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[Dead Or Alive] - Happy Halloween!

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Ryona_Scribe, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. Ryona_Scribe

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    Three friends decided to get together to enjoy the holidays, taking a break from their humdrum schedules and enjoying themselves for a night. Among them was a young chinese woman with long, dark braided hair tied into circles on either side of her head. She wore a white shirt with long black sleeves that had a panda face printed across the chest. Around her waist was a short black skirt, with long stockings that began only inches from the skirt all the way down to her feet. Seeing as she was indoors, she did not have her usual shoes on that completed the attire. The second woman appeared only slightly older, yet somehow had an air of wisdom and grace about her. She was japanese with flowing black hair reaching her back, wearing a grey and white horizontally striped tank top. She had a red watch on her left wrist and black bicycle shorts that revealed much about her figure. Similar to the chinese girl, the japanese woman didn't wear shoes either.

    "Success!" called a cheerful voice from the next room, "I have found the sweets! It is like a stockpile of raging cavities in here!"

    The two women sighed and looked at each other somewhat helplessly in response. As their third friend entered the room, they watched in horror as several party-sized bags of candy were spread across the table where they were seated. The remaining friend was an uncommon mix of japanese and german, though her spirit and vigor were commonly considered otherworldly. She was a brunette (her natural hair color still debated to this day), with her hair being the shortest of the three yet it still reached her shoulders. She wore a white soccer jersey that appeared quite large on her small frame, the neck hole being big enough to expose most of her shoulders and making one of her bra straps visible with little effort. She also wore black shorts, but as short as they were and as big as her top was, the shorts were actually hidden as a result. To complete her appearance was white knee-high socks and a pink hairband.

    "Um, Hitomi, quick question." The chinese girl spoke nervously, poking at the large pile of candy, "Where did you get all of this? I mean, it isn't like you have a huge income or anything."

    "Does it really matter? We can snack all night and still have some left in the morning!" Hitomi beamed brightly as she picked through the pile, looking for something specific.

    "I am concerned more about the impact on our health this could cause," pondered the japanese woman as she read the back of a candy bag, "especially in such a large quantity. Cavities would be the least of our problems." This caused Hitomi to pout and look at the chinese girl with tearful eyes.

    "Lei Fang, please don't be a lawyer like Kokoro. Promise me?" Kokoro paused, unable to make the connection in her head.

    "Wait a moment," Kokoro asked as she gave up even attempting to follow Hitomi's logic on her own, "how does concern over the nutrition, or lack thereof, of candy make me a lawyer? If you said dentist or doctor I would understand." Hitomi puffed her cheeks and turned away from Kokoro.

    "Because lawyers are mean, and hateful, and-" Just then Lei Fang spoke up as she opened a bag of candy bars.

    "You are still upset over that thing in court, aren't you?"

    "She asked for it!"

    "You punched a woman in the face for buying a clump of broccoli."

    "She asked for it."

    "Because you hate it and thought she was funding the production of it."

    "She asked for it, you know..."

    "And you ended up destroying the entire building, with that clump of broccoli as a weapon."

    "The... Whole building asked for it..."

    Kokoro giggled and handed a bag of peanut butter cups to Hitomi, feeling somewhat apologetic for Hitomi's sudden depression.

    "It is okay," said Kokoro as Hitomi immediately cheered up upon recieving the candy, "I'm sure you were doing the public a favor." Hitomi scanned over the candy curiously as she downed a peanut butter cup, Lei Fang appearing less than amused.

    "You know, if you keep enabling her then she'll end up putting on a sheet and haunting vegetarians." This quickly got Hitomi's attention.

    "That is a good idea. More importantly, where are the gummie bears?" Lei Fang and Kokoro looked over the pile of candy, neither having any luck. Kokoro glanced at the clock and smiled.

    "I'm certain the nearby convenience store is open." Hitomi shook her head and jumped to her feet, startling the other two women.

    "That won't do! This is Halloween, there is but a single true way justice can prevail over this dismal situation!" With that, Hitomi ran out of the room, leaving Lei Fang and Kokoro dazed in her wake.

    "You wanna know something funny?" Lei Fang inquired as she picked up a twizzler, "I bet she was looking for an excuse to go trick or treating. If that is the case, she can go on her own. I can't keep up with her when she goes wild like that."

    "Seconded." Kokoro noted with a smile. Hitomi returned suddenly, dressed in a pink and green jester outfit, complete with a clown hat and a round red nose. She had strange shoes to complete the costume, and a large sack slung over her shoulder.

