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Juri vs Korra (An RP between LastHero and Dyne9)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by dyne9, Sep 4, 2014.

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    A while back sometime last year, me and LastHero started a few RPs on here with a lot of continuity between them. Some got finished, some didn't. XD In any case, here's one of them.


    Juri vs. Korra

    Being the Avatar was a lifelong profession Korra would see through to her dying day. It was a privilege that gave her great power with greater responsibility. One that she had shouldered with an eager desire to defend the world from evil and bring it all back into balance, but not much finesse, admittedly. It was a profession Korra could be proud of, even if for much of it, she was stuck training for years, held down like a secret weapon for war instead of being allowed to travel the world and train as did the previous avatar in the cycle, Avatar Aang.

    Being the Avatar, Defender of Republic City, was a harder task. In a strange land where metal boxes ran with rubber donuts, Korra was a fish out of water. Fresh off the polar dog bear to be specific. And right back on to get away from the police. But in her time, she had made friends, allies and enemies here, and was proud to make it as much her home as Air Temple Island where Tenzin and his family lived.

    Tonight, being Korra was a dangerous game. One that she could only see through the way she knew how.

    The Equalist leader, Amon would face her tonight, or leave the City. Or continue his cowardly ways, honestly. That was an option that had occurred to her, and yet... She put it on her title as the Avatar that he'd show up tonight at Avatar Aang Memorial Island.

    Korra stretched. Performed a few katas involving her new waterbending techniques. She had even opted for simple wraps over her soles this time as opposed to her boots. Pinkie had given her a lot of training and tonight, she'd also see it's payoff.

    "...the hell?"

    Juri was confused. Utterly confused.

    She had been fighting...someone. Something. Pandora? She and Bison had teamed up to take on that crazy green dude. He activated something. Some power. There was this flash, bright, red, hot...and she was here.

    Where the hell was 'here'?

    It was warmer, she wasn't in Antarctica anymore. Seemed like some kind of temple, but not to any god she recognized - not that she was the least bit religious, but still - she would have remembered a statue that damn big of anybody. The massive statue loomed over the temple - what was he supposed to be, anyway? Some kind of monk?

    She took out her phone and...no service. On the satellite phone. The phone that was even working fine in the damn ass-end of the world a moment ago...wasn't getting service now. "Oh, fuck my life." She tossed it to the side, watching it clatter to pieces on the stones. Made her feel a little better. Just a little.

    This was some alternate dimension bullshit, she could smell it. Crazy crap like this always happens when magic started to become a thing. She'd heard stories about it - demons, vampires, portals. SIN had all sorts of files that she looked through if she got bored enough. She just never expected to be actually wrapped this deep in the mess. She didn't mind a little chaos, but only when it was her chaos.

    Fine. Fine. This was a thing she would have to deal with it. First step? Getting her bearings.

    She turned around saw some girl -the only other person there. A good place to start. She started walking towards her...

    The second she heard the clatter of plastic on the floor, she turned, clenching her fists. "Amon! Did you come to face me, like a man?"

    Two objects came sliding in her direction. One was a small glass window into a beige nothingness, and the other seemed to be part of some weird cordless phone. What was this? New Equalist tech?

    "Decided to call off your flunkies for a real fight?" Korra moved into a firebending stance, right pulled back, left palm extended.

    And then she spotted the new arrival. She was... Interesting.

    "...who are you?" Korra said, confused, which meant she would needing to be getting angry, since anyone who was anyone who knew about this place shouldn't have been here other than Amon.

    "안녕하세요." She waved and gave a Korean greeting, stepping out of the shadows with her hands on her hips, sauntering in her usual way. This was...interesting. Yeah. That was the right word. This girl was expecting someone, it seemed. A duel at the temple sort of thing - Juri was familiar with the concept, of course. Maybe this was part of whatever this world had for a Street Fighter tournament.

    She gave the girl - and she was a girl, Juri had to note, not a woman, though she was a surprisingly well-built girl that reminded Juri of herself at that age - a good look over, from her head to those pretty little bared toes of hers. Nice brown skin...Juri was getting an eskimo vibe, for some reason. Strange fighting stance, too, not one she recognized. Which made sense. Alternate dimension. Crap.

    "Han Juri. Or Juri Han - not really sure how the names work in this place." She shrugged, rubbing her shoulder and taking a few more steps, stopping to trace her toe about the tiles. "Guessing you're not the janitor here, are you?"

