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[MUGEN] Yoko-RX Sprite Sheet

Discussion in 'Visual Art' started by Reaver-X, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. Reaver-X

    Reaver-X Guest

    After posting an edited CVS Yoko I dubbed Yoko-RX to ryona.moe a few years ago, I honestly forgot completely about it. I can't even remember the 4shared account I used to host it.

    Anyways, after finding the sprite sheet I'd used, I searched to see if I could find anything about my old project. Much to my surprise and delight, there are quite a few videos of my sprite edits floating around. Though I no longer work on MUGEN edits, I feel that some of the unfinished animations and poses may be helpful to others who may wish to edit Yoko-RX in the future. They include an unfinished Kuromaru finisher and several unseen poses that may be more useful nowadays than they were before.


    Hope you guys and gals find this useful. Maybe I won't have to do all the leg work on further edits.