1. V

    Tracer Goggles 2019-09-10

    This mod isolates the goggles from @stuntcock's Tracer Dynamic Hair and makes them RGB adjustable eywear. See also @ImmortalScourge's Tracer Dynamic Hair Revision which is the hair without the goggles.
  2. R

    Tracer Alternate Skin (Overwatch) Hairs 1.0

    Here is alternate skin hairs for Tracer; she doesn't have that many different interesting ones (Athlete/Punk/Cadet). If you have suggestions holla Moreover these are mostly recolors/edits of @Vez's 2 Tracer hairs (goggles / no goggles) Cadet Athlete (Red band - Orange Glasses) Athlete...
  3. ImmortalScourge

    Overwatch Tracer Dynamic Hair Revision (No Goggles) 1.0

    A revision of stuntcock's Tracer Dynamic Hair that removes the goggles.
  4. Antimatter42

    Tracer Dynamic Hair Revision - Filled

    Hey, guys! I hope you all have been doing well. Anyway, I would like to request a revision of the dynamic Tracer hair by @stuntcock in which the goggles are removed; a fairly straightforward request. Naturally, I would also like for the extended hair physics to be maintained. I hope this can be...
  5. Vez

    Tracer Static Hair 1.0

  6. Vez

    Tracer Static Hair 1.0

  7. AstralHorizen

    Tracer Outfit 1.0

    NOTE THIS IS MY FIRST MOD(WILL BE UPDATED IN THE FUTURE) Can be used in either Super Deepthroat or SDT Loader Tracer's Hair was made by Teadium & stuntcock - Static Style here: Tracer Static Hair Dynamic Style here: Tracer Dynamic Hair The Dynamic Hairstyle requires Loader v5.45 or Higher...
  8. ShiftyEyes

    Overwatch Girls

    It was only a matter of time that Overwatch heros would end up on here but I was expecting someone to beat me to it. So here is my stab at two of the most rule34 of the overwatch cast Its really hard to get good references for these characters without screen capping the game which isn't...
  9. stuntcock

    Tracer Dynamic Hair 5.9

    This is a dynamic-animated version of the Tracer hairstyle, originally created by @Teadium. This mod uses extended hair physics and therefore it requires Loader v5.45 or greater. If you are unable to use the Loader, or if you find that the hairstyle misbehaves in conjunction with advanced...
  10. Teadium

    Tracer Static Hair Vector

    A dynamic version of this hairstyle is also available.
  11. B

    Tracers outfit (from overwatch) FILLED REQUEST

    FILLED: See link in post #6 Tracers outfit (from overwatch) I was wondering if anyone would make tracers outfit, as i already have the hair
  12. L

    Overwatch Ryona Videos

    Hey, I just wanted to start a thread for Ryona Videos of Overwatch Heroes. I have uploaded two myself, captured from within the game, but really any Overwatch-Hero-styled videos are welcome :-)
  13. prof_mammoth

    Tracer from Overwatch

    If anyone could make this it would be awesome. Album of Reference Pics: