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  1. Skull_mods

    Monster Hunter: World - Armour and Clothing - Mods 2021

    Top mods at Monster Hunter World - Nexus Mods - Armour and Clothing Mods - Popular (all time) Skimpy Bikini, Swimsuits (Two Piece Swimwear) Short Skirt, Crop Top, Etc All mods are free ------------- Where can I get MHW mods? -------------...
  2. A

    Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD (PPSSPP) Hotspring Nudity and Nipples

    These are texture mods for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. I was disappointed in the lack of nipples on hunters (Males are obvious, but I imagine hunter women are quite spartan too). This is a texture replacement mod for this game using the emulator PPSSPP. I have included 2 options for female bath...
  3. Dr Bees

    SDT Monster Hunter Raizex Static Hair. 2017-10-21

    Comes with a background (normal) (charged)
  4. Dr Bees

    Teasing my next hair

    RAIZEX from Monster Hunter Generations gets it's very own monster girl.
  5. Dr Bees

    SDT Monster Hunter Kirin Hunter Static Hair. 2017-09-18

    After a successful hunt in the Snowy Mountains, a pair of hunters celebrate their victory and relieve adrenaline and stress with a face fuck. Oroshi Kirin Helmet coming soon.
  6. Dr Bees

    SDT Monster Hunter Alatreon Static Hairs. 2017-09-18

    A brave hunter takes a step forward from simply fighting the Alatreon. Head fins are slightly transparent. Comes with background.
  7. Dr Bees

    SDT Monster Hunter Gore Magala(s) Static Hairs. 1.0

  8. Dr Bees

    SDT Monster Hunter Teostra Static Hair. 2017-07-12

    gender-swap of Teostra from Monster Hunter, down below is her save data and backgrounds to use for her A...
  9. Dr Bees

    SDT Monster Hunter Lunastra Static Hair. 2.0

    Better version of my first Super Deepthroat hair. Down below are backgrounds to use for her
  10. Dr Bees

    Hair request - Monster Hunter Lunastra.

    'Ello Blazers NFKRZ ere', a bit of an odd request I admit but I wonder if anyone would be willing to do it, I just want her flowing mane and horn crest done. Honestly I don't care if it's static or dynamic honestly, just as long as it's high quality. Drawing her ears is not required as SDT...
  11. Zyrell

    Ceanataur Static Hair 1.0