1. Maineim

    Black veil with hair 2017-01-28

  2. Maineim

    White veil 2017-01-28

  3. Maineim

    White veil with hair 2017-01-28

  4. Maineim

    White birdcage veil 2017-01-28

  5. D-Oxygen

    Elphelt Static Hair 1.0

    Top is a mix between these three mods Suggested body...
  6. D-Oxygen

    Nyx Static Hair (w/ Veil) 1.0

    Leash by stuntcock Variant without veil: Suggested body...
  7. rle68

    wedding veil(Train)

    Mike has already asked and has started a wedding dress line i tried to help but it looked more like i was trying to hijack his thread "that wasnt the case mike sorry" but in that context id like a veil mod if possible i have added a concept idea but just missing the veil
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