kid icarus

  1. Perdition

    Palutena Head Wreath 2019-05-06

    Using @Chance's static hair mod 'Palutena Static Hair' as a reference, this mod places a metal head wreath on her head.
  2. Archknight7

    Palutenas Temple entrance BG 12-24-2018

    A background of an entrance to Palutenas temple.
  3. Archknight7

    Kid Icarus Cave BG 2018-12-24

    A cave background from Kid Icarus. Comes with jail cells!
  4. Archknight7

    Palutenas Temple BG 12-24-2018

    A background of Palutenas temple.
  5. A


    Are we allowed to request clothes/.swf mods? Basically, a guy has a thread called Lucky's Imports and one of the hair images he has up there was with Lady Palutena, the godess of light and the ruler of Skyworld from the Kid Iccarus franchise. But, I would like some clothes to go along with her...
  6. C

    Palutena Static Hairstyle 1.0

  7. KingJigglyTits

    Dynamic Hair Request

    I swore I made this thread before. Either I forgot to post it, or the thread broke the rules and was removed. If this thread is breaking any rules, then please let me know and offer an alternative. I'm not sure if it's breaking the "Do not request imports that have already been made." rule...