1. Xmenfan85

    Target: Terror Zako Fan-Fictions

    Hey everyone! This is a forum dedicated to fans of the hot zako terrorists from the 2004 arcade game Target: Terror. The purpose of this forum is for fans to come together and create and share some fan-fictions for any of the featured terrorists from the game. I love each and every one of these...
  2. T

    Target:Terror Babes for SDT

    I'm requesting a SDT mod on either of theses Target Terror Babes. Tanya. Black tank top. Can't really tell what pants she is wearing, so I'm going to assume it's army cargo pants. Niki. Black leather corset & pants. spiked choker. [USELESS ATTACHMENTS REMOVED BY A STAFF MEMBER] Thanks.
  3. T

    Target: Terror Tales #5: Britt Black Gets Head, Gives Head, Then Gets Lead to the Head!

    In Level 4 of Target:Terror, the terrorists have seized control of the Golden Gate Bridge. Britt Black and her boyfriend Ken are horny. Ken tells her that he wants to eat her out. Britt bites her lip in delight. She spreads her legs and he eats her pussy. She moans in delight as he licks the...
  4. T

    Target:Terror Tales 4: Amy Red's Bisex Blowbang

    In Level 8 of Target:Terror, the terrorists have seized control of the nuclear Silo. Amy Red and her gay friend Ricardo are checking out three male terrorists. They both want some cum. Amy calls the guys over. She asks if they want to fuck. They all say yes. She tells them that they can fuck her...
  5. T

    Target:Terror Mod Request

    I would like to request a mod for the video game Target:Terror (2008). I would like to change up the female terrorists' wardrobe choices and add unused female terrorists into the game. Check out my YouTube channel "ttb 69" for what they look like. ttb 69 Preferably, I would like to have all of...
  6. T

    Target:Terror Tales #3 Love In An Elevator

    On Level 2 of Target:Terror, the terrorists have seized control of the airport. Two terrorists, Amy Red and her boyfriend Leon, disappear to an elevator to fuck. He has Amy up against the wall with her black shirt unbuttoned and her red leather pants down around her ankles. He gives her butt a...
  7. T

    Target:Terror Tales #2 Busting Up Blowbangs

    In the final level of Target: Terror, the terrorists have hijacked a plane and are flying it to the White House. Niki Ninja, one of the female terrorists on the plane,is bored. She gets hungry for some cum. She sees some of her male terrorist buddies and convinces them to do a blowbang with...
  8. T

    Target:Terror Tales #1 Tanya Blows, Then Gets Blown Away

    On Level 2 of Target:Terror, terrorists have seized control of the Airport. In the bathroom, Tanya is blowing her boyfriend Chad through the gloryhole of one of the stalls.Her black shirt is unbuttoned, exposing her breasts, and she is fingering herself. Chad moans in delight, telling Tanya to...