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Eliminating The Competition [Spider-Man]

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Last Hero, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Last Hero

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    New here, thinking about doing a Wonder Woman vs. Hulk story, trying to hone my skills a little. My first Ryona attempt, let me know what you thin.

    First, some backstory - this version of Spider-Man is from the game 'Web of Shadows'. I'm going off one of the game's four ending - in this ending, Spider-Man basically becomes evil, the symbiote takes over, Black Cat gets a symbiote of her own, and Mary Jane flees out of fear. Spider-Man eventually takes over the whole island of New York with an army of symbiotes, with Black Cat ruling by his side.

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    It was supposed to be simple. In and out. In and out. Get everything she could carry out of the apartment, fit it into a box and make it on the ferry, get clear of the island, away from the symbiotes, away from the madness...away from Peter. They told everyone there was three hours to pack up, that they could hold the symbiotes at bay for that long and keep the area on a solid lockdown. SHIELD was so sure that they could at least buy time for a proper evacuation.

    SHIELD was wrong.

    The symbiotes swarmed the barricade, tore through everything in their path. Some of the guards were ripped to shreds. Some were simply taken over by symbiotes...and then they ripped other guards to shreds. They moved over everything with incredible speed and precision, not like mindless monsters, but like mindless monsters guided by an unseen hand, something controlling them, telling them were to move for maximum damage. The mind of Peter Parker, her husband, or what was left of him.

    When the chaos started, Mary Jane was already in her apartment, and through the crack of her window, she could see it all. She locked the door, even hit the deadbolt - not that it would do much, but it made her feel better. For the moment, the symbiotes seemed to focus on the street, dealing with the armed presence. She was safe. But they would, eventually, start moving through the buildings, and when they did...

    There was a crash in the kitchen, two rooms away, the sound of broken glass. Less time than she thought. No time at all.

    She looked around, thought fast; marrying a superhero does wonders for thinking on your feet. She couldn't run out the fire escape beside her bedroom window - that might get her clear of the symbiote in her apartment, but it would make her an easy target for the ones below. She would have to hide in the apartment, wait until it left. It was the best idea because it was the only idea that didn't end with her captured or kill or worse.

    She could hear the symbiote in the next room, now, moving her way. Close.

    She did a quick run into the bedroom, grateful that she'd taken off her shoes and socks so the dash didn't make much noise against the soft carpet. She slid under her bed with only a little damage from the rug-burn, scooting under the Queen Size, and just in time - she could hear the footsteps enter the room only a moment later.

    The footsteps were slow and light - whoever it was, whatever it was, it wasn't in a hurry to search the place. It would walk one place. Stop. Walk again. Stop. As if it was examining everything, caring less about tearing the place apart and more about admiring the scenery. She stayed quiet through it all, even as the footsteps passed by the bed, even as the feet were right next to her head. She could seem there clear - small, slender feet. A woman's feet. And the way she slid with every step, the way she arrogantly strolled here and there like she owned the place - Mary Jane could guess whose feet it was. And the words she heard confirmed it.

    "I know you're in here, Mary Plain."

    Black Cat. Felicia Hardy. That woman. Peter's former girlfriend. Now? Now Mary Jane had no idea what she was. She saw Peter and her together on a rooftop, she saw Peter do...something with the symbiote that had taken control of Felicia. It was less wild now, Felicia could control it, he saved her...but that wasn't the end of it. They embraced. They were close. It wasn't the Peter she knew anymore. She knew, in that moment, that her husband was gone.

    But as confusing as all that was, Mary Jane was more confused now - why was Felicia here?

    "He still talks about you, you know." Black Cat spoke in her usual, husky voice, tinged with lust, like every word held the promise of an innuendo - and they usually did. "Not out loud, of course. Not when we make love. But when he's laying beside me, his body next to mine, my chest rubbing against his, close...mmm."

    Black Cat let out a sigh that Mary Jane could have sworn was coming from her groin and not her mouth, and she couldn't help but wince. Felicia was trying to get to her. And as her tears mixed with the blood from her lip as she bit down hard to keep from screaming, she knew it was working.

    "But when he sleeps, he calls out your name. Calls to you." She started to pace around the room, heading towards the door, starting to move on. "But every night, he calls a little less. A little quieter. I give it a while, maybe a month - out of sight, out of mind."

