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All Bets on Tifa III: Endgame

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by ghost13, May 7, 2015.

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    Alright, everyone. I've started working on the conclusion to my first story. There might be a slightly different tone this time around but I'm hoping you still enjoy it! Thanks to everyone who took the time to read all three!

    And if you haven't read parts one or two:



    P.S. Forgot to mention, I made this part take place a few weeks later... just... y'know in case I want to write about any of the matches that took place between parts two and three. :P

    Anyways, enjoy!

    --- PART ONE ---


    Time seemed to pass agonizingly slow for Tifa. It had been about eight weeks since this whole ordeal had begun. Eight weeks of long walks to a broken down warehouse. Eight weeks of equipping a strength sapping materia. Eight weeks worth of fixed, brutal fights against the "Boss's" wrestling thugs. All to protect Marlene.

    Tifa was making her way back to 7th Heaven, fresh out of the ring. White tanktop and long black socks and gloves still slightly damp from sweat, creating a chill in the cold midnight moon.

    "-phew-" the young fighter sighed to herself. "That was a close one..." She didn't think she could kick out of Popovich's pin after his series of german suplexes, much less get on her feet and catch him by surprise with a roundhouse kick to his temple, claiming herself an upset of a win. While most nights ultimately ended in defeat for the poor girl, she had managed to secure a precious few victories as of late, much to the crowd's chagrin. Tifa was getting stronger, as if her body had begun to adapt and develop under the pressure of the drain materia. "... Who knows?.." She pondered. the only fighting she had been doing lately was in the Boss's ring. "Wonder what would happen if I fought without it."

    Deep in thought, Tifa rounded the corner as 7th Heaven came into view. Despite what she may suffer in the arena, reminding herself that Marlene would remain safe and happy was all it took to make it worthwhile. "Sorry, Marlene.." she silently apologized, longing eyes staring at the bar. Barrett had been gone on an avalanche mission for awhile and she hated leaving Marlene alone. The seventh sector was safe enough and no local dregs would dare break into a house belonging to an S-class fighter and a man with a machine gun for an arm, but it still ate at her.

    Tifa walked into her home and locked the door behind her. She threw her leather jacket over the back of a barstool, poured herself a glass of water, and slumped into a seat staring at the ceiling. She was sore... Her back hurt. Her head hurt. Her joints hurt.

    Hell, if it could, her hair would hurt. Every fight, Tifa was pushed to her enforced limits.

    She rested her head in her arms. "I can't keep this up.. Barrett won't be gone forever and sooner or later, someone is going to catch me sneaking out late. Maybe they already know I'm up to something... what would Cloud do?.. Cloud... I.. I wonder how he..."

    Tifa's eyes fluttered shut as she drifted off to sleep. She looked peaceful as she dreamt in this small moment of deserved reprieve.


    Hours had passed by. The young fighter hadn't budged from her slumber when all of the sudden Tifa had felt a presence. The beautiful woman's kind red eyes shot to life. They shot to life and a familiar look crept upon them. The kind warmth had faded and had been replaced by a cold anger. These eyes could cut steel.. an unfortunate soul had broken in upstairs.

    Tifa silently but swiftly hurried up the stairs. She stuck to the shadows of the hallway as she examined her surroundings.

    There he was. Just past Barrett's empty room and approaching Marlene's.. Tall, thin, covered head to toe in black garb. She could faintly see him drawing something from his pocket. She knew what it was as soon as the moonlight reflected off of it. A small dagger. A rogue's tool.

    Tifa approached in silence. She needed to make sure Marlene would never know about this, just in case it was linked to the arena. The poor guy never saw it coming. In one swift motion, Tifa managed to disarm the intruder right before slinking one arm around his throat and covering his mouth with her free hand. She tightened her sleeper hold as the masked man slowly lost consciousness. Tifa dragged the rogue's limp body out of her house and into a desolate back alley... far out of earshot.


    "EEYYAAAAGGGH!!!!!!!" The intruder awoke to the sound of his own screams. Tifa's red boot crashed down upon the rogue's hand and broke most if not all of the small bones in it. The angry fighter knew how to hurt people, especially people with a knife drawn anywhere near someone she cared about. Tifa then proceeded to tear off his black ski mask revealing a bald, grungy face. She looked down upon her would be assailant.

    "I'm going to ask you questions. You're going to answer them. Lie to me, and you hurt more." Tifa said with a quiet rage, gazing through her victim's soul.

    "NGH-- YOU BI-"

    -CRUNCH- Tifa had applied more pressure to his broken hand.

    "AAAGHGG OKAY!! OKAY!!" ... he seemed to understand the terms...

    "Who sent you. Why are you here." Tifa demanded with a declarative tone slightly amping the pressure on his hand.

    "Ngh-... you know damn well."

    Tifa stared at the intruder. "That's not good enough." she threatened as she grabbed his good hand at the pinky.

    "waitwaitwaitwait okay... okay... The Boss."

    "The Boss.." she thought to herself "why though? I've been doing everything he says."

    "He - He wants you gone. Didn't say why.. I swear. Please.."

    Tifa leaned in real close.

    "NEVER come near my family again." Tifa quietly growled as she released his hand and turned to walk away. He rested his head against the alley wall and breathed a sigh of relief as his tense body began to relax. Before the sigh had been able to leave his lungs, however, Tifa turned and planted a vicious boot to his face, sandwiching his skull between her attack and the alley wall. "Never draw a weapon near Marlene.." Tifa whispered. The rogue would awake much later missing teeth.

    Tifa gazed upon her handiwork for a short moment before leaving the alley and making her way to the all familiar warehouse. Her eyes were glowing red.

    "This ends now."

    ---END PART ONE---
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  2. Raden

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    Tifa is pissed off now... As much as I like to read about get getting her ass kicked, I kind of want to see her rally back and shove this whole situation down the boss' throat!
  3. ghost13

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    Nov 27, 2010
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    Whatever happens, it's going to be a hell of a fight. :)
  4. ghost13

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    Nov 27, 2010
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    --- PART TWO ---

    "M-miss Tifa?! What are you doing back here so s-" The pink mohawked bouncer stopped dead mid-sentence when he saw the fire in Tifa's eyes. "Step aside, Duncan. Now." the young woman commanded.

