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Cheerleader Fiction: Sacramento Queen - To The Victor

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by TheCrimsonRisk, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. TheCrimsonRisk

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    Jun 10, 2010
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    I can't be the only one who loves cheerleaders. Idoro and I were discussing what he might do with a "cheerleaders in peril" situation and even though it meant I'd have to see his Lakers win a game, it resulted in him drawing an awesome picture ("Like" that post!). I felt like fleshing out the scenario, so here's a story that's a departure from my usual stuff.

    Sacramento Queen - To The Victor

    It had been a long, losing season for the Sacramento Kings and their dance squad didn’t have much to cheer for. They’d suffered embarrassing blowouts, heartbreaking losses and nights where the team and the fans looked like they’d rather be anywhere else in the world than at a basketball game. It was hard to muster up the emotion to compete when there was no chance of making the playoffs and essentially nothing to play for. Maybe if they’d known about “The Spoils”, everyone would have worked harder.

    Nobody knows for sure when it started, but sometime in the new millennium, the owners decided to raise the stakes of the game. It wasn’t enough to win games or playoff series or even championships. They needed something more. Something sinister. Team executives were known for being vindictive and petty so the concept of some sort of punishment was approved. They’d been wagering on games for years but that wasn’t enough anymore. There needed to be some element of humiliation. And who better to suffer than the cheerleaders?


    “More grapes, Ms. Andrea?” The masked attendant leaned over, careful not to disturb the lounging brunette.

    She couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about. When a team agent came to the girls’ change room one day with a mysterious offer, Andrea was the only one to volunteer. She’d always been quick to take up a dare and she thought the other girls were overreacting with their doom and gloom. The offer had something to do with becoming “The Spoils”, which Andrea understood as her being taken as some sort of prize should the Kings lose a game. She never asked what happened to the previous volunteers. Still, the Spoils candidate was promised a life of luxury and the pampering and treatment of a queen. Andrea figured she worked hard and deserved a big reward. She’d worry about the consequences later.

    The attendant topped off the bowl of grapes at Andrea’s request and then lingered, awaiting any further commands. She could see the man’s eyes behind his domino mask and she gave a flirtatious wink. “Like what you see?” she said. Andrea sprawled seductively on the immaculate leather sofa, her legs bent at the knee and spread apart, providing an inviting view of her lower body. Thin, high cut, purple booty shorts accentuated her crotch and hips, leaving little to the imagination. Matching shiny knee-high boots rubbed against the leather, further capturing the attendant’s attention. The finishing touch was her tight, white, long-sleeved top that complimented her already bountiful chest. She made a come-hither gesture with her finger and tossed her gorgeous hair so that strands seductively fell over her eyes.

    After some fidgeting, the attendant started to leave. “Ahem, I...must...I believe I’m needed elsewhere.” He skulked off, leaving Andrea by herself.

    “Hmph. Boring!” She giggled and let her gorgeous body stretch and then relax. “I prefer to watch alone anyway.” Taking a sip of champagne and a handful of grapes, Andrea smiled at the halftime score. 56-56, a tie. “I knew this was a good idea.”


    At the end of the third quarter, the Kings were trailing by 10. On the road, against the Los Angeles Lakers, they may as well have been down by 30. Andrea gulped self-consciously and she considered sneaking away. Maybe they’d still let her use the private jet if she asked nicely. She peaked over the sofa and saw three attendants enter the room. One of them was the guy before, the other two looked bigger and they took a spot right in front of the exit. So much for that idea.


    In the fourth quarter, the Kings scored 10 straight points and pulled within 2 points of the Lakers! “Come on, guys!” Andrea yelled at the massive television. She hopped up, nearly knocking her food and drinks off of the glass table. “Whoops,” she said, sheepishly addressing the masked men. “Sorry!” They didn’t flinch. Maybe I’ll still get out of this...

    Then things began to turn again. The Lakers scored on the next two possession:

    Kings: 88 – Lakers: 95

    Andrea curled up on the couch, pulling her legs up under her butt. The Kings called a timeout, but it did no good. The Lakers hit back to back three pointers:

    Kings: 88 – Lakers: 101

    “So, um...if my guys lose...” Andrea asked, “...what’s going to happen to me exactly? I guess I just have to, like, spend time with some slimy LA fat cats or something?” The dancer laughed nervously. Nobody laughed with her, though one of the attendants seemed to smirk as the game got out of reach:

    Kings: 92 – Lakers: 107

    It was the biggest deficit of the game and there were only three minutes left. Shit. Shit. Shit. The time was winding down fast. Andrea didn’t even notice that she’d been digging her nails into the leather. She was startled by a gloved hand smoothly coming down on her shoulder. “It’s almost time, Miss Andrea.”


    The buzzer sounded.

    Kings: 102 – Lakers: 113


    Andrea was guided down a series of staircases ending at a long, ominous hallway. It didn’t seem possible for all of this construction to exist under the Staples Center and she wondered if her team’s home arena had a similar set-up. She’d make sure to ask when she got back. That question helped take her mind off of...whatever was about to happen. The attendants didn’t move her along too forcefully, but they made sure she stayed on the path with a deliberate squeeze of her arm.

    It only took about five minutes to reach their destination, but the dread that filled Andrea made it seem like an hour. With every step there was less and less light and the silence grew more noticeable. She didn’t even realize she’d entered a room and been left alone until she heard the door close behind her. Her back was pressed against a wall as the lights flickered on revealing...nothing.

