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Sep 15, 2012
Hi! I was thinking:

1) There's lots of porn available with self-made cam girls on-line. All presumably of legal age, filming themselves and using dildos etc. rather than any male counterpart. For money or just for their own exhibitionist pleasure.
2) There are lots of videos of young girls on youtube, filming themselves doing semi-sensual stuff, such as dancing with a friend while scantily clad.

So what are the limits for self-published, self-filmed, underaged women doing para-sexual stuff on-line? Let's say there's a hot 14-year old who likes to play with her spit so it looks like she's playing with cum. Could any mainstream porn host, or even youtube, support such a video? Nobody's doing anything sexual, it's just a young girl behaving erotically while fully clothed, in front of her own camera. Is it still child pornography, legally speaking? I'm just curious if anybody here knows more about such, shall we say, "fringe loli" activities - both from a legal and practical perspective.

edgelord 3000

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Jan 16, 2018
Where I thread, "lolis" are referred exclusively to drawn or 3D-generated young girls. As in, no real life girls involved at all. So I was kinda confused at your post at first.

But anyway, most video sites (including those for porn) err on the side of caution and delete any video featuring underage girls doing something erotic, clothed or not. I'm also pretty sure that many countries have laws regarding that kind of stuff as child pornography, to protect the girls from themselves. Where the actual limits are, that's up to the courts to decide...


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Apr 25, 2015
Many video provider will not allow. Porn provider will not allow children create account. Regular video provider do not desire attention that children maybe posting erotic video. They will try avoid responsibility and most case regular provider have age of account holder be legal age or with parental permission. This type of content feature real children is not safe I think and not allow in most place. Girl dancing share with family and friend private like face book maybe normal. For rando public to watch is no good. Avoid
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