my hero academia

  1. R

    Midnight (My Hero) hair 2.0

    I'm surprised at the lack of my hero. Here's a crappy Midnight hair I whipped up if anyone else wants it. I got lazy with the color balance so I just set it in the game: H:0 S:75 L:166 C:100 Hair without Mask here:
  2. BamonSwanqueen

    Please, I do want: momo yaoyorozu dynamic hair (I prefer dynamic but static woudl be good too.)

    Hope not to disturb anyone of the artists, or something else, I looked around and found nothing. I get this needs reference images so hoping not to ...well break rules i can link:
  3. Owent10

    Kyoka Jiro Static Hair 2018-04-03

    Yeah, if someone can make the cheerleader outfits/gym uniforms that'd be great. Character code...
  4. D

    Mina Ashido Static hair 2018-03-31

    Char code...
  5. W

    My Hero Academia/boku no hero academia Costumes and Hairs - FILLED

    Filled: See Post #9 of linked thread Uraraka Ochoko Hairstyle request from My Hero Academia Shocked there aren't more of these. I've gathered references for a lot of the chicks. Some are gifs as I dont know how to freeze a frame of them, sorry! Mt. Lady...
  6. UndeadLick

    Uraraka Ochoko Hairstyle request from My Hero Academia

    EDIT: Request is filled Link ->Uraraka Ochoko Hairstyle request from My Hero Academia Hi I'm requesting an PNG Hairstyle of Uraraka Ochoko from My Hero Academia, the picture I found she give you the angles you need, it has views of her from the front, the side, and the back, outfit is...