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    Need someone to write H-Scenes for my hentai game

    First, allow me to explain just what type of game this is. For those of you who are familiar with the Shin Megami Tensei series, think of it as that, but instead of demons, you recruit monster girls. If you are not familar with the SMT series, think of it as Pokemon, but instead of "catching"...
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    Honey Bee Antennae 1.0

  3. C

    Honey Bee 1.0

    Wings are animated and will shift slightly during gameplay
  4. C

    Alraune 1.0

    The vines are animated
  5. C

    Some Characters / Costumes + Accessories

    Moderator Edit: Calla's work has been copied over to the Resource system. Click here. - Mods Pack - File contains: Raven * Starfire Miranda Lawson * Alraune Cortana * Female Cyborg * Wonder Woman Honey Bee (from MGE) * Demon Wings Chucks * Requires the thigh patch mod. Credits (Hairs)...


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