    "I'll ask you again." Korra raised her hands again, this time in an earthbending stance, ready to flatten the provocatively dressed woman standing in front of her. She spoke the language out an outsider, dressed freaky and carried a weird phone around with her.

    ...an agent.

    "Are you working for Amon?" Said Korra, already causing tremors deep below in her barely-hidden but growing annoyance.

    This was new. Juri was hardly unused to getting under people's skin, but usually it took her saying more than a single sentence. She couldn't shake the feeling that this girl was mad at her for some reason that she wasn't even aware of...and...was the earth trembling?

    She looked around for a moment,raised an eyebrow, confused - well, even more confused than before. Yeah, that girl was definitely at the center of the tremors - she was more than just a pretty face, she had power to go along with it. Real power.

    "Huh. Funny how things work out." She muttered, looking back up. "Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. What'd that mean to a little chocolate drop like yourself?"

    Korra leapt forward, and stomped the ground with all her might, and windmilled her arms up, pointing fists at Juri. Three separate columns of earth fired up from the ground and slammed into the near-visible ribs of the pale woman before her.

    They tossed her into a wall while Korra looked on, unamused. "The broadcast I sent out. I, Avatar Korra asked for Amon! Who are you?" The avatar went into a firebending stance, ready to fry Juri if she didn't get a straight answer.

    Juri hadn't seen that coming - really, how could she? She was expecting, maybe, some kind of energy attack, a fireball or a blast or something, not getting smacked by the goddamn floor.

    She hit the wall and hit it hard, falling to her knees and coughing, rubbing her sore stomach. "I don't know what the fuck you're talking about..."

    She looked up, her eyes filled with venom and violent, violet tint, as she charged the Feng Shui Engine. This bitch had tricks? Fine. So did she. And this bitch was going to get the full experience. "...and I don't care. Whoever the hell 'Amon' is, he can have the leftovers when I'm done eating you alive."

    She stood up, balling her fists as she summoned her own power, energy starting to dance around her. "You got a name, chocolate drop? In case your jaw gets broke, I gotta spread this around, somehow."

    A psycho.

    At least, if she had heard her correctly. Eat and her and alive all came out in order as spoken by... Joo-Ree. Juri, as she had said. And not only hadn't she a clue who Amon was, but now, Korra had managed to piss her off and scare Amon off the island - which was unacceptable. She had to face him to end this, but would that random bit of earthbending have ruined her cover by now?

    Korra loosened first, to try and let go of her annoyance at how flippant the woman was. "Look...I mean you no harm. But I was scheduled to duel a man named Amon tonight. It's important I fight him and not anyone else." She held out a hand. "I apologize. I'm Korra." Beat.

    "And what's a chocolate drop?"

    Juri looked down at the hand for a moment, thinking, deeply, considering...and the energy dissipated, floated off into nothing. With a shrug, she reached over and shook Korra's hand, gingerly accepting the gesture. At first.

    Then she pulled Korra close, grabbed her head with the other hand, and smothered her in a fierce kiss, forcing her tongue deep and pressing to the point of pain, squeezing the girl's hand for all she was worth. "Something delicious."

    Juri purred, then let go and turned, hitting Korra in the stomach with a heel kick that landed right in the stomach, just where Juri had taken the a blow only a few seconds ago.

    Korra's eyes grew when Juri pulled her in like that, so brazenly, it was almost admirable. Never had mutual antagonism progressed into outright flirting with her. Another great thing she didn't know that could happen because she was locked away for so long...

    ...another great thing, but more in the terrible sense, was that either Juri still intended to fight her or was just getting her back for the earthbending strike from earlier. Either way, she went down hard, and groaned after, her ribs feeling insulted that their owner let them get so beaten in with one kick.

    "Okay... We're even now." Korra got to a knee and pushed herself up.

    "Even? Not exactly, no." Juri walked forward and placed her hand under the teen's chin, lifting her back to her feet. Her hands reached around and grasped Korra's cute little rump, giving it a tight squeeze before bringing her forward and pressing their bodies together, Juri running her tongue along Korra's soft lips.

    "I come here, poor little me, and the first thing that happens is getting beat around for no reason at all - rude. No, I think you owe me a lot more. A few favors. Maybe something we can both enjoy..." She started to nibble at Korra's neck.

