yoko littner

  1. sclover13

    Thick Girl rgbFill Mid-Thigh Stockings [TAF] 1.0

    Not compatible with normal SD Chan body. Download the ThiccAsFreakness Mod here. (Stocking originally made for the Yoko Littner Mod)
  2. sclover13

    Yoko Littner [TAF Body] 2021-02-08

    Pilot costume with my new Thicc As Freakness mod. Includes everything but the hair [link here]. BG curtsey of Lolkien
  3. sclover13

    Yoko Littner (Non-Dat-Ass) Costume 1

  4. Perdition

    RGB Adjustable Yoko Boots 2018-03-13

    Based on the Yoko Costume mod by @sclover13, these are the boots worn by Yoko Litner of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann but with rgb controls for the color of the base and color of the "flames".
  5. R

    [MUGEN] Yoko-RX Sprite Sheet

    After posting an edited CVS Yoko I dubbed Yoko-RX to ryona.moe a few years ago, I honestly forgot completely about it. I can't even remember the 4shared account I used to host it. Anyways, after finding the sprite sheet I'd used, I searched to see if I could find anything about my old project...
  6. Shade

    Yoko's Boots 1.0

  7. sclover13

    Yoko Dynamic Hairstyle 2.0

    Yoko Costume Mod -> HERE Yoko Non-Dat Ass Costume Mod -> HERE Yoko TAF Body/Costume Mod -> HERE Moderator Notes from v1.0: Note: this hairstyle exhibits physics errors when used in conjunction with animtoolsV14. It'll be fixed eventually. Edit by moderator: Per another user, this works with...
  8. sclover13

    Yoko Scarf and Goggles 1.0

  9. sclover13

    Yoko Costume 2.0

    The bikini top features partial Breast Slider support. The flame pattern will disappear if the breasts are shrunk too far.
  10. RajasGrime

    Yoko Scarf 1.0

  11. RajasGrime

    Yoko Glasses 1.0