penis replacer

  1. Alien Penis [EMH] [Type 1]

    Alien Penis [EMH] [Type 1] V1, EMH

    It wiggles and squirms inside her
  2. C

    RGB Penis and Balls Mod - filled

    I'd like to request a mod for anyone who is willing to make it. I'd like to have an RGB penis and balls mod, where you can change the color of the HIM character's genitals, without it being a strap-on. Ideally, both Penis A and Penis B types would be included. Maybe as a bonus, the head, shaft...
  3. Something (Extramodhim)

    Something (Extramodhim) 1.0 Prime

    A grotesque, twisted, abominable, abomination that could only be described as something
  4. Resource icon

    No Genitals (Invisible Penis + Balls) 2013

    No Genitals (Invisible Penis + Balls) by Gollum
  5. zzaapp002

    All In One Invisible Balls, Penis, Him Mod

    Request: All-In-One Mod that toggles / makes invisible the balls, penis and body of HIM. Current Options: a) Using Synon's "No Penis" mod and SBY's "Toggle Him" mod b) Using "No Genitals" mod by Unknown and SBY's "Toggle Him" mod Issues with Options: Option A and B both require you to change...
  6. Resource icon

    No Penis (Invisible Penis) 2016

    No Penis (Invisible Penis) by Synonymous
  7. His penis Shotacon

    His penis Shotacon 2021-10-05

    Shotacon version of his pee pee
  8. U

    Issue with Black Widow x Hulk Scene I'm working on

    Alright, so I am working on a Black Widow x Hulk Scene It uses dante's hulk mod to make the guy Hulk It also uses Black Widow's hair from here...
  9. N

    Help with making HIM Penis replacer mod

    I got ideas for penis replacer in mind for a long time but only recently i started to tinker with the various dialogue scripts and such and want to make a bigger variety of monster/animal penis mods as there is a lack off those. This is the only thing i found regarding HIM Penis replacer...
  10. Real Horsedicks

    Real Horsedicks 2019-10-03

    Photo horse penis replacers for HIM
  11. microphone

    microphone 1.0

    microphone with or without cord
  12. Sword

    Sword 1.0

    Do we have any sword swallowers?
  13. Peeled Banana

    Peeled Banana 1.0

    Peeled Banana with or without arm.
  14. Banana Practice

    Banana Practice 1.0

    Banana with or without arm
  15. Antimatter42

    Sausage and Microphone Mod Request

    Hey, guys. So I've really enjoyed the food-on-a-stick mods by @ds14048. They're funny in a way, and I might just make a dialogue out of one of these sometime later. With that in mind, I would like to request two mods of this same nature; a sausage on a stick mod and a microphone on a stick (or...
  16. Pickle On A Stick

    Pickle On A Stick 1.1

    Pickle On A Stick with or without arm
  17. Pickle Rick On A Stick

    Pickle Rick On A Stick 1.0

    Pickle Rick On A Stick with or without arm.
  18. twisted lollipop on a stick

    twisted lollipop on a stick 1.0

    stand alone twisted lollipop on a stick
  19. flesh dildo with handle

    flesh dildo with handle 1.0

    stand alone flesh dildo
  20. pink dildo with handle

    pink dildo with handle 1.0

    stand alone pink dildo

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