    "Y-Yeah but I..." Korra melts into Juri's touch. The woman is sex on two legs, and while she's the taller of the two, she feels like she's shrinking all the while. She eeped at the contact with her behind, letting Juri into that mouth of hers. Korra vigorously kissed back, not to be out done, but pulled away after a few moments.

    "Juri, please," Korra was breathless, "Can we do it later? Can I make this up to you some other time?"

    Oh, this was good. Suddenly, Juri didn't mind the idea of staying in this dimension so much, especially if there was a steady supply of girls like this, here.

    Juri ran her tongue up Korra's neck, up her face, and into her ear, tickling it and running along the contours before breathing hot air over it. This girl was ever-so ripe; Juri knew the type well. "Not big on waiting. What can I say?" She smiled, pulling away to face Korra, still keeping her close. "Tell me about this Amon."

    She squirms against her, and something reminds her of Mako, but intensified by so many more degrees. Placing her hands on Juri's shoulders, she didn't pull away, but she couldn't close anymore or else they'd be making out much longer and that would just...

    "Well, he might be someone who's not coming tonight... But he's an anti-bending terrorist who thinks people like me oppress non-benders."

    Korra sighed. "I challenged him to a duel tonight to end his crusade for good."

    "Oh?" Anti-bending...that word didn't mean much to her, but she had a few inklings that it had something to do with that power from before. Apparently Korra wasn't unique - there was a whole bunch of people with abilities like hers. That had the potential to make things uncomfortable for her, and if she had any intention on staying here for a while - and by the looks of things, getting home wouldn't be a quick thing. She would need to establish some dominance. Find an edge.

    She was fairly certain how to make a start in that line, but first she wanted to make sure she understood this place.

    "So - terrorist, huh?" She bit her lip, trailing her hand up Korra's spine. "So you're some kind of - what, hero? Righting wrongs, that sort of thing?"

    Korra shivered. She had never been really affected by the temperatures of winter in Republic City - being a Water Tribe Child and all - but she could feel her nipples, stiffer than icicles, pointing back into Juri's chest through her shirt. "The Avatar is sorta like that, yeah. I'm a reincarnation of a group of people who can bend all four elements at once, supposed to bring balance back to the world...are you really doing th-th-... Ooh..."

    No time to be getting seduced over here (oh but her week had been such shot), Amon could be anywhere (and nowhere at all)...

    Lucky, lucky. She'd just so happened to drop right in front of the biggest fish in this pond. That made the course of action rather clear - if she wanted to get anywhere in this world, it would come down to her and Korra eventually, most likely. Might as well, get it out of the way.

    Juri suddenly gave Korra a vicious bite on the neck, savagely gnawing on that lovely flesh for one hellacious moment. She pushed away and gave Korra a punch in the face to knock her back - not her usual move, but it worked - and followed it with a side kick to Korra's chest, strong enough to send her flying - more of her style, definitely effective.

    "Yeah." She held her leg up, doing a perfect split. "I'm doing this."

    "Gah!" The bliss of the moment was halted by fangs sinking into her neck - was Juri a carnivore for real? The bite of the teeth came, and then Juri's fist. Korra's head turned to one side, and her hands were instinctively heating up for a retaliatory firebending blast. The light went out of her hands when Juri's kick threw her onto her back, and sliding some few feet away.

    Opening her eyes, Korra sat up to glare at Juri. "What are you doing?" She stood up and went into an earthbending stance. Holding her in place was the only thing she wanted to do. Beating this woman would only prove Amon's point, which wasn't what she was looking for. "We were just making out a minute ago! What gives?"

    Juri shrugged. "Call it a preemptive strike." She brought her leg down and moved into her classic stance, balanced on the ball of her foot. "See, I'm a little new to this world, but there's a certain way I have of doing things - not gonna change anytime soon. So I'm thinking I beat the shit out of you, drag you back to this Amon guy, and work on getting a foothold around here - you're the strongest, so once you go down, that's pretty much the plot, right? Right."

    Juri leaped forward, spinning through the air and bringing her heel down on Korra with a flying axe kick. "Besides, until I can get back home, I need a toy to play with. You'll do just fine."

    Korra blinked. Was she for real?

    Grade-A psycho.

    Just perfect. Just...

    Korra was driven from her inward snarking by the sight of Juri making her way skyward, and coming at her. She threw a couple of punches at the air, all fire blasts, and watched Juri twirl neatly between them, as agile as Pinkie Pie. The barefoot woman nearly forced Korra down to her knees with the axe kick, but she recovered, staggering back a step or two.

