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[Fairy Tail] - Friendly Fire Burns Slowly

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Ryona_Scribe, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Ryona_Scribe

    Ryona_Scribe Guest

    The world as we know it is an amazing place. There are people of all walks of life, all interests and ideals. If you meet someone, get to know them and become their friend, you'll learn about that person. Their personality, habits, goals, dreams, but what if... What if after meeting the friend and learning about them, you then had a chance to meet their opposite? A person who has the reverse in mind for life than the friend you know? A young wizard is about to experience what kind of nightmare that can be.

    In a small and dark cell, a young woman sat alone with her wrists and neck bound in a stockade with both ends connected to the ceiling by long metal chains. She had a slender body with wonderful curves and rather admirable breasts, with beautiful blonde hair flowing down around her face. Aside from her blue denim miniskirt, she also wore a sleeveless lime green shirt with dark green lines detailing it. The shirt had a low neckline, showing ample cleavage, and was also only zipped under her breasts, leaving the bottom of the shirt split open to show her smooth belly. Her body quivered from chills running through her skin. Sitting for long periods of time on her bare knees was bad enough, but having no shoes or even socks did nothing to help her situation.

    The woman let out a sigh of disdain, but the monotony of the situation was broken when the cell door burst open. The prisoner winced as the light that poured into the room threatened to blind her, but the door closed soon after to give her eyes some relief. The prescence of another person caught her attention, causing her to look upwards at an awkward angle due to her bindings. The woman before her had a beauty few could rival, with a body that screamed perfection and long red hair that ran wild and free from her head to lower back, covering her right eye in the process. A long blue scarf was wrapped around her neck and dangled down to her legs, putting a frame around what little armor actually adorned her. Her gauntlets were slim and sleek, covering her from hands to just under her shoulders. Her greaves were similar, protecting her from feet to just above her knees. Aside from an armored bikini top and black bikini bottoms, only a short white cloth on her side attached to her brown belt concealed her nicely-toned body. As the prisoner smiled wide and opened her mouth to speak, the warrior woman spoke first.

    "Lucy Heartfilia," she said with a stern authority, "my name is Erza Knightwalker. It is my understanding you are from a world filled with magic as ours once was. You will tell me all I need to know regarding your guild and how you came to be here." Lucy's happiness sank quickly, realizing the woman before her was not the one she was thinking of.

    "I... Don't know." Lucy was hoping it wouldn't be long for Natsu or the Erza she knew to come to her aide, so all she had to do was stall. Unfortunately, one aspect of Erza remained the same despite the alternates personalities; she had little patience for liars. She had even less patience with Lucy for some reason, but it occured to her that her own alternate version had been a thorn in Erza's side for years, but that Lucy is far more athletic and strong. This Lucy is a magical girl, her body isn't meant to withstand punishment or abuse. To her horror, a pulled lever caused the chains attached to Lucy's stockade to pull upwards, lifting the binding and inevitably Lucy along with it. Neck and wrists bound tightly, Lucy struggled in vain as it slowly rose higher and higher, Erza finally stopping the mechanism with Lucy standing on her toes.

    "How much do you excercise, Lucy?" the warrior inquired as she poked and massaged Lucy's bare stomach, "Once, twice a week? What do you do?" Erza slid her right hand behind Lucy to grip her belt. "Jog?" Erza followed her word with a swift jab to Lucy's belly using her left hand. Lucy's knee lifted as she tried to curl up from the attack, coughing all the while. The redhead simply pushed her knee down and struck Lucy again, using her belly button as a target. An 'oof' escaped Lucy's lips, but she did her best to tighten her abs and resist the beating. Erza smirked as she saw Lucy strain in her effort, as she began holding her breath and tightened not only her abs but her fingers and toes and anything else she could.

    "That is cute," said Erza as she took a step back from the reddening Lucy, "but it wastes what little energy you've within you. I could let you wind yourself..." Erza suddenly shoved her metallic fist into Lucy's stomach, lifting her fist upwards as she drove all the oxygen and willpower out of Lucy in one fell strike. Lucy coughed up some spittle as she tried with little success to get air back into her lungs, whimpering and struggling in the process.

    "That is what I wanted to see," hissed Erza as she raised her fists near her sly smile, "desperation." Erza fired jab after jab into Lucy's lower stomach, forcing the wizard to practically bounce in her shackles as waves of agony washed over her delicate frame. A myriad of pained expressions danced across Lucy's face in rapid succession. She barely had time to react to each punch before another would follow, crushing what little resistance she could manage within seconds. Like steel pistons, Erza's attacks were accurate and deadly, striking the same place repeatedly until it the damage was satisfactory before moving to a yet unharmed spot on Lucy's belly.