    "Yeah yeah, sure but-" he did as he was told right before a long, supple leg kicked the door right off of it's hinges. The pink haired goon watched with his tail between his legs as Tifa made her way into the building.

    "WHAT IN THE BLAZES-- " A familiar voice erupted from inside a dressing room. The door swung open and a grey haired, eye patch sporting veteran peeked his head through to see what the commotion was. "Tifa? Child, what are you doing here?" Clemence Keliber asked as approached Tifa and was was pushed aside. Clemence had only caught a glimpse of her face but he knew those eyes. Those were eyes that were about to go to war. "What in the devil is going on..." he pondered as he watched Tifa make her way through the halls like a storm.

    Tifa cared about nothing else right now. She just wanted to make this "boss" hurt. She would make sure he wouldn't be able to hurt anyone else ever again. She would..--

    "--Sigh-- Look... kid.. " An all too familiar voice coming from the locker room had broken Tifa's train of thought. "Taking the child like that.. It's dirty.. Dirtier job than I care to be involved with.. but you can't disagree with the boss and be alive at the same time, y'know?.. It took all of my not-so-insignificant bargaining just to ensure her safety.. You do this and tomorrow this will all just be--"

    "--A bad dream for the both of you... I promise." Tifa cut the voice off as she walked into the room. She caught the same short man with the same tall blonde hair reciting the same damn spiel that she received.

    The man in red looked up in horror. "T--T---" He couldn't say her name. A cold sweat overcame him and all the color had vanished from his face.

    Tifa stared a hole through the man. After a few tense moments her attention darted towards the new girl sitting on the bench. She was young. She had pink hair and sported a schoolgirl outfit and had one glove with a skull on it. Her bright eyes looked up at Tifa with confusion. "Funny thing." Tifa said. "I got the same run down. Pretty much word for word, too. Y'know.. I don't think he even bothers changing the script for every new girl they bring in." Tifa sighed and knelt down close to the pink haired girl and held her hands. The warmth had returned to Tifa's eyes as her motherly nature took over and a smile found it's way back onto her face. "Don't believe a thing this guy says. Just go home and forget about this, ok? I'm going to take care of things here."

    "O-.. ok." she said, still slightly confused. The pink haired schoolgirl stood up, looked back towards the short man before hurrying out of the locker room.

    "Honoka! Honoka wait wait--- Dammit! Do you know what you just--"

    Tifa turned her head back to the short con artist. The fire had taken over again.

    She took a hold of the man's collar and pinned him against the lockers, just to the left of the giant hole she had punched in right after her first fight. "You're going to tell me everything. Because this time around, I won't miss. I've been doing everything your ass of a boss has been telling me to do, so why in the hell did you try to have me killed?" she inquired with a controlled fury.

    "Hey-- kiddo, I-I don't know what to tell youse." He sputtered. Tifa wasn't having it. She slapped the man hard across the face and threw him face first into the locker in a hammerlock and made him look at the damage she could cause.

    "Better start talking." she applied pressure to his shoulder as the con man started whimpering.

    "Kid, l-listen... I.. this here? This is just business, ok? The Boss was just losing money on you after you started winning all of the sudden, y'know? It's nothing personal, just-- "

    Tifa had heard enough. She threw the short man across the room and he hit the lockers adjacent with a resounding thud. The young fighter stormed towards the arena.

    The man in red picked himself up off of the floor and wiped the sweat from his face. "Damn kids. Man.. The Boss is gonna have my ass on a platter for this." He said as he began dusting himself off when all of the sudden a hand came to rest on his shoulder from behind. A sinking feeling overcame the short man as he fearfully turned his head.

    "... Enzo.. I would like to have a small chat with you.."


    " ---JUUUUNNIIIOOOOOORRR!!!!" The crowd went wild for the Boss's son as he stood on the turnbuckle and played to his fans. Camera flashes flooded the arena as the green brute hopped down from the turnbuckle and began pacing the ring awaiting his opponent. There was a lot of money on the table for tonight's main event.


    The arena dimmed as a spotlight hovered around the entrance ramp. The crowd went into a frenzy as tensions ran high but... there was no one. Junior stared at the ramp. He began making his way towards the ropes but was halted when all of the sudden the doors flew wide open...

    "... What the hell.." Junior stared at the open doors anxiously.


    ........................ -CRASH-

    "... WHAT THE HELL!!"

    From the shadows of the entrance flew out Junior's opponent. He flew far before he hit the ground with a thud and slid down the entrance ramp. Junior hung anxiously on the ropes.

    Tifa made her way through the doors. In front of everyone. In front of Junior and the crowd and, more importantly, the boss, tucked safely away in his private lounge. The crowd went silent as she walked past Krieg, unconscious on the floor. The young woman looked up through the glass of the private seats defiantly where she could just barely make out a figure sitting on a throne between two bodyguards. She held a clenched fist high into the air, pointed straight at the Boss as Junior watched silently in confusion. A smirk creeped upon her face as she opened her hand. The drain materia, her constant handicap these past few months, the only thing that caused her to lose all of those matches fell to the floor. The Boss abruptly stood up and seemed to be issuing commands to his two bodyguards, almost as if he were panicking.

    Junior still had no idea what was going on, but he was thoroughly pissed that Tifa had ruined his match. He made his way through the ropes and up the ramp. "HOW MANY TIME DO I GOTTA DROP YOU ON YOUR HEAD BEFORE YOU LEARN?! DON'T MESS WITH JU--"

    -CRACK -

    Like lightning, Tifa's fist collided with Junior's nose. His face seemed to almost wrap around the young woman's attack as he was sent all the way down the ramp and collided with the side of the ring's apron. His eyes were white and his nose was bloodied as he lay on the ground unconscious.

    Tifa made her way past junior and between the ropes to stand in the center of the ring. She stood tall and proud as she stared through the glass at the cruel man, his two body guards were nowhere to be seen.


