seeking feedback

  1. Sieg Warheit

    Shinigami outfit Mod of Rangiku Matsumoto Test Request

    I want some people to test a recent mod, because I'm not sure if it works well in all the versions of SDT game(or if it have a bug), so I'll be really gratefull if all of you can help me with that (testing the mod), its a Super Deep Throat Mod of the outfit of Rangiku Matsumoto from Bleach. The...
  2. 4dascience

    Saekano Girls (Megumi Ponytail WiP)

    Well folks, here goes nothing. Starting to give making my own custom hairs a try. I first wanted to work on a few girls I liked, but figured I may as well give the Saekano girls a shot if something good comes out of it. I first decided to try and get Megumi down, not only cause she's best girl...
  3. Youfshw

    Youfshw imports (..., Serene, Lina, Fia, Nishinosono, Lou Roux)

    I don't really have any history as an artist, but I'm not bad with the pen tool, open to constructive criticism on my work: Mako Mankanshoku (Kill la Kill) Tornado / Tatsumaki (One Punch Man) Princess Zelda (OOT, younger) Rayet Areash (Aldnoah.Zero) Riviera: the Promised Land Lina...