1. A

    Cheetah and Tiger markings / skin 1

    Do you know Robin Hobb? In her series Soldier's Son, there's an extremely hot and sexualized character with cheetah-like markings. Haunted my dreams. My mod is nowhere near perfection but it's a start, I hope someone else can do better than me! There are 4 files: 2 per "animal", split between...
  2. khalifa

    RGB Torn Stockings Revision

    Hi, i love these Torn Stockings created by Syntaxterror, although i would like them better if they were not torn. Is anyone able to recreate a version of these same stockings without the holes in it? The Length doesn't really matter (can be the same or longer), i just want that RGB color-effect...
  3. Perdition

    Elise Spider Legs 2019-12-28

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'LOL - Elise' mod, this mod isolates the back legs.
  4. Perdition

    Robot Legs 1.2

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'Svedka - Vodka Robot' mod, this mod isolates the legs. Comes in a version for light, pale, dark, and tan skin tones.
  5. dantethedarkprince

    Tauren Futanari 1.0

  6. wonderwall

    Thicker Ass and Legs Color Bugs

    Hey all, I'm having an issue trying to load @stuntcock 's Thicker Ass and Legs mod from Patrick. I have it in a character folder as charcode.mod but whenever I load it the legs start glitching and flashing all the different skin tones. I tried changing the Skin Tone but that just remove the...
  7. dantethedarkprince

    Cammy Legs 1.0

    This mod is intended as an optional add-on for the Cammy Outfit.
  8. V

    Leg ribbons/wraps

    Hello everyone! I've been wondering if somebody could maybe make leg ribbons/ leg wraps as a legwear perhaps? There's something quite similar, like leg ribbons https://www.undertow.club/attachments/leg-ribbons-png.34156/ (by Kir Kir's imports [Added Dynamic hair: Frenda Seivelun from Toaru...
  9. Uiridium_Chimera

    Tera: UtHelper Export/Import Issue

    I cannot seem to get UtHelper to properly export or import certain types of textures, such as diffuse maps for the legs and hands, specular maps for the legs and hands, or normal maps for the hands. It also cannot show previews for these types of textures, and it just pops up and error message...