    --- END PART TWO ---

    - - - Updated - - -

    I swear I'm going to get to the fighting in the next bit... sorry... just takes some build up lol
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  5. ghost13

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    Nov 27, 2010
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    --- PART THREE ---

    "I'm taking this whole damn place down!!" Tifa roared in front of the entire arena. She stood tall in the center of the ring, confident and ready for whoever and whatever the boss would throw at her. The raven haired fighter pulled at her gloves in anticipation. "May be in it for the long haul tonight... Who knows how many of these wrestlers' pockets are getting lined by the boss's dirty money? Anybody who's gonna feel their wallets getting lighter is going to come after me.. Good." She thought to herself. "Payback time."

    Wrestlers flooded in around the arena from backstage as camera flashes flooded the auditorium and the audience cheered for the unexpected, but much desired confrontation they were about to witness. This was going to be a massacre and they payed good money to see some violence. The wrestlers all rushed out, eyes fixated on Tifa like sharks moving in on their prey. The cacophonous swarm taunted and gestured at the raven haired fighter, confident in their numbers, after all many of these men had bested her in the ring by themselves so what challenge could she possibly provide against all of them?

    "Get her!"

    "Bad move, girlie!" they bellowed as they began flooding the ring. A wrestler to the right of the young woman decided to take the initiative and jumped onto the apron and began weaving his way between the ropes. Tifa promptly greeted him. She darted in his direction and sent both of her red boots right at his forehead with a drop kick.


    The attack hit its mark and sent the thug back through the ropes, landing with his full weight on two other wrestlers. The audience jeered.

    "One down." Tifa taunted the wrestlers as she turned her back and returned to the center of the ring. The wrestlers were taken aback. A look of shock overcame their faces as they stared at one another for an answer as to what had just happened.

    "Come on." Tifa demanded.

    The group remained silent and still.

    "...... COME ON!!"

    With that last taunt the wrestlers sprung into action. They flooded into the ring one after another as Tifa instantaneously responded in kind.

    One wrestler approached Tifa from behind with a wild haymaker. He swung wide. Unexperienced. In one swift motion, Tifa diverted his attack and redirected the wrestler's momentum into a shoulder throw. The wrestler landed hard on his back. Tifa locked her arms around his and forced his arm from the socket.

    -POP- "AAGGHHHHH" the wrestler bellowed.

    "Two." Tifa said.

    Another wrestler threw a kick towards the young woman's head. Tifa had caught the blow and secured her foe's foot above her shoulder before kicking out his other leg. She twisted the downed wrestler's captive leg until she heard it crack.


    Tifa had managed to bring down some early stragglers, but there was now a brawl happening in the center of the ring. The red eyed fighter was surrounded and wouldn't be able to take them out with such ease now. She danced between punches and holds while dishing out counterattacks whenever she could. "I have to make each hit count." she reminded herself as she nailed another wrestler with a fierce uppercut, sending him back into the sea of bodies.

    One wrestler had taken this opportunity to sneak up on Tifa. He managed to snake his arms underneath hers and lock his hands together to secure her in a full nelson hold. "Wha-?"* Tifa exclaimed as she was bound. The wrestler leaned back pulling Tifa's core taught, leaving her wide open. Other fighters took this opportunity to wear the young woman down.

    "Ouf!" Tifa wheezed as one wrestler threw a vicious uppercut into Tifa's firm stomach, the wind slightly knocked from her lungs. Tifa doubled over in pain but was brought to a standing position again, still trapped in the full nelson. Another wrestler took his turn.

    "Ungh!" Tifa doubled over and was brought to a stand again.

    Another wrestler delivered another uppercut.

    And then another.

    And another.

    The crowd cheered for their warriors.

    Tifa's head hung low and her chest was heaving as she tried to regain her breath, still trapped in the hold. The wrestler's grew closer and more impatient for their turn until one wrestler forced his way to the front. He was larger than the others. He was missing teeth and his temple was wrapped in a bandage.

    "POPOVICH TURN!" The brute roared as he approached the young woman. He grabbed a handful of her hair so she could look him in the face. "THIS FOR POPOVICH HEAD!" he screamed at her. He cracked his knuckles and grinned as be unleashed a barrage of blows into Tifa's stomach.

    Left and right, one after another the large wrestler drilled into her exposed abs. Tifa grunted and winced in pain as she took each hit, her body bouncing against her captor. Popovich reeled his arm back far and delivered a final uppercut before stopping.


    The young woman's eyes widened and her mouth hung open.

    "ah...ah......h..." was all Tifa could say as the wind was completely knocked from her. Popovich enjoyed his vengeance. He nodded at Tifa's captor before taking a step back and winding up a huge uppercut, this time, aimed square for Tifa's jaw.


    "AGH" Tifa exclaimed. But the worst was not over. Her captor had used the momentum from the uppercut to haul Tifa into the air, still trapped in his hold. He bridged his back and thunderously brought Tifa down in a full nelson suplex. "GAH!" she shrieked. The audience roared as Tifa's neck and upper back collided with the mat and her body folded over itself. The young woman slumped to her side as the wrestler finally released his hold, hands shakily moving to her neck to massage it.

    Tifa slowly rose to her hands and knees, but not before her former captor had fully risen and rushed in, planting a kick into the girl's ribs. "Ngh!" Tifa moaned as she rolled across the ring. The wrestler went in for another kick, but Tifa wouldn't be struck twice. At the last second, she had caught his attack. She pulled at his leg and knocked the wrestler off of his feet. She had to dispatch him quickly before the others swarmed, so she gave his leg one last pull before stomping down above the knee. There was an audible crunch that made the entire audience wince.

    "That's four.." Tifa huffed as she regained her composure and stared out at the angry mob. Some of them began to falter in their resolve, hesitant to approach the vengeful fighter with their dwindling numbers. One, however, rose to the challenge.

    "POPOVICH CRUSH PUNY GIRL!" The large brute charged Tifa, still fuming over his loss earlier this evening. He threw a wild punch towards his opponent's face.


    "... W-- WHAT!?" Tifa had blocked Popovich's enormous hand with her forearms. From there, the young woman leapt into the air and wrapped her legs around Popovich's arm and used her momentum to flip the brute onto his back, securing Popovich in an armbar.

    "... five."


