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Braixen's Last Round

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Furryona, Jul 24, 2016.

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    Jan 15, 2015
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    A request made by a friend of mine. Here's hoping it goes how he wanted it to. This story pertains to ryona involving a Pokemon, so it may not be for all ryona viewers.


    The latest Pokemon tournament was well under way. Trainers from all over gathered in Old Ferrum Town for the chance to eliminate the competition and move onward to the next round. The rules required that each trainer only bring a single Pokemon of their choosing, and one particular trainer had brought her favorite fire-type, Braixen. A short, female, bipedal fox-like Pokemon with yellow-colored fur that seemed to form something of a skirt around her black legs, the fur turning white as it moved up her body around her white arms.

    Braixen huffed with an air of superiority as she entered the field, knowing full well she had the match won without even seeing who her opponent was. Grasping a stick lodged in her yellow fluffy tail, she pulled it free and watched the tip ignite with flames. She was ready for battle.

    A mere moment later, Braixen's opposition appeared. Chandelure, a veritable living chandelier of ghostly power. Purple in color with glowing yellow eyes, it let out a childish, gleeful giggle as it waved its four "arms" about, the blue burning candles at the ends of the arms emanating a fiendish aura.

    Braixen nervously prepared herself, knowing her opponent was more evolved and powerful than her. However, she wouldn't give up so quickly. The match began, with Braixen immediately going on the offensive. With a huff, she swung her stick from side to side, launching waves and blasts of searing fire at her ethereal foe.

    Chandelure giggled as it flew from side to side, dodging the burning attacks with ease as it glided effortlessly through the air. Braixen began to grow agitated as her attacks were generally ignored by the playful ghost-type, but Chandelure's trainer was growing tired of playing around. With a quick command, Chandelure suddenly used Flash!

    With a blinding light bursting from its eyes, Chandelure managed to temporarily daze the fox girl. With a frustrated groan, Braixen began to step backwards, flinging fireballs blindly as she rubbed her eyes with her free hand. Chandelure followed this with the Thief attack, slugging Braixen in the stomach with one arm while another struck the stick from Braixen's grip, sending it flipping through the air.

    Without her weapon and only just regaining her sight, Braixen let out a cough as she stepped back. The damage was minimal, enabling her to charge up another fire attack between her hands. Chandelure suddenly began to giggle, moving between two locations rapidly. It was Double Team, making it appear as if Chandelure were in two locations at once.

    Partially blind and having a 50/50 chance at success besides, Braixen threw her most powerful fire wave forth... Missing both Chandelures entirely. With a free moment and a hasty command, Chandelure readied Giga Impact, a tremendously powerful attack. Braixen's sight returned, only for her body to be hammered repeatedly.

    Braixen's body remained upright only by the repeated heavy strikes to her chest, stomach, and face. Her trainer shouted commands, hoping to guide Braixen out of such suffering, but she had also begun to panic, her inexperience showing quite openly.

    Chandelure ceased the attack, only to unleash a Dark Pulse directly into Braixen's chest, blasting her backwards with a shadowy force. Before the fire fox could hit the ground, a psychic burst struck her from behind, knocking her right back into Chandelure's Shadow Ball attack, ramming a sphere of ghostly power into Braixen's stomach. Braixen finally fell backwards to the ground, motionless and thoroughly beaten.

    However, the tournament had a specific rule... Braixen would have to be knocked out entirely for the match to be considered over. Ghostly chains began to form around Braixen, shackling her wrists and ankles before hauling her limp form into the air with her limbs spread. Her eyes opened weakly, looking at the still-giggling Chandelure. Its eyes began to glow brighter, causing Braixen to stare blankly into them.

    Chandelure held out all of its arms, the blue candles pointing towards Braixen. The soft glow of the candles began to stream forth, covering Braixen's body. Letting out a low moan, Braixen began to struggle weakly as she felt her very life force slowly leave her. The struggles began to cease, merciful blackness covering the fox's world. It had only taken a few moments for her to pass out, the pain and absorption being far more than she could handle.

    The trainer watched as her Braixen was unceremoniously dumped on the ground, Chandelure and its trainer being declared the winners. Despite their best efforts, they were easily defeated and removed from the tournament. Perhaps one day, they could return... Perhaps one day, they would win. But that day was not this day.
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