Overwatch Ryona Videos


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Nice. I've been trying to get the voice files from the game to do some audio ryona, preferably of Mercy. No such luck yet.


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I've been trying to find the D.va xnalara model but it seemed to disappear from the web =(. There's some okay ryona in the game for individuals who enjoy ragdoll physics. I remember watching D.va getting killed then ragdolled after a nearby explosion.


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Yeah, and if they die near the camera, they usually have a good facial expression.


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Ahhh cool.

I tried to catch some audio from the beta, especially 'cuz they make good ryona sounds for me when they are low health~
But I dunno if all of the sound captured right...plus it's not the best setup. >3>


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Kind of a big fan of this game, both for its gameplay and the ryona content that is has been generating. Heres a list of what I have seen so far (minus Laril's, thanks for uploading!):


Winston electrocuting:

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Yeaaaa I love those sounds!

I made a vid from the beta and did my best...there's gotta be some better ways for it...some charas are hard 'cuz they have regen health. ;P
I also caught a cute lil' dizzy animation for Tracer from Heroes of Storm hueheh.

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They recently added a replay system (better late than never, I guess), so I took some screenshots.

1561249763756.png 1561249792179.png 1561249813993.png

1561249837046.png 1561249856718.png


Captain Amari:
1561249940156.png 1561249970280.png

1561250040639.png 1561250070140.png 1561250112418.png 1561250155417.png

Hopefully someone can make use of the slow-mo they added for some quality videos, though it might be tricky since the bodies turn translucent if the free cam gets too close.