    ... The mob stared at the damage she had done. They looked at each other and, without a word said, slowly backed away and out of the ring, taking all of their wounded with them. The audience boo'd in disbelief as Tifa, the arena's jobber, managed to take out half of the roster singlehandedly.

    The raucous crowd grew into a frenzy and began to throw food and drinks at the ring.

    And then a mysterious, calm voice sounded over the arena.

    "Ok, ok. Well done, Tifa. No, no.. I mean it. That was indeed an impressive performance. Bravo." The boss... He held a warm tone as he spoke. " Any other place, I would.. y'know, enjoy this. But, you see, this is my arena and I have a responsibility to my patrons and this uh.. disturbance has just lost us a few fighters that people had bet on. So where does that leave me? They paid to see a nice, wholesome fight. Am I right?"

    The audience roared in approval.

    "Yeah, I thought as much. Well what to do... hm. Oh, I know. Ladies and gentlemen, get out your wallets, we will have a big fight tonight and I promise you're going to love it. It'll be great. So in one corner, since you felt the need to be in the ring yet again tonight, we have the illustrious, the oh-so beautiful Tifa Lockheart! Give it up ladies and gentlemen."

    The crowd jeered at the upstart.

    "Here is where I would normally bring out my son, but since you seem to have kiboshed that whole idea.. allow me to introduce, for one time only, the towering protecters of yours truly! Brothers Guzik and Burke! Let them hear it, people!"

    The audience roared as two very tall, very big bald men in white suits walked into the arena from backstage. "So that's where they went.." Tifa thought to herself as she paced the ring.

    The two brother walked up to the ring and weaved their way in between the ropes. They split and silently stood in both corners opposite Tifa. The audience was frantic with anticipation.

    "All right, ladies and gentlemen. Bets are now closed. So let's get this show on the road, eh? Let's have a good, clean fight! Oh and uh... ring the bell, would you please? I like the bell."


    Tifa's heart began to beat faster as she tugged at her thigh high black socks. She decided to take the initiative and rush the brother on the right, Guzik. She darted at him and jumped high into the air to deliver a flying kick. Guzik was no amateur, however, as he simply held up his hand to stop Tifa's attack. "Damn.." Tifa hissed to herself as she landed and bolted at him again, hoping to break through his defenses. Guzik had decided to meet Tifa halfway and rushed her in return. They were about to collide when Tifa managed to baseball slide between the large man's legs to get behind him. She managed to catch him off guard and wrap her arms around his enormous waist from the back. From there Tifa exploded at her hips to launch Guzik in a German suplex. He hit the mat with a thud as Tifa released the hold.

    Burke didn't take kindly to this. He blitzed Tifa as she was getting back to her feet and greeted her with a running knee to the gut. "UNGH" Tifa yelped as the force of the attack flipped her over Burke's knee and she landed on her backside. Burke grabbed Tifa's hair and lifted her to her feet. From there, he secured her in a front headlock and reached between the young woman's legs. With force, Burke lifted Tifa off the ground, flipped her upside down and harshly threw her back down to the mat with a bodyslam. Tifa shut her eyes and arched her back in pain.

    Burke took advantage of the situation and forced Tifa's head into a headlock, still on her back. He then wrapped his legs around her slender waist and wrenched back, locking Tifa in a dragon sleeper hold. "Mmmff!!!" She whined through her oppressor's armpit, clawing at the hold. Guzik had ragained his composure and decided to join in on the fun. He took one of Tifa's supple legs in each hand and twisted them around his own into a figure four as he fell onto his back and began working her knee. Two fighters of this caliber were more than a fair match for Tifa.

    "MMMFFFFF!!!" Tifa screamed as her ribs, neck, and knees were all being tortured simultaneously. One of her arms flailed as the other fruitlessly pried at Burke's arm.

    After a few more squeezes and pulls, the brothers dropped their victim. Tifa lay flat on the ground, chest heaving and staring at the lights. The brothers smiled at each other before Guzik had grabbed Tifa's head and lifted her to her feet. Tifa was still stunned and couldn't fight back as he secured her in another front headlock. He threw her arm over his shoulders and bunched Tifa's black skirt in his free hand, revealing much of her toned thigh. He was setting her up for a suplex. The crowd roared. They loved seeing Tifa subjected to power moves. It wasn't long, however, before things went from bad to worse for the young girl. Burke came to the aid of his brother. He stood opposite his brother as he, too, secured her in a front headlock and threw her free arm over his shoulders. He then bunched the other side of Tifa's skirt in his hand to get a good grip, now almost fully revealing Tifa's black undergarments.

    Together, the brothers pulled at her skirt, hoisting Tifa high into the air and upside down with relative ease, putting her on full display as she was set up. Camera flashes flooded the arena as Tifa's legs pointed straight to the ceiling and her face went flush with embarrassment and fear. She painstakingly awaited them to fall backwards as she braced for the pain... but it never came. They just continued holding her there upside down...

    The brothers just looked at each other and smiled. Immediately they kicked out their legs and fell... not into a suplex.. but a brainbuster. "YAAH!!!" Tifa screamed as she fell.

    Tifa's head was spiked into the mat from such great height with the brothers' vicious double team move. The force of the attack caused Tifa's eyes to glaze over as her momentum forced her into a sitting position for a mere moment before collapsing to the ground in a heap on her side, twitching every few seconds. Tifa's chest heaved as she breathed through the fog.

    Guzik rolled their victim onto her back and placed one boot on her white tanktop and signaled for the count.




    Guzik lifted his foot off of Tifa and smiled, wagging his finger to the approving audience, They hadn't had their fill quite yet. He lifted Tifa by the hair and played up the crowd. Tifa's arms were limp at her sides... but wait... Tifa's eyes had reignited as she got her second wind! She smacked Guzik's hand away before spinning around and catching him in the temple with a devastating spinning backhand. Guzik flew across the ring and landed in a heap. Brother Burke rushed Tifa in a rage. He went to wrap his arms around her entire body but Tifa had punched both of his shoulders simultaneously, halting their advance. She then grabbed the back of the brother's head and brought it down to meet a lethal rising knee. Shock and agony overcame Burke's face as he was sent flying.

    Her attention darted back to Guzik as he was getting back to his feet. She honed in and unleashed a series of powerful punches and kicks that seemed to engulf his entire body. Blow after blow landed in succession upon her oppressor. He was standing in a daze as Tifa reeled back and aimed a vicious haymaker right between Guzik's eyes. The blow connected and immediately, the large brother collapsed.

    Tifa huffed as she regained her breath and stared at Guzik.

    -WHUMP- "ACK!"

    A giant hammerfist, courtesy of Burke had nailed Tifa right below the base of the neck. Tifa's legs wobbled and then gave in as she fell to her knees. He grabbed Tifa by the arm and Irish whipped her into the turnbuckle. The giant brother followed suit and speared her into the corner.

    "G-gh..." Tifa couldn't react as the wind was knocked from her and she folded over her attacker's shoulder. He speared her again... and a third time. Tifa winced in pain as Burke backed off and Tifa slumped to the mat on her backside. her head hung low and her legs went slack on the floor as she was propped up only by the turnbuckle.

    Guzik had slowly regained his composure while Burke was wearing Tifa down. The brothers were soon together again.
    They looked at each other silently and smiled once more..

    Guzik reached for Tifa's long, black hair and pulled her to her feet. She offered no resistance.. Meanwhile, Burke weaved his way between the ropes and made his way up the turnbuckle. He stood atop the rung and played to the audience. They cheered loudly for the brothers. Guzik had then forced Tifa to bend over and locked her head between his massive thighs.. "...n-..n.." she moaned quietly to herself through the haze.The audience grew louder.. Tifa fell to a knee but Guzik grabbed at her skirt belt and hauled her back up, making her skirt ride slightly high. He then forced her arms, one by one, around his thighs, bent over and wrapped his massive arms around Tifa's slender waist. With a roar, Guzik hauled the raven haired fighter up. He lifted her upside down, feet pointed straight up.. securing her for a piledriver.. Guzik smiled to his brother and Burke smiled back. He reached out into the air and grabbed Tifa's floating ankles.. The view was quite pleasant to him. They roared to the crowd and the crowd responded in kind... They waited, offering plenty of time for audience to get whatever pictures they wanted and allowing the blood to rush to Tifa's head...

    After a few more moments, Burke signaled the crowd to begin a countdown. The bloodthirsty crowd roared.






    In unison, Burke jumped off of the top rung, still holding Tifa's ankles... Guzik fell to a seated position... and Tifa plummeted to the floor..


    All three fighters had connected with the mat at the same time.. Guzik on his rear... Burke on his feet... Tifa on the top of her skull.. The audience exploded at the display. The trio's combined weight had all impacted at Tifa's head and neck. Tifa's body instantly spasmed in Guzik's grasp before going slack and dropping to the mat.. Her eyes had gone completely white as the terrible spike piledriver had proven to be too much for the young fighter and she was instantly knocked out.

    The brother's stood up and admired their handiwork. They looked to each other once more and smiled before they dropped to the mat and went for the pin.

    To add insult to injury, both brothers had hooked one leg, fully displaying the fallen Tifa as the audience began counting.




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    --- PART FOUR ---

    "Oh, look at this ladies and gentlemen. What could the brothers possibly have planned?" the boss said sarcastically over the speakers. "Oh.. oh my, this cant be good. What could Burke be scheming climbing way up there?" The boss was giving a play by play of the sinister double team attack. "Guzik seems be securing Tifa.. Oh, Tifa needs a little help up here, poor thing's all tuckered out. There you go. Upsy-daisy.. Oh- oh wow a piledriver? Guzik, you know she hates that move!


    Burke..? Burke seems to be grabbing her ankles, folks.. oh.. Oh come, come now! Boys, this is just mean! You put her down! "

    The crowd roared in a frenzy as the brothers played them up.

    "Ok, you've had your fun, boys! Put her down! You put her down this instant!"

    The crowd grew louder..

    ".. What? What's that, folks? You want to see this? Hm... well, it looks like I can't convince you otherwise.. Ah, what the hell. I'm a people pleaser, what can I say. You heard 'em, boys! Finish her! But, tell you what, let's make this special. How's about a countdown? Burke, start them off!"

    The crowd began






    THUD -

    "Ooohhhhh... damn, boys.. could probably count to one hundred.." the boss chuckled.
    The crowd began counting for the pin.




    "YOU DISHONOR THE RING!!!!!!" a voice bellowed throughout the entire arena, silencing the crowd and catching the brothers' attention.

    The brutes looked at each other. They dropped Tifa's legs and stood up to see what exactly was happening as Tifa lay unconscious on the floor.

    The doors leading backstage busted wide open. Tension filled the air as everyone awaited to see who could possibly have interrupted the match and in doing so, defied the Boss.

    "Ok.. uh.. What the hell, buddy?" the boss said with a flat tone.

    "YOU BRING DISGRACE TO BATTLE!" The voice said authoritatively.

    Someone slowly emerged from the shadows. A hulking mass. A veteran. A champion.

    Clemence Keliber had entered the arena.

    The audience didn't know how to react as their champion openly defied the boss.

    The boss had a look of surprise on his face. "Ok.. Clemence. What's this about?"

    Clemence stood tall outside of the ring and looked upon the hallowed stage. His eye had a furious glow as he reflected on all of the injustice that had taken place here.

    "Your puppet Enzo told me everything!" Clemence spat at the boss.

    He looked at his feet and saw the grey sphere that Tifa had dropped. He reached down to pick it up and immediately felt its effects.

    "These fights are rigged.." He said to himself with a mournful timbre. He dropped the materia and made his way into the ring, headed straight towards Tifa. Guzik and Burke weren't finished though. They confronted Clemence, standing between him and Tifa.

    The three entered a stare down.

    Clemence wouldn't waver.

    "Don't." was the only warning the brothers were going to receive.

    Guzik and Burke looked at each other and smiled before they both aimed a punch straight at Clemence's good eye. The veteran, however, was crafty.. and pissed. He ducked their advance and closed in on both of the brothers at once. He bolted forward and throttled each of the brothers by the neck. Guzik and Burke clawed at Clemence's hands but to no avail. With a mighty roar, Clemence lifted the brothers and threw them both back first into the mat with a thunderous double chokeslam.

    -WHUMP -

    Both brothers hacked and fell to the floor, grasping at their necks. Clemence made his way over to the unconscious Tifa.

    "Child... " he gently patted her face. Almost fatherly. "Wake now, Tifa. You're not done here.."

    Tifa's eyes slowly came to life as she began to come to. "Ohhh..." She said as her hand shakily moved to her head. She was propped up with Clemence's aid. Her vision began to clear as a smiling old wrestler came into focus.

    "W-.. What happened?" Tifa looked at Clemence confused. Clemence helped her to a stand. "A grave injustice.." Clemence replied. "... It's time we made things right."

    Tifa got her bearings and stood on her own. She looked up and smiled at Clemence as Guzik and Burke rose on the other side of the ring.

    "Oh, lord this is beautiful.." The boss's voice interjected. "I mean it, I am welling up over here, there's like dust in the air or something.. -sigh- .. Gotta say, though, Clemence. I am a little disappointed in you. I mean, who was it exactly that gave you a spot here? Hm?" his voice grew sinister. "You're the champion, sure, but whose belt are you wearing? Mine. This is my arena. This is my audience. YOU ARE STANDING IN MY RING." The boss broke into a yell. "... sigh... sorry.. I just. I don't know. You were good, Clemence.. It's just disappointing...

    ... Get rid of them."

    With that, the brothers sprung into action. The two bald headed brutes in white rushed Clemence and Tifa. This newly formed alliance would not be caught off guard, however. Tifa took on Burke. He threw powerful, careful punches at Tifa, who managed to either block or gracefully dodge the incoming attacks as she backpedaled. Guzik was a tad more hesitant to approach Clemence, who had a terrifying scowl on his face. The old veteran grew tired of waiting and slowly closed the distance. The two entered a test of strength. It didn't last long however as Clemence quickly took control and grabbed Guzik by the wrist, irish whipping him straight towards the occupied Burke.


    The brothers collided, interrupting Burke's assault and causing the both of them to stumble towards Tifa.

    "My turn." She said as she darted forward. She leapt high into the air and came careening down with a flying kick aimed straight for Guzik. -CRACK- The kick connected with his chin and sent him flying back towards Clemence. Burke threw a punch at Tifa, but she had anticipated this. She caught his attack and through a series of holds and twists, had trapped his arms behind his back as she set him up for a double underhook DDT. Tifa fell backwards, intent on planting Burke face first into the mat..


    Clemence had caught the reeling Guzik by the waist and forcefully lifted him into a dangerous backdrop. The brother's head and neck collided with the ring with a resounding -whump-.

    The tide was turning as the crowd silently watched Tifa pull Burke to his feet.

    "Clemence!" She yelled as she Irish whipped the brother in the veteran's direction. Burke was forcefully sent towards the old wrestler. Clemence grabbed Burke around his thighs and lifted him skyward. "Tifa!" he yelled signaling he was ready.

    Tifa sprinted at the two and used Clemence's leg as a platform to leap high into the air. She caught Burke around the head in a headlock and Clemence fell backwards as the two eviscerated Burke with a sky-high bulldog. The brother lay prone on the mat.

    The duo made their way over to Guzik. Clemence pulled him to his feet and wrapped his arms around his waist from behind. Tifa walked up to the front of the brother. The raven haired girl ducked low and, in a flash, nailed Guzik right under the chin with a backflip kick. The momentum carried him up and over as Clemence brought him back to the mat with a dominating German suplex. Both brothers lay on the mat.

    "You got things here?" Tifa said to Clemence who silently nodded in return. Tifa bolted out of the ring and backstage.

    "Take him down, child.." Clemence said under his breath as the brothers shakily rose to their feet. Clemence smiled and slowly approached the two worn down bodyguards. "Now... where were we?"


    Tifa blazed through the halls and up the stairs like a storm. She had found the door to private seating. She stopped.. looking intently at the only thing separating Tifa and the man who had haunted and orchestrated the past eight weeks of her life.

    "This is it.." the beautiful fighter said in a whisper. She took a moment to catch her breath and regain her composure. She wasn't exactly in the best condition to be fighting.. The match downstairs had taken a lot out of Tifa. "This isn't going to be easy.."

    Slowly, Tifa reached for the door. She turned the handle and surprisingly, it clicked and opened. Behind the door, Tifa gazed upon a luxurious room, nicer than most homes in even the nicer sectors. Stained wood floors, a large television, a few security cameras, a fire place right next to a large fur rug, a large desk, a gigantic bed... not to mention the gigantic throne upon which he watched his fights. And there he was.. Standing close to the glass wall that separated himself from the crowds, watching the fight between Clemence and the brothers below. The boss.

    He seemed content. He took his suit jacket off and threw it over the arms of the throne. He then unclasped his cufflinks.

    Tifa never wavered.

    "You want to know why I'm in this business?" he asked as he rolled his sleeves above his elbows. "Yeah, the money's nice.. and being the boss definitely has its perks, but what really keeps me here is the sport. It's... thrilling in a way. Nostalgic."

    The boss turned and smiled at Tifa. He was getting on in years. Late fifties.. early sixties, maybe. White hair styled back. His eyes gave off a kind glow and his smile was warm and endearing. He was tall.. very tall. He kept in shape, it seemed, as evident of his massive figure. The boss walked to his desk and grabbed an open file. He read over its contents for a few moments. Tifa stared on curiously. Angrily.

    "Twenty one... heh... Damn. Junior's got near ten years on you. -sigh- Time flies. Seems like not too long ago that I was in the ring, myself.. At the Gold Saucer, no less. Next to Dio and ol' Clemence party pooper down there.. Fighting for scraps... Does that surprise you? Wasn't always a boss, you know." He laughed to himself. "Sometimes you had to do some things you weren't proud of just to get by. Hell, I got a family to feed."

    "Why..?" Tifa interrupted. "Why did you involve me in all of this? Why did you involve Marlene?"

    The boss quietly stared at Tifa as a smile spread across his face.

