1. B

    Menace costume - Individual pieces

    Hi. I attempted to do this myself, originally just the cuffs, however I wasn't able to since I'm illiterate with stuff like this, so I'm here requesting this revision. I really just want each part of the costume as individual pieces, no need for RGB or anything like that. So in all I would like...
  2. V

    Menace Queen's Blade Revision 2020-02-03

    This is a revision of @sclover13's Menace Costume. 99% of the credit goes to him, I only added a collar, cuffs and made a few minor edits. I removed the shoulder strap and blended the top into the collar. I separated the chest into left and right breast sections. I also removed some of the...
  3. sclover13

    Menace Costume 1.0