    "You're making a big mistake." Korra growled, raising her palms and in doing so, lifting a wall of earth from the ground and down at Juri. She knew Juri would make her way out of getting hit with that much rock, so Korra brought out several tendrils of water from the ocean around them to whip at Juri, trying to cover as much space as she could. And to top it all off, she took a deep breath and lunged forward with a dragon's roar, breathing fire in a mean spread from her lungs.

    Okay, so she wasn't kidding about the element thing. Juri had to admit to being slightly impressed. Ever so slightly.

    With a snarl, Juri jumped back, gaining some distance and activating the Feng Shui Engine, powering it up all the way; if they were bringing out the big guns, she would have to be on her A-game. The energy billowed from her in waves, charging, surging, building to a feverish heat, and she charged forward the moment it reached maximum, practically flying towards Korra.

    She spun about and hit the wall with a roundhouse kick, pouring her power into and smashing it to pebbles in a single, earth-shattering blow. She powered through the fire, using her energy to cut straight through it, pushing forward and forward and forward - and planting her foot squarely in Korra's face to stem the tide, raising her foot up and bringing the sole straight onto it. "Enough of that shit."

    Korra had never seen anything like the power this woman possessed. Juri was eating her way through every attack in her arsenal. The water whips evaporated, her walls were destroyed, and she simply ran through the fire.

    Juri's kick snapped her head back and she caught a face full of Juri's foot - maybe not the worst thing tonight, still painful - for all her technique. Stumbling a step back again, Korra gritted her teeth. Juri was strong. Almost too strong for her to come at with anything less than a full-frontal assault.

    Korra flung her palms out behind her, leaning her body forward on one knee, and blasted flame out from behind her, propelling herself across the ground, and then threw one strong blast of flame at Juri. She jumped after, spinning to kick out a horizontal wave, creating a crescent-cross of flames heading for the woman who declared herself enemy to her. Not wasting anymore time, she made sure to get close to Juri, ready to put Pinkie's training to work.

    Girl could take some punishment, Juri had to give her that. Liked that spirit - it was always fun to break down the 'tough girls'.

    Juri flipped back, jumping clean over the first blast, but the second was another matter entirely; it came at her the moment she landed, slamming into her own aura and driving her back two steps as Korra closed the gap between them. She regained her footing fast, though, and jumped forward, coming at Korra with three lightning fast snap kicks before her feet could even touch the ground again.

    "Seeing earth, seeing water, seeing fire." Only one foot settled back down from the snap kicks - she immediately spun around and chained it into a spinning heel, directed for Korra's gut. "Think something's missing here."

    Definitely time for a new approach. Meeting Juri head on only resulted in disaster. Korra had used a roll to get in close like Pinkie did, but instead of a kick from there, she had sprung up, ready to get in Juri's face with a one-two followed by an uppercut. Before any of her punches could even happen, a trio of kicks alternated between her face and gut, pecking away at her and halting her advance.

    Korra winced and got back up again for more - which is what she got, in the form of a bare heel forcing her to bend double, gasping and tumbling back. She rolled back until she was on all fours, looking at Juri with growing annoyance, and she had to admit, a slight bit of worry. This non-bender seemed to be in touch with her chakras, activating her chi far beyond what she knew any non-bender capable of.

    "That power..." She said in a strained voice, getting to her feet. "You're no ordinary human are you?"

    As she said this, she spun about, raising more tendrils of water from the ocean, only to coalesce in one wave that she brought under her and surfed toward Juri on, freezing it all the while for speed. At the last second, she leapt off of the ice slide and landed behind Juri, crouching and twisting like Pinkie to fire a kick into Juri's gut, and then turning in the other direction to kick her across the face.

    "No shit, sherlock." Juri let out a harsh laugh. "What gave it away? The hair? My clothes? The fucking energy blasts?"

    For all the mocking, Juri had to admit that while she was sure she had the edge in raw power, Korra definitely had variety on her side - she could tell right now, this bending shit was going to be a pain in the ass to deal with.

    But she would deal with it.

    Juri swept out her leg and sent a wave of energy into the ice slide, destroying it, but by that time Korra had already jumped off, and landed behind her. Juri started to spin around, and saw...was that a capoeira move?

    The kick slammed into her taut stomach, and drove her back. "The fuck-" A kick to the face knocked her sideway, sent her staggering...she wasn't mistaken.