    “I...what...I don’t understand. Is this a joke? It’s a gag...okay guys, you can come out now. You got me!” Her words went unheard within the dull confines.


    Andrea squinted to get a better look at her surroundings. The space couldn’t have been larger than a public restroom and it had all the charm of one too. The walls were a drab gray and with the exception of the side from which she entered, each one housed a wide white pipe in the middle. Andrea could see a substance dripping out of the pipe in front of her and she moved closer to investigate. The yellow tint made her fear that this is where the toilet water got flushed out, some sort of gross frat boy prank, but when she knelt down she could see that what came out was thick and heavy. It looked like honey, but there wasn’t anything sweet about it.

    There was a rumbling sound from within the pipes and the substance began to drain a lot faster. It pooled in front of her causing her to step back. She didn’t realize that the pipes on the sides were pumping just as quickly. Her heel touched down in a puddle, but rather than slip, her boot got caught causing her to stumble and fall. Soon, her butt and thighs were covered in the substance. It felt warm and sticky in an awkward, alien way and Andrea didn’t want anything to do with it. She reached down to scrape it from her skin, but this only made it attach itself to her arms. Her eyes widened in horror as she stared at her hands that were now wearing a layer of slime.

    By now, the room had begun to fill up and Andrea, still seated on the floor, was submerged up to her waist with her shoulders and kneecaps still poking out. She wanted to lift her arms to get up but the slime weighed her down and her flailing only served to make her weak and sweaty. A shadow fell over Andrea and she turned her head to see that the slime had gathered to rise up behind her like a globular tidal wave. It began to shift and descend upon her in a menacing fashion.


    As the slime crashed down and washed over her head, Andrea’s mouth and nostrils were filled with gunk. Oh no, no, nooooo! Her mind was screaming. I can’t breathe. I’m going to die. This has to be a nightmare. Wake up! Please wake up! Her body was soon raised from the cold floor, making the torment even more unreal. She fully expected that this would all be over soon and she would find herself in the comfort of a soft bed.

    There was nothing comforting about the creature that was molesting her. She thrashed around and was able to free most of her upper body, but when she reached out she was stopped by two strong tentacles latching onto her wrists. The slime murmured loudly, almost like a laugh and Andrea’s heart sank. Even as she kicked her boots out, the majority of her body remained trapped inside the creature. The consistency varied; at times the slime was firm, roughly pressing down against her muscles administering a cruel massage; but then it would become slick and smooth as it ran over her skin. It pressed up against her from behind like a hundred unwelcome fingers.

    “Stop!” She begged, imploring whoever was watching to put an end to her humiliation. “What is this?!? You’re all monsters! You can’t...” Her protests were cut short as the slime clamped down around her neck, reducing her words to a strained wail. The only thing more delicious than seeing the cheerleader shut up was the wide-eyed expression of fear on her face. The unseen Los Angeles executives sat in a luxury box, leering intently. Reflected in their dark glasses was the anguish of a violated cheerleader and their monster, engineered to be a perfect shade of Laker gold.

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  2. Raden

    Raden Ryonani Teamster

    Sep 24, 2011
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    Quite interesting and different. I can attest to how hard it is to write outside one's comfort zone, but I can also vouch for how rewarding it can be... and then you find a new comfort zone. Definitely different, but short and sweet as well. The descriptions made it easy to visualize everything.
  3. KidAnonymous

    KidAnonymous Potential Patron

    Jan 14, 2013
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    Wow, this is incredible. For being a ryona fan, basketball, and Lakers fan - I just can't help but read in near disbelief.

    You channeled the drama of the Kings/Lakers rivalry in its hay day. I wonder how many people recognize that context. The finale and the picture at the end transitions back into ryona world - a story featuring real world elements meeting fantasy.

    I would've like more into the suffering of Andrea, but I think for others that's okay. It was a strange glimpse into the basketball world. For me, I'm a huge lakers fan and HATED the kings - I would embrace the misery of Andrea and the then Kings.

    Personally, I would've focused the story on the entire cheerleader team. Cheerleaders are fit and strong, a little bit like Amazons. I fantasized about Teams putting their sexy cheerleaders team for ridiculous bets, but that's more for sexual escapades. Nonetheless I'm always a fan of Amazons, women teams, zako , etc. getting reamed so cheerleaders extend into that a bit. I think I understand a bit why you didn't bring in known players - their character are already established irl. So we use the nameless executives with too mucy money for their own good.

    Anyway, that was a treat! Time to watch some 2013 laker girl vids
  4. Idoro

    Idoro Fully Functional Staff Member Moderator Ryonani Teamster

    Nov 10, 2010
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    Yep, the LAL-SAC rivalry was one of the better parts of the 2000-03 Threepeat run. That and Shaq making stupid songs.

    This was an amazing attachment piece to my drawing, TCR! I look forward to drawing some more.. perhaps another team in a different outfit, meeting a different fate. >:3

    I dub this the "Lake Monster". Maybe he can be a mascot for the team!
  5. TheCrimsonRisk

    TheCrimsonRisk Ryonani Teamster

    Jun 10, 2010
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    Wrestling based stories will always be my bread and butter, but it's fun to experiment with other kinds of peril. You surprise yourself with the stuff you come up with :)

    I'm a hardcore basketball fan so those details were actually easier for me to embellish than the actual ryona section. Really, Idoro's picture is so good that I should have just written the build-up and not even bothered to describe it. The drawing inspired me.

    You know I want to see a cheerleader getting put into some kind of back bending submission hold, even if it means I have to endure another Lakers victory. Thank you again for the picture!