    Finally, Erza stopped and cleared some of her bangs from her eyes, taking a good look at the devastation she wrought upon her victim. Lucy's lower torso was ravaged, bruised and even bleeding from a couple of places. Erza lowered the stockade until Lucy was kneeling before her, but still forced upright. Drool ran down the corner of Lucy's panting mouth as her half-open eyes looked helplessly up at Erza. Erza gripped Lucy's hair with one hand and slapped her with the other in an effort to wake her. Lucy whimpered and a tear rolled from one of her eyes, but Erza saw it with disdain. Holding Lucy's hair with both hands, Erza rammed her plated knee into Lucy's face with a horrible thud as flesh met steel. As Erza pulled back, she saw blood trickling from Lucy's nose and lower lip, while the wizard herself was barely conscious.

    "I won't have you cry and beg yet," said Erza as she grabbed a nearby bucket, "because nothing sickens me more than a low-quality training dummy that breaks before it has filled it's purpose." Erza dumped the ice cold water over Lucy's face, drenching her and washing away the blood that had begun to pool around her chin. Tossing the bucket aside, Erza grabbed the stockade and pulled it upwards, bringing Lucy's face close to her own. After a moment, Erza uttered the same question as before.

    "How did you and your friends arrive here?" Lucy closed her eyes and did her best to turn away from her tormentor, causing Erza to release her. The weight of the stockade roughly forced Lucy back to her knees, and Erza put one foot on Lucy's bindings.

    "I will ask one more time." said Erza as she put weight on the stockade, causing Lucy to bend to the right and stretch her battered stomach, "how did you get here?" Lucy again didn't respond, earning her relief from Erza's foot but a kick to her punished gut. Erza again raised the stockade with a lever, this time until Lucy's feet didn't even touch the ground. With Lucy's waist at chest-level to Erza, the warrior woman wrapped her arms around Lucy's waist and squeezed with all her might, crushing Lucy bit by bit. Lucy coughed and groaned, any feeble attempt at escape having already been demolished in her mind. Erza tightened her grip further, increasing Lucy's tortured response. Erza pulled down on Lucy's body as she continued the firm bearhug, which caused her to choke and gasp from the tight stockade. Erza released Lucy, but with a single deft movement she leapt onto the very stockade binding Lucy.

    Lucy's field of vision was dominated by the sight of Erza's black bikini bottom as she sat before her. Gripping the chains to maintain her balance, Erza hooked her ankles together and pressed Lucy's head between her thighs, getting pained whimpers from Lucy. Erza tightened her hold further, getting an agonized yell of pain from her victim. A blush crossed Erza's cheeks as she forced more pained yells from Lucy, all directed between her legs. Erza gave Lucy one more squeeze before standing up on the stockade, still using the chains for support. Erza then lowered herself, wrapping her legs tightly around Lucy's body with Lucy's face at chest-level to Erza.

    As Lucy began to cry out from the bodyscissors she found herself trapped in, Erza brushed Lucy's blonde hair out of the way to get a good look at her face. Not intending to disfigure her prey, Erza removed her gauntlets and dropped them to the floor, leaving her purple elbow gloves on as she pulled Lucy's hair back with one hand. Taking time to position Lucy's head just right, Erza began punching Lucy's face left and right, taking turns with both fists. 'uff's and 'ugh's passed Lucy's lips as her torturer pounded away at her, every punch causing her body to jerk slightly. The punches changed to back-handed slaps, then back to punches, enjoying the sound of Lucy's pain. When Erza finished with her, the young wizard's face was bruised somewhat and he bottom lip was cut in two places, blood once more trailing from her nose.

    Erza was satisfied and with one final squeeze of Lucy's waist, getting only a whimpering groan from the beaten blonde, she dropped to the floor. Erza lowered the stockade until Lucy's feet were flat on the floor of the cell. Observing Lucy's general unresponsiveness, Erza kneed her victim in the gut, getting a feeble reaction in return. Erza leaned in close to Lucy as her hands gripped the bottom of her skirt, sliding it slowly up her hips. As her grin widened, a knocking sounded at the door.

    "We have an emergency, Lady Knightwalker." came a voice from outside the door, instantly undoing Erza's good mood. She returned Lucy's skirt to it's normal length and patted her cheek.

    "I'll be back soon, and we can continue this then." With that, Erza left the cell for few moments, followed soon after by her re-entering the cell with an enraged expression.

    "Change of plans. Time for your execution."


    I took some time, wrote and re-wrote this story, trying out putting more emphasis on the ryona content. After giving it some thought, I have come to accept that I prefer writing female/female ryona more than male/female. I may do male/female from time to time, but I'm not certain. I hope the quality of my work improves over time, unlike the downward slope I seemed to be on. So, what do you think? Better? Worse? Be honest, a little criticism never hurt anyone. I think.

  2. Relampagos

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    Dec 12, 2012
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    Me gusta... Gotta love those cute Fairy Tale girls. Nicely done!
    I honestly have no criticism. Although, yaknow, everyone loves girls who wear white ankle socks... So... wink wink
    Haha just kidding. But seriously
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  3. Seth

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    Jun 17, 2012
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    Good story!
  4. mm_mml

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    Nov 30, 2010
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    Would've preferred Erza or Mira on the receiving end but this is good too.
  5. rasutzarsenal

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    May 11, 2014
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    Awesome man i wish there was more fairy tail ryona; more specifically wrestling.