    "That's capoeira." She sneered and moved back in, ducking low and sweeping her leg, then raising up high and fast with a roundhouse as she spun around. "Where the flying fuck did you learn capoeira?"

    "I've got a good teacher." Korra smirked right back, hopping up to twist, spinning in midair while Juri's kicks missed her. She then skipped, one step backward, and jumped into a series of confusing flips that landed her on a handstand, using Juri's own foot as a base for her hands.

    "I learned from Pinkie Pie of the Fated Lands." Her heels jackhammered into Juri's shoulders one at a time before both swinging the soles into her face. Korra couldn't resist the grin. She had learned well. And so she rolled back before Juri could make use of the space, rising into a ginga.

    She even recognized the word - that clenched it. Juri could buy that there was some style here that worked like capoeira, but going by the same name? No way. Someone else had come here from her dimension. Which meant the road out of here definitely began and ended with Korra.

    Juri was knocked out of her thoughts by a harsh kick to the shoulders and subsequent kicks in her face, not just knocking her back, but putting her flat on her ass, as well. She quickly rolled to her feet, sure, but that didn't erase the fact that she had gone down in the first place, and put there by this fucking twerp.

    "You say that name like I'm supposed to give a shit." Juri popped up and spun on her heels, sending forth fuhajin - flaming balls of energy, searing and hot, straight for her. She ran forward the moment they came out, ready to hit Korra with a hook kick to the face whether she dodged them or not.

    She thought she had enough momentum to back out of the way after ducking the first blast and leaping the second one, but Juri orchestrated the intervals like a musician and timed her kicks when Korra drew herself up. Juri kicked her hard, nearly taking her to the ground from the left, and then the right. Spittle went flying from Korra's mouth as she was pushed to the side. Korra grit her teeth once more and steadied herself and shot two punches off at Juri, fire whooshing through the air at her.

    "Fire, again." Juri summoned more power from the Feng Shui Engine, blocking the two punches and dispelling their flames with her own energy, every bit as hot. She raised her leg, hitting Korra in the chest with a knee, then jumped back and smacked her in the face with a snap kick as she went, her own smile returning.

    "I call false advertising." She landed in a crouch, licking her lips as her eye continued to flare. "You said you could control all the elements, but I've only seen three so far - why no wind?" She snickered, narrowing her eyes. "...can you even do it?"

    Korra's pride bubbled to the surface after taking all of Juri's attacks, beating her about the head and body still. She seethed inwardly, hoping she had heard the last of it when she ignored Juri's statement about it earlier. Airbending was her weakest point. The very thing she had came to Air Temple Island for. It'd have been doubly worse if Juri knew any history of this island.

    Of how they were fighting on the memorial island for an avatar who was once thought to be the very last airbender. Sent back again, Korra snarled, raising an earth wall behind her, in front of her, and above her and on both sides of her. She brought her hands up to her chest to encase herself in a box of solid rock.

    It would buy her a little time, she felt. The avatar leaned against one of the walls, letting a tired breath escape her lungs. Juri was seriously serious about killing her. And she was taking more hits than she was landing, not to mention, the acrobatic kicker was getting on her nerves with the shots at her inability to airbend.

    Korra took deep, meditative breaths, hoping to steady herself even as she leaned against one of her stone walls.

    Juri snickered, then broke out in a full laugh, walking over to Korra's earth wall and giving it a look over. Nice. Solid. Obviously. Probably using it to catch a breath. That just wouldn't do. No, not at all. Juri probably could have obliterated the thing in a single kick, but that would've put her Feng Shui Engine at maximum - best to reserve some energy, save it. Besides, there were better ways to flush her out.

    She took a solid stance - regular Tae Kwon Do, not her usual variant - and started slammed into the barrier with side kicks, each one cracking the barrier a little more, a little more, a little more. Breaking it down, blow by blow, threatening to make the whole thing cave-in on Korra. "Come out, come out..."

    Rubble fell from the impromptu ceiling little by little, littering Korra's hair with debris. Juri was hard at work trying to break it down. Korra took a deep breath, even as spider-web cracks spread throughout the structure, intensifying in their jaggedness. The pieces came out little by little, and she turned around and backed up to the wall opposite of where Juri stood and concentrated as hard as she could before the foundations crumbled.

    The earth walls shattered and came down all at once like a house of cards, burying Korra in rubble.

