1. S

    Disable nostrils smother effect?

    Sup yall. Is there by any chance a way of turning off the nostril smothering effect that occurs when she, well, has her nose pushed up against his lower abdomen? Traditionally I do not have an issue with this effect, but I noticed while using Bonio's SDT Horse mod, the nose immediately...
  2. Resource icon

    Pretty Nose (Skincolor adjustable) 1.0

    Just a little cute nose.
  3. H

    New Nose

    Hello everyone. Searched the forum for a mod and found this page Modding Help to make a new nose following Faceless's Mod Template. Someone can do what the conversation says and make it beige. Thank you all, have a nice day =)
  4. Noses for Loader

    Noses for Loader 1.0

    3 different noses to alternate using the body menu on SBY's moreclothing(V10)
  5. Clothespin on nose

    Clothespin on nose 1.00

    Clothespin that uses the headwear slot.
  6. Clown Nose

    Clown Nose 2018-04-01

    Red clown nose
  7. Coco Face w/ Goggles

    Coco Face w/ Goggles 1.0

    Pointy nose, animal ears, and blonde hair for Coco Bandicoot from the Crash Bandicoot game series
  8. Coco Face w/o Goggles

    Coco Face w/o Goggles 1.0

    Pointy nose, animal ears, and blonde hair for Coco Bandicoot from the Crash Bandicoot game series
  9. Toriel - Undertale

    Toriel - Undertale 2017-05-31

    Toriel from Undertale
  10. MrActionhouse

    No nose/ remove nose

    the title pretty much speaks for itself, ofcourse a version that dosent make it look bugged or glitchy.
  11. Chrysalis Static Hair

    Chrysalis Static Hair Hair+Snout+Fang

    Static hairstyle for Queen Chrysalis of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  12. Nose Hook

    Nose Hook 1.0

    Blunt metallic hook which fits into the nostrils - for a humiliation effect
  13. Mewtwo Pokemorph

    Mewtwo Pokemorph 1.0

    Tail, hands, nose, horns, and body markings - transforming the girl into Mewtwo of Pokemon
  14. T

    Toriel - Undertale

    First released import, also affects/covers the nose Recommend downloading the loader imports archive and using lamb legs
  15. Nose Stud

    Nose Stud 1.0

    Small stud through the nostril
  16. Nose Ring

    Nose Ring 1.0

    Small ring through the nostril
  17. Septum Ring

    Septum Ring 1.0

    Small nose ring through the nasal septum (bull-ring pattern)

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