    She was leaving. Moving out of the room. Mary Jane let herself breathe a sigh of relief, the first full breath in at least-

    "But I'm an impatient girl." Something cold and wet wrapped around Mary Jane's ankle, and the next thing she knew, she was dragged out from under the bed. She spun around on her back and saw it, a tendril, an alien tendril that snaked around the carpet, all the way to Black Cat's foot, the source of it, and extension of her symbiote. Black Cat stood in the doorway, hands on hip, smirking. "Hiding under the bed? Seriously - did Taken teach you nothing?"

    Mary Jane struggled, flopped around like a tiger caught in a trap, but it wasn't working - the tendril dragged her all the way to Black Cat, who stopped her struggles with a hard foot on her chest. Mary cried out as she ground her foot down, pressing against her breast, threatening to crush it and the bones underneath. She had the strength to do it. That and so much more.

    "I...I'm not going to be...like...you." She spoke through gritted teeth, trying to fight through the pain. "So if you're here t-turn me, you can-"

    "Turn you?" Felicia let out a full, genuine laugh, like it was the funniest thing she heard all day. "Weren't you just paying attention? I don't like sharing, Mary Plain - not counting threesomes, of course." She gave Mary Jane an appraising look from head to toe. "Though, speaking of...if you have an open mind, maybe we could work out some sort of arrangement..."

    "Go to hell you-" Felicia didn't even let her finish the insult - she pressed down harder on Mary Jane's breast, and this time Mary Jane could feel something crack. She screamed, loud and harsh, but cut it off as quick she could, gritting her teeth. Don't give her the satisfaction. Get some small victory from this.

    "Your loss. I would probably have to do all the work in bed, anyway. But no, I'm not here to turn you into one of us." She smiled the smile of someone with an idea that's too good to be spoken out loud. "I'm here to eliminate the competition."

    Felicia dropped down, sitting down full force on Mary Jane's stomach and drawing the wind out of her. Before she could draw in a new breath, Felicia's lips met her in a passionate kiss; their mouths sealed, Mary's tongue fighting to get away from Felicia's and failing with every undulation, Black Cat's body laying across her, writhing in pleasure, the living suit moving all on its own and making Mary's skin crawl even through her clothes, Mary Jane's fighting back as hard as she can but not being able to move Felicia an inch - she was too strong and too carnal, now. The struggle was useless. But even though she realized it, when she felt something else start to squirm in her mouth besides Felicia's tongue, that didn't stop her from struggling even harder.

    It was small, at first. A little tickle past her lip. Something wet and slick, coming out of Felicia's mouth. Two wet and slick things. Three. Many now. Tendrils, just like the one that dragged her from under the bed, only smaller. The worked their way through her mouth, past her tongue, down her throat, into her lung, into her heart, into every organ, every bone, everywhere, sliding and turning and twisting and breaking and squishing and slashing...

    Beneath Black Cat's body, Mary Jane thrashed wildly, like a seizure was taking over. She bucked, her eyes widened with pure fear, a muffled scream echoed into Felicia's mouth, and then, suddenly - nothing. The look of pure fear stayed etched on her faith, but the rest of her body suddenly stopped every movement. Still. Lifeless. Black Cat was kissing a corpse. And she continued for another minute.

    After that minute was over, she pulled away from Mary Jane's mouth, the tendrils quickly retracting behind her teeth once more. She put a hand on Mary's breast, the same one she'd been crushing a few minute earlier and the same one she ran her tendrils through a few seconds ago, and gave it a gentle rub. "Hm. So. These were real, then. Guess I owe Peter five dollars."

    With a huff and a scoffing laugh, she stood up and left the room, never even looking back at the husk of a body that was Mary Jane Watson.
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  2. anotherguttersnipe

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    This was masterfully written. The plot was respectful to the canon, and the characters didn't deviate from themselves either, which is a big thing for me when it comes to fanfics. Moreso, was the fact that the scenario was somewhat realistic. I have a hard time finding the idea of Ms.Marvel or Wonder Woman being downed by street thugs believable. A symbiotic Black Cat destroying poor Mary Jane from the inside however, totally believable.
  3. Seth

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    Jun 17, 2012
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    Very good story!