1. Naduron

    Black Desert - Loli Classes

    Tamer Made a Loli Tamer, i still don't know how to reduce her breats size tho :( It comes with 2 different types of bodies, i was to lazy to take screenshots of both :p these pictures are from "Child tamer 01" You can have the black desert's cutest loli ever here: Tamer - Loli.rar...
  2. Naduron

    The Loli Games list [NSFW] - WIP

    Wanted to add lots of loli games to the Upcoming Games but it would have been way to long and it also would slow it down way to much, so i made a separate topics for upcoming and already released games that has loli character. Tera - Elin Released: Yes Contries: US,EU,KR,JP Website...
  3. Naduron

    Master X Master - Sexy and Nude Mods

    ------------------------------------Guide------------------------------------ Download this Tool: Umod v2.0 r53 1. Copy "d3d9.dll" from the Umod Folder to the "MXM\Client.Win32" 2. Turn on [Use Global Hook] 3. Launch Master x Master (Do not use "Start game through uMod) (More options will now...
  4. Naduron

    Riders of Icarus - Nude Mod

    READ THIS: The only uMod that works without any graphical issues is uMod v2 r53 but it also causes the client to have 5-15 FPS depending on your hardware and game resolution. ------------------------------------Ignore text under this :p ------------------------------------ Umod v1 r23 - 60...
  5. Naduron

    Asta - Nude Mod

    READ BEFORE USING IT: It is horrible glitchy with the directx when you are hooking the client with the uMod, + the anticheat tries to block many of the textures. Going to upload the DDS anyway, maybe there will be a package tool for Asta or maybe it exist i never bothered checking :p...
  6. Naduron

    Tera - Nude Mods: Converted [GPK / UTHelper]

    What is Converted mods? They are mods that were used before the UTHelper tool was released. These mods are from the Umod tool so the resolution are smaller (but it doesnt matter if it is just a mod that removes clothing) Currently have Elin: 52 mods Castanic: 28 mods High Elf: 22 mods Human: 2...
  7. Castanic - Event 19 [Maid 2014]

    Castanic - Event 19 [Maid 2014] 2016-02-22

    Sexy Mod for Maid 2014
  8. Event 17 - [2013 Santa]

    Event 17 - [2013 Santa] 2016-02-22

    Santa Sexy Mod for Castanic, Human and High Elf
  9. Castanic - Event 16 [Succubus]

    Castanic - Event 16 [Succubus] 2016-02-22

    Nude Mod for Succubus
  10. Event 22 [Swimsuit 2014] Carnival Bikini

    Event 22 [Swimsuit 2014] Carnival Bikini 2016-02-22

    Carnival Bikini Nude Mod for Castanic, Human, High Elf
  11. Castanic - Event 22 [Swimsuit 2014] Torpedo Bikini

    Castanic - Event 22 [Swimsuit 2014] Torpedo Bikini 2016-02-22

    Sexy Mod for Torpedo Bikini
  12. Event 35 [Martial Artist's Keikogi]

    Event 35 [Martial Artist's Keikogi] 2016-02-22

    Keikogi Nude Mod for Castanic, Human and High Elf (Not for Elin)
  13. Naduron

    Bless - Mods & Nude Mods [KR]

    ---------------------------------Other Mods-------------------------------- Mods: Blade and Soul - English Patch Guides: ------------------------------------Guide------------------------------------
  14. Bisca Connel Static Hair

    Bisca Connel Static Hair 1.0

    Static hairstyle for Bisca Connell (Bisuka Koneru) from Fairy Tail
  15. Naduron

    Tree of Savior - Nude Mods & Mods

    Another already?!! stop it already!! I'm sorrieee!!! Q.Q README 1. Download IPF Suite: IPF Suite released - Tree of Savior Fan Base 2. click "Open" Go to char_texture in Steam\steamapps\common\TreeOfSavior\data 3. Click on the name the left window 4. click "Char_texture.ipf" -> "PC" ->...
  16. Naduron

    Blade and Soul - How to Mod BnS (Guide and Tips)

    Someone asked me how to mod BnS, so i thought "so why not just make a guide here also"? :p How to Mod with Umod 1. Click on [Add Game] -> Client.EXE 2. Turn on [Use Global Hook] 3. Launch Blade and Soul (Do not use "Start game through uMod) (More options will now pop up) 4. Click on...
  17. Naduron

    Blade and Soul - Mods / Nude Mods (NA/EU)

    My 3rd Nude Mods for Blade and Soul o.o China and Atomix nude mods should be in this forum :p Topic is till under construction, trying to find other topics first :p ---------------------------------Naduron's Blade and Soul Mods-------------------------------- Blade and Soul - Nude Mods...


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