    "Little pig, little pig, let me in." Kick. "Or I'll huff." Kick. "And puff." Kick. "And blow your house down." Kick.

    The final kick was right on point - the walls came tumbling down like Jericho, covering up Korra. Juri walk over, stepping over the rubble and crouching down. "I know you're still alive in there."

    She charged up her fist with energy and plunged it into the heap, fishing around for Korra's body.

    Juri would find a fist closed over her wrist, and the debris and pebbles fell away as a figure encased in rock stood up. Korra stood taller than Juri already, and she could only imagine what she must have looked like to her now. She replied loudly and matter-of-factly, "Yup!" Korra drew back a stone fist and punched it hard into Juri's stomach, bouncing her across the ground.

    "I'm the Avatar. I'll learn airbending soon enough." Said Avatar began a slow, unflinching walk in Juri's direction, the earth armor coming away and trailing behind her. "Until then, you ought to know, I'm not nearly as helpless with the other three elements." Stopping in front of her enemy, she swerved and raised an arm up. A slab of earth shackled around one of Juri's wrists, and she did the same motion in another direction, pulling her into another shackle.

    Spreading her arms, she pulled Juri's arms their exact length apart and forced the woman to her knees. "Give up. Leave me alone..." Korra kneeled down to Juri's face with hard eyes. "

    "And don't come back."

    So the girl had a lot more left in the tank than she it seemed at first. She was strong. Resilient. Tough. And with an excellent body to top it all off. Hell, if she was a blonde, Juri would have been going insane. Moreso.

    The blow to her stomach knocked the wind out of her, and by the time she got it back, she was already restrained, her arms wrapped up by the rocks. "Kinky." She gave them a few good tugs, testing their strength, before slyly smiling Korra's way.

    "You want me to go? Really?" She pouted, doing her best to look innocent. Probably didn't work. "I thought we had something - you seemed to be enjoying yourself, before. Bet you're still pretty hot." She lowered her head, taking a few sniffs of the air. "...yeah. Yeah. Can smell it." She licked her lips, looking back up to Korra and giving her a lick on the cheek."Taste it. Don't have to part ways without finishing business, do we?"

    Juri took the opportunity to do a little focusing of her own, closing her eyes and charging the Feng Shui Engine behind them, sealing off the light.

    Korra blushed, flashing to moments ago, when Juri's gentle fingers were leading the way for the rest of her body to stand back up. When her spine was being traced, and her lips taken by a softer pair.

    "...seduce all you want, I'm not letting you go." Korra said resolutely. "You should be glad I didn't take my time. I'm trying not to hurt you so I don't wind up with time for unnecessary force. Now give up."

    "Unnecessary force?" She chuckled at that, dark and low, opening her eyes to let the blinding light flash. "Baby, baby - force is always necessary."

    Juri pressed down and arched her back, shooting her legs up from behind and using the shackles to keep her in place. Her thighs wrapped around Korra's neck in a tight scissors, bringing all those years of intense training to bear as she powered down, thighs closing like a steel vice.

    She summoned her power and broke free of the shackles, turning them to dust with a single burst, then jerked the rest of her body up, sitting on Korra's shoulders while the scissorhold kept her in place, wrenching it a bit and enjoying the feel. When she was a little kid, she used to squeeze some of her opponents like this, during spars - it brought back fond memories.

    Juri took one second to look down at Korra, admiring that lovely face. Then she went to work on it, raining punch after punch all over it, battering it with reckless fury. Eyes, nose, lips, alternating to make sure the pain lasted.

    Korra hadn't been expecting that. One moment, Juri was captured, in her power and failing at winning her over with those feminine wiles of hers. The teen soon found herself with a lot more weight on her shoulders, and a closer look at all of Juri from the crotch up. She could count the muscles and trace the creases between them on the psycho's taut stomach. Her face heated up even more, when she exchanged looks with Juri.

    Before Juri met her face with a savage beating, Korra could almost feel the other female having eaten her look of dread.

    The avatar stumbled around, getting pummeled senselessly as bruises began to rack up on her face, and cuts. In moments, Korra fell to her knees letting go of Juri's thighs.

    Juri took hold of Korra's hair, digging her nails into the scalp for a handhold, and rubbed her sex against the Avatar's face, lewd moans escaping from her lips as she reveled in the pleasure, primal grunts, squeezing even tighter with every thrust as if the passion was fueling the Feng Shui Engine itself. The rough smell of arousal started come out along with the raw heat, filling Korra's nose.

