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Doctor Who: Oswin, prisoner of the Daleks

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by kained, Sep 2, 2012.

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    Standard warnings apply. This is erotic fiction meant for years 18 and over. Themes of sexual non-consent, ryona, mind control, rape, and torture. I claim no copyright towards Doctor Who or any of the characters from the series.




    Summary: An intelligent, attractive young woman is prisoner on a planet full of Daleks.

    Personal note: I tend to be overly ambitious in my story writing, and all sorts of real life distractions get in the way. I plan too much, then never get any actual writing done. This time, I'm just gonna start writing, and keep going until I get bored or hit a wall, and then just click the post button. So it does end pretty abruptly. Then I may or may not post more in the future. I don't know much about Doctor Who lore so I'm just kind of winging it. Feedback is always appreciated.

    Henry Fairhaven Log Entry 2122 16.3.

    It was a narrow escape from the gargantuan Zeti-5 ship, a floating city above the clouds of Aridius. No doubt that the authorities will now be looking for me throughout the sector. So when I landed on a nearby asteroid space port, I ditched my shuttle, contacting one of the various ID forgers in the town through a network bandwidth long unused by the public. I became Shawn Cupsigh, with a full license in engineering. Then it was just a simple matter of finding a ship in need of an extra pair of hands, a ship that would draw no suspicion, and get me as far away from the Aridus cluster as possible. The cruise ship Alaska was perfect.

    Finally in my new quarters I could relax, the paranoia and anxiety had lifted. I unpacked my case, taking the black box containing what I had stolen - the object I had nearly died to get. To the uninitiated, it just looked like a simple small computer touch screen. But this was special. It could track the flow of the timestream - this device could find time travelers.

    Henry Fairhaven Log Entry 2122 17.4

    I should have ditched this ship long ago. Stupid. I had plenty of opportunities and I could have found a buyer for this timestream tracking device. The price it would fetch would set me for life. No more mercenary bullshit. Risking my neck for space nobles expanding their territory, no more stealing for the highest bidder, no more assassinations. Hell, I could buy my own fleet of cruise ships. But then I met Oswin. Shit. I've never let a woman affect me like this before. She's the junior Entertainment Manager, her job mostly involves making sure the passengers are happy. She's so young and beautiful and carefree. I haven't stopped thinking about her since I first met her. That long auburn hair, her dimples, and killer body. She smiles at everyone and shares her affection so easily. I've never cared about a woman like that. In that way. In the past I've just raped when I wanted, sometimes paid for prostitutes. Oswin is different. I'm in love with her. And I want her to love me too. Idiot. I should just sneak into her quarters and have her, get it out of my system, and leave. But each time I see her I just want to be around her more and more. She doesn't care about me, though, she flirts with every man on the ship.

    Henry Fairhaven Log Entry 2122 19.4

    That fucking bitch! That tease! She came to see me when I was working in the engine room, asking me all sorts of questions. She touched my arm, laughing, telling jokes. Later, she came back with some soufflés she made herself. We took a break and ate together. I couldn't hold it in any longer and told her something in my 42 years that I've never told any other woman - I told her I loved her. She was startled, and as I got closer to her and touched her she backed away - she was fucking scared of me. She told me she was just being a friend to me. I called her a fucking whore, and she ran off. Fuck! I should just go to her cabin and rape her, leave this ship, and be done with it. But maybe if I stay, she'll come around. I just have to try something else.

    Henry Fairhaven Log Entry 2122 05.5

    Alaska crash landed on a planet. Not just any planet, but a planet swarming with daleks. It's been weeks. Oswin and I are the only survivors. The night of the crash, I had stormed into her cabin. I was yelling at her when the ship alarms went off. She knew exactly where on the ship to go - smart girl - I followed her, she urged me into a compression chamber that seemed to protect us both from the impact. The ship crashed deep into the earth. We explored the wreckage and found no one alive. Alone with her, I told her she must have cared about me if she had saved my life, and she told me she'd do the same for anyone else. That was the last rejection from her that I could take but there was no time to argue as the daleks were close by. They closed in on our location and trapped us. I had the presence of mind to take the black box with me - the one with the timestream device. "Exterminate, exterminaaaaaaaaaate!!", the incessant drone of the machines bore down on us and I had to think quickly. I knew of the Doctor, the hated enemy of the daleks. I presented the box. I pleaded with them, "let us live and I will show you how to capture the Doctor!" This gave them pause enough that I could explain. Only I knew the correct codes for the device. And once I gave them the knowledge, they would be able to track the Doctor's travels and trap him. In exchange, they would let us live.

    More than that. I had spoken with them privately, away from Oswin. Such was their hatred for the Doctor that they would give something the daleks would never otherwise give. A reward. Freedom? Ships? Riches? There was only one thing I wanted now. Oswin. My anger at her rejection fueled my demands. They could make her part dalek - tiny nano-machines could infect her. She could be as she is - young and beautiful - forever. And she could be under my control. The daleks explained to me how I could wipe her memory, giving me the perfect way to manipulate her. I could manipulate her into loving me, and I now had all the time in the world.

