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Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by SharpJaws, Sep 23, 2015.

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    Sep 8, 2015
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    Superhero OC: Firefox

    (My first superhero OC to use in fiction and roleplaying! If there is any needed changes in order to follow the rules and guidelines of the site, please let me know.)

    Hunter Hopkins

    Age: 24

    Gender: Female

    Height: 5’6”

    Weight: 114 lbs.

    Hair Color: Red

    Eye Color: Blue

    Appearance/Attire: As seen in pic below

    Nationality: Canadian

    Fighting Style: Martial Arts, Submissions

    Background: For as long as she can remember, Hunter Hopkins, a young mutant in secret, had always looked up to her father. When he’s a former lieutenant who has risked and sacrificed everything to protect his soldiers and country, how can she not admire his heroism? In fact as she was growing up (or rather after so much begging), she trained with him to learn all the ropes on building up her endurance to be ready when duty calls. From climbing up walls and crawling under low ropes to running combat and rescue scenarios (even if they are her old toys), Hunter was very eager to carry on her father’s name and become a hero just like him to protect her mother and younger sisters.

    Suddenly while Mr. Hopkins was several months back on duty, he was reported K.I.A. The entire family including Hunter mourned for him for he was a great husband, father, and loyal soldier. Even so, Hunter continued to train her skills he had taught her on her own as her way of honoring his memory. She also trained in mastering sword fighting so that she can still fight and protect herself when she has no gun with her. The blood, sweat, and tears that followed with that made her a better and stronger woman ever since.

    As time progressed, Hunter began to see another war, but within her own area: the constant battles of law enforcement and master criminals. She felt that this could be her opportunity to put her new skill set to the test. Donning her own fireproof costume, katanas, and her father’s guns, she set out as a vigilante to bring justice to those whom have hidden in the shadows for far too long. Right off the bat, Hunter became quickly known for her incredible agility, ferocious fighting, cunning intelligence, and her unexpected power to control and use fire with her whole body. These attributes made her become known as the Firefox and she is willing to dedicate her life to reflect her father through them as a soldier for justice.

    One day, Hunter will find the man who murdered her father and bring him in. But for now, she needs to get herself ready for when that time comes. In other words, she is open to any foe that comes her way and challenges her so she can see how she fares with the competition.

    Powers/Abilities: Hunter is a martial arts expert, accomplished swordsman, and skilled sharpshooter. She prefers to use her talents more than her power to control fire, which not only increases the power of her attacks, but can also be used to absorb even the hottest forest fires.

    Allies/Friends: Mostly loved ones back home, but being new to the field, she has yet to make any.

    Family: Father (deceased), Mother, two younger sisters

    Trivia: Hunter’s younger sisters are the only ones who know about her secret and they often beg her to go with her as sidekicks.

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