Prinz Eugen (Kantai Collection) - Static Hair

Prinz Eugen (Kantai Collection) - Static Hair 2.0

Here's my favourite ship girl that hadn't been modded in yet.


Prinz Eugen Screenshot.png

Prinz Eugen Screenshot 2.png
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  1. 2.0

    Moved hair from the top layer to the under ear layer allowing cum to fall on it. The hair now...

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Been a while since I see a Kantai Collection character here..! Very cute one here. Hopefully there'll be more KC girls that you will make hehe.
Failing Up
Failing Up
Kashima will be done soon and others may or may not follow.
If you've recommendations for ship girls or any hair recommendations, you can make them in my import thread. The outcome is always a matter of reference availability and quality.
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