world of warcraft

  1. L

    Tyrande Whisperwind Static Hair 1.0

    This hair mod based on a Mineur's Young Tsunade Static Hair mod. Use this charcode to have skin and hair colors as on screenshot:
  2. Jade1503

    Crossover Wrestling Federation: Halloween Special Match #5 - Lilith vs Sylvanas Windrunner

    CWF Halloween Match: Lilith vs Sylvanas Windrunner After Rize Kamishiro was carried out of the arena and into the backstage, Asakura made the final announcement for the day. ‘OUR LAST MATCH IS SCHEDULED FOR A ONE-FALL! MAKING HER WAY TO THE RING, FROM PARTS UNKNOWN: LILITTH!’ A demoness...
  3. Perdition

    Monara Leg Cuffs 2019-11-18

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'Monara - WOW' mod, this mod isolates the hoof cuffs and makes them RGB adjustable. For use with the Hooves and Dark Skin Hooves mods.
  4. Perdition

    Monara Bottoms 2019-11-18

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'Monara - WOW' mod, this mod isolates the bottoms, makes some adjustments, and makes them RGB adjustable.
  5. Perdition

    Sylvanas Tattoo 2019-11-02

    RGB adjustable tattoo of Sylvanus from World of Warcraft. Uses the secondary RGB slider and comes in a version for the arm, breast, butt, and ankle.
  6. Perdition

    Monara Top 2019-04-05

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'Monara - WOW' mod, this mod isolates the top and makes it RGB adjustable. Comes in both a version with just the top and another with the cape and arm armor. Is NOT breast slider adjustable.
  7. S

    Vem WOW Static Hair 2018-09-28

    Hello, this is my first contribution for resources. I liked the haircut imported by bambo15 Vem [WoW] but I wanted to change it. I found the original, from the artist CaptainJerkpants that we find here : Hentai Foundry I made a new clipping, thicker : With some variations : Unfortunately...
  8. Perdition

    Alexstrasza Horns 1.5

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'Alexstrasza Outfit - WOW' mod, this mod isolates the horns and makes them RGB adjustable.
  9. G

    Warcraft Valkyr Hair 2018-03-18

    Hair based on a Val'kyr from World of Warcraft, extracted and adjusted from a full picture. Image source: Hentai Foundry
  10. dantethedarkprince

    Tauren Futanari 1.0

  11. dantethedarkprince

    Monara Character Mod 1.0

    Note: this costume is not compatible with the breast slider. It will set the girl's breasts to the correct size when the SWF file is loaded, but any subsequent size adjustment will cause the breasts to fall out or clip through the fabric. The hairstyle is not included in the SWF file, but it...
  12. Every_Tuesday

    Monara Static Hair mod 2017-05-31

  13. Nigida

    World of Warcraft Backgrounds

    Dante just released Alexstrasza and I went on a screenshot trip in WoW. May have gone a bit overboard with that. Have some WoW Backgrounds!