1. R

    D.Va Alternate Skin (Overwatch) Hairs 1.0

    Here is alternate skin hairs for D.Va (Black Cat/Officer/Academy/Junker/Nano) Most of the recolors or slight edits are based on @D-Oxygen D.Va Static hair For the rest of the hairs I used the color scheme set by @D-Oxygen for consistency D.Va Officer D.Va Default (No headphones; I couldn't...
  2. R

    Mercy Alternate Skin (Overwatch) Hairs 2.0

    BIG UPDATE: Here is alternate skin hairs for Mercy (Sigrun/Pink/Medic/Fairy/Winged/Devil) Most of the recolors or slight edits are based on @Teadium Mercy Static hair For the rest of the hairs I used the color scheme set by @Teadium for consistency but I personally adjust it a little to be...
  3. Perdition

    XJ9 Twintails 2019-03-31

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'Jenny XJ9' mod, this mod isolates the twintails and makes them RGB adjustable. Uses the headwear slot.
  4. ds14048

    RGB Pigtails Dynamic 1.0

    RGB Adjustable Pigtails Dynamic Use Headwear slot 1 and 2. I found the Guide here, Thank You for all the hard work that went into figuring out this and sharing it with us. Updated Link How to merge RGB sliders or affect them to another layer, even hair More pics here Loader Imports ds14048
  5. ds14048

    Red Pigtails 1.0

    Red Dynamic Pigtails
  6. ds14048

    Blonde Pigtails 1.0

    Blonde Dynamic Pigtails
  7. ds14048

    Brown Pigtails 1.0

    Brown Dynamic Pigtails
  8. ds14048

    Black Pigtails 1.0

    Black Dynamic Pigtails
  9. casketa

    Ann Takamaki - Static Hair 2017-11-29

    Static Hair for Ann from Persona 5. A bit sketchy but good enough.
  10. El Grillo

    Harleen Twintail Hair 1.0

  11. El Grillo

    Meiling Static Hair 1.0

  12. El Grillo

    Chiharu Static Hair 1.0

  13. El Grillo

    Mika Static Hair 1.0

  14. El Grillo

    Karin Static Hair 1.0

  15. El Grillo

    Matilda Static Hair 1.0

  16. El Grillo

    Marion Static Hair 1.0

  17. El Grillo

    Nowa Static Hair 1.0

  18. metaleroda

    decapre static hair 2017-09-12

  19. casketa

    Princess Agitha 2017-07-22

    A static hair for Agitha from the Zelda series. Character Code...
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