    "I'm off to get me some gummie bears! Who is coming along?" Hitomi's mood was impacted in no visible way when neither Kokoro or Lei Fang agreed to go with her.

    "Fine, I'll just go by myself. And I won't share ANY of them! You only have yourselves to blame for your loss!" With that, Hitomi bounded out the door. As she left, Lei Fang pulled a bag of gummie bears from beneath the pile, showing them to Kokoro.

    "Up for some gummie goodness?" Kokoro smiled as she grabbed a bag of chocolate bars.

    "Sure. What kind of specials are playing right now?" She and Lei Fang walked over to the television and Lei Fang picked up the remote, paying no mind to Hitomi's antics, being as common as they were.

    Hitomi made her way down city streets, trying house after house in a vain attempt to find gummie snacks. After the sixth fruitless attempt, she attempted a house at the end of the street. Little did she know, as she approached the house several cameras slowly followed her movements. Hitomi reached the door and rang the bell. After a moment of silence, she rang the bell a second time. As Hitomi leaned in close to peek through the door's windows, the door immediately swung open, smashing into her and knocking her to the ground roughly. Hitomi groggily sat up, trying to clear her vision. As Hitomi glanced back at the door that struck her, she noticed three women standing around her, their appearances difficult to distinguish in the dark night. Hitomi sat up and shook her head, but before she could voice her complaints, a sudden kick knocked her unconscious.

    The sound of cameras surrounded Hitomi's world as she slowly came to. As she tried to move, she heard laughs and more cameras clicking. Hitomi's eyes fluttered open, soon followed by quite the headache. When Hitomi attempted to groan, however, her voice was muffled. Biting and tasting the object within her mouth, Hitomi realized a large cloth had been stuffed into her mouth. Not only that, but her hands were bound behind her at the wrists, and her ankles were also tied together. She was laying on a bed, in what appeared to be a rather small room. Judging by the contents of said room, it must belong to some girl. Sure enough, three young women surrounded her, each appearing to be in their upper teens to lower twenties by rough guess. Two of them were armed with cell phones taking pictures, and one was video taping the events in the room. Hitomi struggled a bit in her binds, then noticed her reflection in a mirror. Her outfit had been completely changed. Instead of a clown costume, she found herself in a white fur bikini with bunny ears. Curiousity struck, and Hitomi rolled onto her back. Sure enough, she felt a lump of fur press against the lining of the bikini bottom, assuming it was a rabbit's tail.

    Quite happy to now own a delightful rabbit outfit, Hitomi felt it was time to get back to gummie bear hunting. However, the girls around her stepped closer as she began to struggle. The two with cell phones folded and pocketed their phones, still grinning without speaking a word. Hitomi sized up the girls as she tested the strength of her bindings. They were all average, not appearing to be physically endowed in any particular way. All three were dressed casually with jeans and tanktops, but with cat ears and tails. Not only were they eerie and silent, but their costumes were totally lazy. Catgirls should have more spice to them. But, villains will be villains. Hitomi pushed all of her strength into her arms and snapped the bindings on her wrists, finally getting a reaction from the girls aside from silence. As they backed away, the japanese/german removed her ankle bindings with ease and stood up, pulling the cloth from her mouth and licking her lips.

    "You all wouldn't happen to have any gummie bears by any chance, would you?" Two of the girls screamed and ran out the door, the third holding the video camera simply backed away, unable to move away before Hitomi managed to corner her.

    "Seriously, a bag or two and I'm gone." The girl pointed with wide eyes out the door, and Hitomi looked in the direction.

    "Is that the way to the kitchen, or-" the girl suddenly smashed the camera against Hitomi's belly, getting a slight grunt from her. To her horror, however, Hitomi seemed generally unharmed as she turned back to the girl, frowning as she finished her sentence. "-or am I going to have to find them the hard way?" Hitomi smacked the camera from the girl's hands and grabbed her short reddish hair, dragging her to a wall. The girl flailed and tried to break Hitomi's grasp, but her efforts were met with a swift knee to her stomach. The girl coughed and gave Hitomi a poorly-attempted swat to her shoulder, only recieving a second shot to the belly for her troubles. Hitomi released her and she sank to the floor, leaving Hitomi without a guide to her treasure.

    Hitomi curiously walked out of the room, finding herself in what appeared to be a combo of a living room and a kitchen. Obviously, she was in an apartment. As she walked from the room, however, a girl with long blonde hair jumped out and struck Hitomi's shin with a golf club, taking Hitomi's legs out from under her. She tried an overheaded swing, but Hitomi caught the club and pushed the handle into the girl's stomach, winding her. Hitomi then yanked on the club, pulling her down to her level. She positioned the girl before her and raised the club to her throat, attempting to choke her. The girl struggled but could not overpower Hitomi despite all her effort.

