1. Doomer

    Control. Dark, leather, latex, silver. Civilian/tactical. 1.1.

    Our first outfit pack for Control. For some technical help and suggestions thx to SilverEzredes and alphaZomega. Contain such things: 1. Civilian dark, top/bottoms. 2. Civililian lacquer, top (jacket only). 3. Civilian latex top/bottoms, 2 types of pockets - latex and more regular one, also...
  2. S

    Request : Jessie Rasberry (FFVII Remake)

    Could someone please make this from Final Fantasy VII Remake ? Hope materiel is enought, thank. [USELESS ATTACHEMENTS REMOVED BY A STAFF MEMBER] and a .gif profil face...
  3. J

    Jessie Hair (Pokèmon)

    Hey guys I am new to SDT and I have wanted nothing more than to get Jessie hair. The device that I use for SDT is very limited so I am only able to use .png hair images and after hours of searching I have not been able to find a .png image of her hair. Does any one know where I can find one or...
  4. D-Oxygen

    Jessie Maye Static Hair 2.0

    Top from this mod by Iago | Bottoms from this mod by Huitznahua Suggested body...
  5. M

    Jessie Dynamic Hairstyle 1.0

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