sell useful goodies.
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    Jan 25, 2013
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    Well, not familier with the game but I like anything where catgirls get punished. Really the only thing I didn't like was the lack of descrition. It was more like an outline of a story than an actual story. Eh, I'll give it a 'c'.