1. Failing Up

    Akitsu Maru (Kantai Collection) - Static Hair 1.0

    My favourite girl from Kancolle. She would have forced me to start modding if it wasn't possible to substitute her hair with other hairs in the archive. Enjoy.
  2. Failing Up

    Houshou (Kantai Collection) - Static Hair 1.0

  3. Failing Up

    Kashima (Kantai Collection) - Static Hair 1.0

    Was always surprised by the lack of a Kashima hair despite her popularity. Enjoy.
  4. Failing Up

    Houston (Kantai Collection) - Static Hair 1.0

    Here's a Houston hair by request of HaremFactor69. Includes 3 versions: hat, no hat and summer visor. Enjoy. No Hat Summer
  5. Failing Up

    Prinz Eugen (Kantai Collection) - Static Hair 2.0

    Here's my favourite ship girl that hadn't been modded in yet. Enjoy.
  6. SyntaxTerror

    Abyssal Female Admiral Static Hair 1.0

    Original character by G (Desukingu)...
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