    "Why won't you just give me the gummies, huh?!" Hitomi growled as she lifted the golf club, increasing the pressure on the choke hold, "I promise I'll go away if you hand some over!" As Hitomi put further pressure on the girl's neck, another girl rushed her from behind and put a plastic bag over Hitomi's head, bending the rabbit ears over her eyes in the process. The girl tightened the bag around Hitomi's neck, cutting off any chance of breathing. The second girl managed to free herself as Hitomi's hands began clawing at the bag. As one girl held the bag in place, the other rammed the golf club into Hitomi's stomach, weakening her bit by bit. Hitomi opened her mouth wide and drove two fingers into her mouth, breaking through the bag in the process. Once again, the karate expert's sheer strength surprised the girls, and delaying their reactions long enough for Hitomi to grab the girl behind her and pull her into an overhead throw, landing her in the arms of the second girl and sending both to the floor.

    Hitomi stood up, wincing at the slight pain in her shins. She loosened the bag and pulled it off her head, taking a moment to breathe and straighten her bunny ears, which she had become somewhat fond of. As Hitomi did this, however, the girls recovered and the two rushed at her, attempting to tackle her to the floor. Hitomi elbowed one girl in the back of her head, knocking her down. Hitomi then easily wrapped her arms around the straining girl still pushing against her with little success, sending her knee into her belly a number of times. Each blow released a groan from the brunette, each one making her struggles a little weaker until eventually she was leaning against her aggressor for support.

    Hitomi grabbed the girl's shirt and walked her to the living room positioning her beside the couch. After placing her in just the right spot, Hitomi sent a haymaker punch across the woman's face, causing her to pivot on her heel from the recoil and fold over the back of the couch, her arms hanging limp over the other side. Hitomi reached over and lifted her head by her hair, checking her condition. Upon finding her still conscious, Hitomi reached into her jeans and gripped her panties, yanking them up until they stretched far above her waist. The girl cried in pain as Hitomi lifted the wedgie higher and higher, beginning to lift the girl's rear as well. Releasing the girl's hair, Hitomi took one of her arms and pulled it back, sliding it through the stretched leg hole of the underwear. She repeated this with the girl's other arm, effectively tangling her arms in her own wedgie. Hitomi took a step back to admire her work, enjoying the show the whimpering girl was putting on. With a running start, Hitomi lifted her foot and struck the girl between the legs hard enough to send her over the couch and onto the floor in a groaning heap.

    The martial artist's attention returned to the other girl, who had managed to find a frying pan. She backed away as Hitomi approached her, not showing any signs of bother to the metallic weapon being pointed at her. The girl began to panic, and suddenly threw the utensil at Hitomi as she turned to run. Hitomi caught the flying weapon and rushed after the fleeing girl, swiftly reaching her as she neared the door to leave the apartment. Her fingers came just short of the door handle as the unmistakable feeling of fingers gripping the back of her shirt collar came to her attention. In a frenzy, the blonde twisted her body and pulled herself free of the shirt, causing Hitomi to stagger back in shock while holding the girl's shirt. Garbed in her lavender bra, the girl made another attempt for the door, but her own shirt returned to haunt her as Hitomi wrapped it tightly around the fleeing victim's neck. After wrapping it a second time, Hitomi guided the girl back towards the kitchen, picking up the frying pan as she went.

    The two reached the kitchen table, and Hitomi cleared it with ease with the frying pan. She turned her attention to the struggling blonde, a smile crossing her face.

    "This is your last warning, sweetie. Where are your gummie bears?" The girl simply grabbed at Hitomi's breasts, trying to distract her enough to ease the tightening cloth around her throat. Hitomi sighed and pulled the shirt back, causing the poor girl to bend backwards to keep from choking. However, this left her belly completely exposed, and Hitomi eagerly smacked the girl's stomach across the belly button with the frying pan, sending a brutal slapping sound throughout the room. The girl curled over the frying pan, coughing and moaning, and still fighting for air from the shirt wrapped around her neck. Hitomi moved the frying pan and released her grip on the girl, resulting in her falling against the table. Hitomi hooked her fingers under a belt loop on her jeans, then lifted her up over the table until only her legs dangled over the side. Hitomi held the girl in place with a hand on her lower back, and to her victim's great dismay, placed the frying pan against her vulnerable butt.

