1. Perdition

    Card Suit Tattoos 2019-10-28

    RGB adjustable tattoos of the four card suits on her arm, breast, ankle, and butt.
  2. V

    Spandex Suit v4

    v3 bottoms require template extension v6 by @sby As form fitting as possible. There was an error while compiling but it seems to work fine, the arm flashes when changing color but then works normally. Split into two pieces, the top is a top but also needs armwear and body. The bottom is a...
  3. C

    Judge Sally Lut outfit 1.0

  4. dantethedarkprince

    The Joker (Do it or Else) 1.0

  5. dantethedarkprince

    The Joker 1.0

  6. M

    Bandaged Feet (Vanilla) 1

    This is a minor adjustment of the Bandaged Feet mod by @Mak. It has been repackaged as a Vanilla import, in order to make it compatible with the popular moreClothing mod. This item is categorized as Legwear (e.g. socks, stockings) and hence it's not actually usable with the vanilla SDT game...
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