    "Haha! Oh, come on! Young people! Always so self involved.. never looking at the bigger picture. Well you aren't the only bird in a cage around here, kid! No, really! We got, uh, that one Chinese cop lady.. with the kicks and the spiky bracelet things." He counted on his fingers. "There's that one red-headed ninja girl. There's that Hinomoto kid.. Oh the list goes on. We've got arenas and fighters everywhere, kid, **everywhere**. And each venue has its own. Little. Tifa." He said with a sickening grin.

    Tifa was enraged. She sprinted at the boss in a blind fury. She closed in and threw a vicious punch towards his yabbering mouth.

    " Tsk tsk tsk." The boss said as he caught Tifa's punch and twisted the young fighter into a hammerlock. He leaned in close to her ear for a whisper. "Money, kid. These fights make money.. Oh, and don't forget.. every Tifa has a little Marlene.."

    He shoved Tifa to the hardwood floor. She landed on her hands and knees as her head hung low and her hair covered her face. Anger welled up in the young woman as she balled a fist and slammed it against the floor.

    Tifa was still tired from her last fight, but that wasn't going to stop her. She slowly got to her feet and stared a hole through the old boss, who merely smiled and took a step forward.

    "Well?... Come on, then."

    This was it. Everything Tifa had been through the past eight weeks had led her here. Her heart raced. There was a fire in Tifa's stomach. Her fists itched to wreck the boss with every inch of her being. She couldn't contain it anymore.

    She rushed at the smiling old man. She got close and threw two punches at his face and a low kick. The old man blocked with his forearms and his shin and volleyed back with a few haymaker punches followed by an uppercut. Tifa leaned away from the haymakers and avoided the uppercut with a graceful back handspring. The boss wouldn't have any of that though.. He rushed Tifa while she was still in motion.

    As soon as Tifa's feet hit the floor, she felt the old man paw at her toned thigh. He closed in and lifted her thigh with one hand and kicked her planted foot from beneath her. "Ack!" Tifa yelped as she landed back first on the wooden floor, which she found nowhere near as forgiving as the ring apron.

    The boss smiled as he reached down for Tifa's other leg. He lifted both long legs into the air, locked them under his arms, and looked down upon the raven haired fighter, she had a worried look about her. "Remember this one?" He coyly asked. With that, he twisted his body and slowly stepped over the trapped Tifa. "No! No!!" she protested as she was locked into place in the boss's boston crab. "AAAHHHH!!!" the young fighter screamed in pain as the boss sat on her lower back and wrenched Tifa into a perfect "C" shape.

    "You aaaaaallmost tapped to this a few weeks ago against Mikhail. Your hand was in the air and everything! Ahh, that was a good match. Still watch the recording sometimes." He punctuated his last sentence by further wrenching Tifa's legs. "AAAHHH!!!" Tifa screamed. "Well, there's no referee here this time, kid!"

    "AAAHHHH!!!" Another pull.

    A few minutes had passed before the boss grew bored of this maneuver. He dropped one of Tifa's legs and propped his head up with his free arm. "Siiighhh. Well now what, Tifa?" he taunted. Tifa didn't reply. Her face was worn and in pain as she was now trapped in a half boston crab. The positioning of her legs had confused Tifa's small, black skirt.. At least the wrenching had stopped...

    "Well this is boring." The boss said as he stood up and walked away from Tifa, as her chest heaved and her hand immediately moved to nurse her lower back. "Hm..." The boss thought to himself. "Oh! I know!" He walked over to the prone fighter and reached for a fistful of her long dark hair. He brought Tifa to a stand and threw a quick uppercut into her solar plexus for good measure. "OUF" Tifa gasped as she bucked in her captor's grip. "Now this move I always save for a---"



    The boss was interrupted by a fist to the teeth. Tifa had struck out in desperation while the boss was gloating. Tifa huffed as her fist finally fell from the boss's face, her hair still held tightly by the old man. The boss had an annoyed expression on his face as he locked eyes with the defiant girl. He silently turned his head and spat blood, eyes never leaving Tifa's.

    "..... That wasn't very NICE!!" he bellowed as he released Tifa's hair and grabbed her around her thighs yet again. "Ngh!" Tifa protested.

    The boss had lifted Tifa high into the air and spread her legs. The young fighter felt and upward draft as she was harshly brought down into a vicious inverted atomic drop.

    "AAANNGHH!!" She shrieked as she felt the boss's unforgiving knee connect between her legs. Tifa's head fell onto the boss's shoulder and her arms fell slack by her sides. Tifa breathed heavy as she rested, straddled on the boss's knee.

    "Please don't interrupt me, child..." the old man said coldly. "Now then... where were we?.. Oh yeah.." From this position, the boss had forced Tifa's head under his arm and secured her in a headlock. He threw one of Tifa's slack arms over his shoulders and grabbed behind his opponent's supple calves. "Upsy-daisy!" he grunted as hoisted Tifa into the air from his knee. "n-ngh.." she quietly protested.

    It felt like a long ride up for the winded girl. "W-what are you doing?.." She questioned, upside down and at the mercy of the boss. Her arms were hanging behind her. Her body was hunched over and her legs were being spread in the boss's grip as her neck rested on the boss's shoulder. Tifa's face turned red from the blood rush and the embarrassment of having her legs spread wide open. The boss could almost hear the faintest whimper. It brought a small smile to his face.

    "You, my lucky dear, are about to experience... my famous muscle buster!" he gloated almost maniacally as a sadistic grin overtook him. A worried look had crept upon Tifa's blushing face.. she didn't know what was going to happen now.. She had never heard of a muscle buster..

    The boss slowly rose to his feet. "Mmm... no, not here, that might hurt... somewhere more comfy." he plotted as he
    walked over to the large fur rug, Tifa still being hauled in his grasp. "Yeah.. much better... now then, are you ready, kiddo?!"

    "ngh.." was all that escaped Tifa's mouth. The boss crouched down for a moment before leaping high into the air, bringing Tifa with him. "AAH!" the young girl shrieked in surprise. The boss kicked out his legs and landed on his backside, pulling down on the young girl's calves.


    ".... ah--... ah--..." was all that could Tifa could say. Her eyes had gone glassy and her mouth hung agape. Her body was pulled and compressed in his grasp, straining every muscle in her body. All of the force of the impact had compounded onto her neck and shoulders.

    The boss smiled as he released Tifa's body. She fell limp behind him, landing in a heap on her back. She breathed heavily as her hand shakily moved to massage her neck. "ooohhh....." she moaned in pain.

    "Now... Tifa.. you know it can't end like this." He quietly said as he rose to a stand. He reached for Tifa's long silky hair and hauled her to her feet. She offered no resistance as he grabbed the back of her skirt and walked her over to his desk. He rolled her onto her back on top of his hard wooden desk. She could barely move as she stared at the ceiling through the haze.

    The old man climbed on top of his desk and stood over Tifa. "Y'know, you've kinda become known for getting pinned from this move..." he chuckled as he grabbed her head and hauled her to her feet. "N-... no.." She whimpered. "Y-.. yes.." the boss coo'd and mocked.

    He bent her down and forced her head between his strong legs. He forced her arms around his thighs and then bent over to wrap his arms around her slender stomach. "Y'know.." he said before grunting and lifting Tifa into and upside down bear hug.

    "N-..n-.." Tifa whimpered as her feet pointed to the ceiling and her long hair brushed the desk.

    "I like this move a lot.. It was actually one of the first moves that I had taught Junior!" He said. He was stalling.. allowing the blood to rush the Tifa's head. "Heh.. glad I have security cameras in here. At least I could sell this match to dvd.. Well, Tifa..."

    He slowly leaned back..


    Tifa's body spasmed as the boss fell to a seated position and her head collided with the hard wooden desk. He released his grip around her waist as she slowly fell to the side and rolled off of the desk, landing with a thud on the wooden floor..

    ".. It's been fun." he said as he climbed off of his desk and dusted off his expensive pants. "But.. I'm not THE boss and orders are orders. Only one of us can leave this room.." .. Tifa's fingers twitched every few seconds..

    He reached down and wrapped his large powerful hands around Tifa's throat. He hauled her into the air and upped the pressure.. Tifa could only make coughing noises and weakly claw at his arms as she was being strangled. Her arms slowly went limp at her sides..

    "Oh, and don't worry, Tifa.. I'll take real good care of Marlene." he spoke ominously.

    "M-... Marlene..." Tifa said...

    "We always have room for another fi---- hm?.."


    "Hey, Tifa? what--.."

    "MARLENE." Tifa yelled as her eyes shot to life and immediately began glowing red.

    "Oh, come o--"


    Like lightning, Tifa had brought a crushing hammerfist down onto the bosses arms, his wrists made an unsettling noise as he relled back in pain.

    "NO MORE." Tifa commanded. She rushed in and rained a flurry of vicious punches and kicks upon her oppressor. Each blow caused his pressure points to make an abnormal sound as he was found helpless in the assault. Ribs. Knees. Jaw. Blow after blow connected and connected hard. He backed up against the glass window overlooking the ring.

    "...no more..." Tifa said quietly as she stood tall.. her hand began radiating a feint energy as the boss looked on in horror.

    An unsettling silence flooded the room as the boss leaned against the glass.

    "FINAL HEAVEN!!!" Tifa roared.. She charged the boss, glowing fist raised and cocked back.

    "WHAT THE F---" the boss screamed..


    Tifa's attack had connected with the boss's forehead. A shockwave erupted from her hand as the glass behind the boss began to give. Tifa leaned in just a little further...


    The glass couldn't take the pressure and the boss was sent flying out of the room and careened toward the arena floor below. The audience gasped as he landed with a hollow thud. An awestruck Clemence looked up at the victorious Tifa.

    "... it's finally over..." Tifa said to herself under her breath. "... finally.. it's--"

    Tifa's body could no longer bear the strain and she collapsed in the boss's room. She lay unconscious on the floor.


    Tifa awoke awhile later.. she was moving. But where? How? Her tired eyes slowly fluttered open to find herself being piggybacked by the old veteran that came to her aid.

    "Ah! Finally awake, I see!" Clemence said with a smile. It was dusk and Clemence was taking her in the direction of the 7th sector. ".. You did a good thing, Child."

    Tifa was hesitant. "Is.. is he.. Did I..."

    "He will never hurt anyone ever again, Tifa.. You can go home to Marlene and put all of this behind you."

    "Yeah... No.. not quite." She said. "The boss said they had these arena's everywhere... Each one having it's own blackmailed fighter. I need to stop this.."

    ".. I see.. Well, With the arena out of business, I have nothing better to be doing, anyways. You have my support."

    "Thank you.." Tifa said warmly. "Maybe I'll contact Cloud."

    The sun was just beginning to rise. Tifa had a long road ahead of her.

    --- END ---
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    Who's the red-headed ninja girl?
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    None other than the lovely Kasumi!
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    Loved alllll of this. Tifa really earned that happy ending there, she got her ass beat from pillar to post.

    Any interest in doing other stories, maybe with the ones you mentioned? I know a lot of people would love to see Chun-Li handily beaten and humiliated!
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    Thank you! And yeah, definitely thinking about it. I'm unsure if I want to continue making them into multi-part stories though. I feel like it made me rush things and cut detail. :/
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    I consider Kasumi's hair brown but I can see how some can see it as red.
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    A fine ending to a fine story, as I might have said before you have talent, I would love to see you continue this story line with the other blackmail gals, also you have a good set up for not only a romance between Clemence and Tifa but also a good plot point for some mental suffering for eith of those two if you go for the romance between them and one of them get's killed as they take down the Bosses of the other arenas.

    Who knows maybe you could work it that a criminal group like Bison's Shadaloo are being the arenas and blackmail gals.

    All in all this is just too good to end here, but it's your call.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I agree with you on that.

    - - - Updated - - -

    By all means continue on with this story line, but don't feel you have to rush the stories, I'm sure everyone here is willing to wait for well done stories instead of a rushed hack job.
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    thanks! all of the stories that i've written tie in together! Chun li, Reiko, Tifa, and whoever else i choose to write about (except for the psylocke one shot so far) are all a part of a bigger whole. dunno when, but this will definitely continue as Tifa tries to take down the entire league.
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    You are welcome I'm glad you are willing to continue with this story line, as for your pyslocke story I'll have to read that one over if you have posted it here.