    "Tell me where they are, or else." The girl struggled, but did not speak. Not satisfied, Hitomi lifted the frying pan, then brought it down at great speed against the girl's butt, filling the room with her cries of pain.

    "Tell me!" Another swat, another pained scream.

    "Where are they?" Yet another swat, and another pained scream.

    "Speak! You all have been quiet since I got here!" And another swat, followed by the girl's scream.

    "Tell the truth!" A swat once more, the screams reducing to strained whines.

    "Why did you attack those homeless kids?!" Another swat, with ever more cries of suffering.

    "They just wanted love! That is all they wanted was-" Hitomi paused, then she tapped the frying pan against her chin thoughtfully. "-come to thunk it, I forget what I am even doing." A moment of silence, then Hitomi's memory clicked back into place. "Oh yes, my gummie bears!" Hitomi raised the frying pan once more, but paused when she heard the apartment door close. Hitomi turned curiously to the door, noticing the redhead from before, dressed in a heavier jacket, holding keys in one hand and a bag of gummie bears in the other. The bikini-clad woman watched as the girl placed the keys on the counter and the gummie bears in a pile of green and pink clothing. She then walked over to a video camera that had been recording the events of the room, and pressed a button to turn it off. Silently, she offered the clothes and the gummie bears to Hitomi, who in turn set the frying pan on the table and took the offered items with a smile. Patting the red-haired girl on the head, Hitomi walked past her and noticed a pair of white shoes beside the door. Casually, she slipped the shoes on and left the apartment, as if nothing had happened. The girl turned to the other two, still in pain, and her eyebrow raised as a grin spread across her lips. Removing her jacket and shirt, she approached the powerless girls in the room, turning off the lights as she moved.

    Back at Hitomi's place, Lei Fang laughed as a movie ended. Kokoro rolled her eyes and casually tossed a candy wrapper at the trash can, which would have been successful if it were not already overflowing with such wrappers. Lei Fang barely controlled her laughing as Kokoro sat up and turned the television off.

    "Can you believe that? What a load of bull! Some random high school girl has two horny immortal guys fawning over her, and she still considered herself some kind of victim. Honestly, toss a coin. If heads, you get the sparkling emo kid with good grades and insatiable bloodlust. If tails, you get the hairy jock who moonlights as the victim of a hair growth cream gone horribly wrong. Seriously, how is that trainwreck worthy of being a Halloween special?" Lei Fang took a drink of a soda as Kokoro shrugged casually.

    "Think about it from her stance. What if you had to live with one of those two for the rest of your life?" Lei Fang froze in place, slowly turning to her japanese friend.

    "Now that you mention it," Lei Fang spoke slowly, "that is terrifying. Almost as terrifying as Hitomi's gummie obsession."

    "Speaking of who," Kokoro said as she unwrapped a candy bar, "where do you think she is? She must have been gone for a couple of hours now."

    As Kokoro finished her sentence, the door to the room was kicked wide open, getting both Lei Fang's and Kokoro's undivided attention. The two watched with wide eyes as Hitomi staggered into the room, small bruises evident on her shins and belly, scantily clad in a fur bikini and carrying clothing. Hitomi stepped forward, dumping the clothing on the floor. She stared into Lei Fang's wide eyes, then her gaze shifted to Kokoro's. Finally, she lifted a bag filled with gummie treats and announced loudly for all to hear:

    "I now have... My gummie bears!" She then collapsed, confusing both girls.

    "So." Lei Fang said, shifting her attention back to Kokoro, "Want to play some Xbox?"


    Hurricane Sandy made getting this story in on time a little difficult, with the power going out and the weather being unkind. Good wishes and prayers go out to the men and women dealing with the carnage of this mighty storm along the coast, I know they are suffering far worse than I. To those working hard, we believe in you and know that you are doing all you can. Fire fighters, police, medical teams, electrical companies, everyone give it your all. Anywho, I know my previous story was a bit sloppy, so I decided to refine a bit of it, including the length of the border and the placement of the bold text. For those who want to read the whole thing, go for it. For those here just for the ryona content, the bold is what you are wanting.

    Have a good day everyone, Happy Halloween, and best wishes to the brave people who are rebuilding their lives with heads held high.

    Ryona Scribe
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    D'awwwww, Hitomi is just too damn adorable! heck, they all are :3 good work!
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    Hitomi IS unbelievably cute when this one, and that may be the most creative use of a wedgie I have ever read. If this is their idea of Halloween, I gotta see what happens at Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or even New Year's....can you imagine?