    The conversion process was painful - for her. Still pissed at her, I stood there and told her exactly what they were going to do. She was horrified, betrayed, perhaps wondering how another human could do this to her. I didn't care. I watched as they stripped her naked - the harsh lights bringing light sweat from her delicate skin. Her breasts were glorious, her tiny waist led to curvy hips. She tried to cover herself with her arms, tears flowing down her dimpled cheeks.

    Mechanical hands sprouted from the daleks and they spread her arms wide, and dragged her to the conversion machine. A terrifying looking pod with all sorts of locking contraptions and needles. Braces locked her arms and legs in place, her head was locked in place too. I could tell that what was going to happen to her was going to hurt. "Please! Oh god please, you can't let them do this! Tell them to stop!", she begged me. But I had no mercy for her. "One day, you will love me," I said. "You're fucking crazy! Stop thi- NGYAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!" Lights flashed, electrodes attached to her fingertips and head seemed to be coursing electricity through her as a needle stuck into her arm. I wondered if this needed to be as painful as they had made it. Probably not. They probably only needed a little jolt to activate the nano-bots. But they were daleks, after all. "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGH!" She continued to scream, unable to move her head, her eyes rolled to the back of her head, whatever she was going through must have been totally excruciating. Good.

    Henry Fairhaven Log Entry 2122 15.5

    She had forgotten everything. She had even forgotten who I was, so I was now free to give my real name. The daleks had given us our own space. My story was that we were both prisoners. We were given generous rations each day and the means to prepare and cook the food given to us. The daleks had made it clear that I could make my own separate, secret requests if I had the need - anything from soap, to more food, even clothing. Of course, I kept this from Oswin. We were survivors. The only ones. This would bring us closer together. There was only one bed to share and we slept on opposite sides. I'd watch her sleep - so pretty. Her little nose, those eyelashes. She was frightened for the first few days, but eventually she was showing her old chirpy attitude. A defense mechanism, obviously. Her way of coping. Smile, laugh, make the best of it. She even cooked for me sometimes, wearing her hair in a cute ponytail. This was a good time for me. Happy. But it wasn't enough. Sooner or later the loneliness would get to her and she'll come into my arms.

    Henry Fairhaven Log Entry 2122 03.7

    It's been months. We talked late into the night, her in her sexy form hugging red dress. I slid my hand onto her thigh and she got up and walked into the other room. What the fuck is it going to take. Doesn't she ever get horny? There's only me here!

    Henry Fairhaven Log Entry 2122 12.7

    It was too much. I couldn't take it anymore. Her lying next to me in the middle of the night, every night, so peaceful, her chest rising and falling, it was too much. I removed the blanket and crawled up ontop of her and she woke up with a startle. My weight was on her as I started to remove the strap of her night dress. "Wait - no! I'm not ready for this", I ignored her. My palm took a handful of one of her lovely breasts. "No. Please. I'm not - I'm not in love with you. I can't do this". "What did you say?", "I'm not in love with you", she said. I brought my hand up and slapped her as hard as I could, then placed my hands around her throat as I raped her. She could barely get her pleas out. I wondered if she was a virgin, she was certainly tight enough to be, and I did believe I felt the trickle of blood from her. My cock was large and it always hurt the women I was with, I was never gentle. This was no exception. She tried to press her legs up against me to resist me but I was much larger than she was and so much stronger. Eventually she stopped pleading with me, instead crying, as I bucked my hips forward and my cock into her over and over. My hands mauled her big tits roughly bringing her further pain. I hadn't jacked off in months - I couldn't keep it in. The nano-bots would see to it that she wouldn't get pregnant. I came inside her. When I was finished, she lay there sobbing, I stroked her long brown hair.

    I picked up the small hand device the daleks had given me. The device for controlling her memory. The nano-bots would get to work repairing her and I'd wipe her memory of the rape.

    I slept on long in the morning. When I woke up, she had baked some buns. She invited me into the kitchen, wearing her red dress and apron. She smiled widely enough it could brighten up any room. "Good morning!" she said, chirpy as ever. It made my heart melt. It also made me want to have fun with her. I could switch this up a little. For one thing, I had gotten sick of seeing her in the same clothes.

    The next day, her memory was in the process of being wiped - I could adjust it to be more specific about what she could remember. She stood there in a short frilly plaid skirt, knee high socks, black shoes, and a sweater hugging the curves of her breasts very nicely. When she came to, she was very confused indeed. We did things as normal, talking, having lunch, but whenever she stood or had to lean or bend slightly she became very self-conscious. "I can't believe I had to wear this the day we crash landed", she said. "Is this really what I've been wearing this whole time?? There's no other clothes here??" And I answered, "yep, been wearing that the whole time, and nope, nothing else". She stood with her hands wiping the front of her skirt as though that would make it longer. She could imagine wearing something like this for fun, but it seemed way too sexy as an everyday outfit. As the day drew on and she sat cross legged, he eyed her up, and she blushed.