    Catching herself as she almost tipped them both over, she released the hold and step off, only to ram her knee into Korra's face and toss to her to the side. "Let me go?" She gave Korra a harsh stomp in the stomach, and keep her foot there, grinding the heel in. "You're gonna fucking let me go? Please. I go where I want, do what I, when I want, to whom I want, however I want, for whatever reason I feel like."

    The pressure and pain built over Korra's head before she was dealt more head trauma. Juri's knee made her feel as though something had cracked in her vision, and the world started swinging when she fell back.

    More saliva and blood accompanied the stomp in her gut, and Korra cried out at the dull throb of her organs as they attempted to recover from all the rearranging. It was enough to bring a tear from one of her eyes as she gritted her teeth. Slowly, her body relaxed as Juri spoke. Everything hurt. All she could do was look up helplessly.

    Juri looked back down, like a cat over a wounded mouse. Time to play.

    She laid down across Korra, their bodies fitting perfectly, each counter matching up. Korra was a bit taller, true, but that just meant she had more body to explore.

    "Aw." She licked the tear from Korra's cheek. Salty. "I overdo it a little bit? My bad. Here." Her hand slipped down, moving into Korra's pants and finding her sex, tracing over it, prodding away. She kissed at Korra's neck, while her other hand light massaging her breast, kneading the flesh between her fingers. Even her toes go into the act, curling and stroking Korra's thighs.

    "Now." She gasped, blowing hot breath over Korra's neck. "Tell me about this 'Pinkie' you mentioned."

    Korra bucked into Juri's hand. Another finger digging around inside her with a female kicking her ass. It felt like training with Pinkie's other half all over again.

    "Juri..." She grit out defiantly. Korra held back a whine, slave to the ministrations of the pale woman. "I told you were making a big mistake..."

    If it wasn't evident now, it would be evident when the straight-haired figure standing over the two of them reached down, grabbed Juri by the back of her neck, and lifted her straight up, squeezing with a vicegrip on one hand.

    "Hi." Said the new voice in mock cheer. "I'm. Pinkie Pie."

    "What the fu-" Juri was lifted up like a toy, prying at the steel grip around her neck - where the hell had this bitch come from? Juri wasn't that wrapped up in her revelry, should have heard something, some movement - it was like the bitch was a ghost.

    She kicked out behind at Pinkie's leg and tried to pull away, rolling forward.

    Pinkie let the kick force her around, and spun on the ball of her foot so she could hop forward while Juri rolled, and chose a perfect moment to swing her foot out, kicking Juri in her ass so hard, she slammed into the wall ahead by a few centimeters.

    "Leave and you don't die, bitch." Pinkie's voice was unlike anything Korra had heard before. She then turned and gave said avatar a hand up, Korra straightening her garments and trying to shrug off the concussion that had been built up when Juri was giving her a rather different sort of lapdance.

    Juri smacked against the wall and stumbled back, spinning with hatred in her eyes to face...huh. A lot smaller than she expected. And pinker. She expected someone named 'Pinkie' to at least have some pink on her body, but that was a lot of pink.

    Still. This was...troubling.

    Whoever this was...whatever she was...she was strong. A hell of a lot stronger than she looked. Juri was sure she could take Korra on her own, but this new fighter was an unknown quantity. Maybe she could take her, maybe she couldn't, but with Korra here, and fresh off a fight...

    "Huh. A threesome. Tempting, but even I've got my limits." She dusted herself off, stepped back - she could bide her time. Explore a little bit. Maybe even see what this Amon guy was up to. Strike again in a time of her choosing. When it was convenient for her. Good. Good.

    "We'll finish this later, chocolate drop." She blew a kiss Korra's way, and melted back into the darkness from whence she came.

    Korra immediately collapsed into Pinkie's arms when Juri left. She stroked Korra's jet-black hair in silence. Whoever that woman was. She wasn't from here, just like her. And just like her, she had found Korra first. Pinkie looked down at the beaten teenager she was cradling in her arms. The avatar was a big target. It looked like her Pinkie sense was right.

    It was gonna be a long night before her hair could floof back into place.

    Pinkie Pie skipped away, and all was quiet on Avatar Aang Memorial Island...

    And Amon, who hopped back on his speedboat, didn't need to do a thing. The tide had taken a turn for the more interesting. And Korra had gotten her duel either way.
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