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Heroine mindset?

Discussion in 'Ryona' started by onlinehero, Sep 21, 2014.

  1. onlinehero

    onlinehero Swell Supporter

    Dec 15, 2009
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    Describe what your heroine's mindset is like.
    Below are some questions to give you example, but you don't have to answer to the questions; you can write freely what you wish.

    I though I'd make this thread since I have always been interested what people are thinking when watching ryona scenario :P


    -Does she wear sexy/provocative/slutty outfit on purpose because
    1) she thinks she looks sexy/stylish on them
    2) it is her uniform
    3) she wants to get defeated/humiliated while wearing that outfit

    -Is she in honourable quest to defeat evil?
    -Is she in a quest to revenge?
    -Is she well prepared?
    -Does she just seek chances to get defeated/lose?

    -Does she cry?
    -Does she wet herself?
    -Does she give up or break? How easily she gives up?
    -Does she fear her opponent?
    -Does she fear what will happen after the defeat?
    -Does she call for help?
    -Is she ashamed?

    -Does she think she is better than her opponent and should deserve to win?
    -Or does she think her opponent is better than her, and he/she deserves to win?
    -Does she find her her opponent hot/sexy (for example big muscular male or sexy woman)?
    -Does her opponent mock her/laugh at her?
    -Does she think her opponent is too powerful?

    -Does she start to enjoy her defeat at any point?
    -Does she find out that she actually likes losing/getting humiliated?
    -Does she think it better just to give up, so the fight will be over faster, and that she can't win?
    -Or does she resists to bitter end (This can't be happening!)?
    -Does she think she can make it or can't make it?

    -If she is publicly humiliated, is she shamed and thinks how it looks in the eyes of other people?

    -Is her status destroyed?
    -After defeat what goes through her mind?
    -Does she seek revenge?
    -Does she accept her defeat?
    -Does she seek to get defeated again/wants some more?
    -Is she a jobber that gets defeated constantly, or is this her first time losing?
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  2. Stuelpner_Karl

    Stuelpner_Karl Avid Affiliate

    Jan 7, 2013
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    The mindset of the heroine is pretty much the opposite of that of the villainess. Since my favorite bad girl is somehow ambiguos, the good girl has to be too.

    On a quest for revenge or defeat evil, the heroine is well prepared, doesn't fear anybody and certainly doesn't think her opponent is better and deserves to win. (The bad girl doesn't really care for the main villain's plans and is just in it for the money.)

    The heroine is in very good physical shape and when wearing provocative outfit she considers herself sexy and stylish... and she is right. (The baddie, sometimes a bit too skinny, more often a bit too chubby, looks slutty and trashy in similar outfits.)

    In case she finds her opponent hot, like the mentioned big muscular male or sexy woman, the heroine feels the urge to give this person a makeover with a crowbar. (The baddie is more used to the situation that her opponents are hotter. She loves to mock them when they go down, but it's no big deal.)

    Neither the heroine nor the baddie are seeking or enjoying defeat or humiliation. The heroine never thinks that the opponent is better and deserves to win. Except for tactical reasons, to outsmart a stronger, but not so smart foe, she will not give up. She will rather resist to the bitter end than being humiliated in publicy. (The baddie is more like a jobber and may have suffered humiliating defeats before. She wants to survive, and avoid permanent damage, so she will accept losing easily.)

    Once she is completely defeated and has to realize that it's over and she won't make a comeback, the heroine is ashamed. What happens to her is secondary, but she has failed and now evil will prevail. (Despite of being not too evil herself, the bad girl is aware of the higher ranked villains' atrocities. At the mercy of the heroine and especially the former victims, she is in fear that she will now pay the price.)