saya takagi

  1. Archknight7

    Some Dialogue Edits

    These are some dialogues I took a bit of time to fix up with the help of the dialogue checker. Humanoid Girl was written by Curious, and The Saeko Busujima and Saya Takagi Dialogues were written by Voktikriid. I like Humanoid dialogue, but not all the lines would load right and/or work as...
  2. Ah P

    Saya Casual Costume 1.0

  3. Ah P

    Saya Dynamic Hair 1.0

  4. Huitznahua

    Saya Takagi OVA Bikini 1.1

    You can find Saya Dynamic Hair on the Ressource Manager. This mod use the physics library, so you will nedd the Loader 5.43 or greater and the TemplateExtensionV5_sby to use it. This mod need to be manually loaded, with moreclothing or through a character folder using SwitchSet. It will not...