1. Rastafoo

    Rastafoo's game reviews/recommendations

    Prostitute of Magmell has ten sex scenes in total, each with a unique CG. The sex positions are very typical, all the standard positions from doggystyle, to blowjob to Claire riding on top. There are no exotic positions or particularly perverted niche kinks. Because of the story premise, the...
  2. sneezy

    [Flash/Browser] Welcome To Inventis[V0.35] [Erotic Interactive Fiction Game]

    V0.3 (can be found here) has been released to the public as of today since v0.35 has been released to patrons. V0.35 notes: The village of Aritz Zonak has been completed for now. In this update you can find a few neat things like: * Sexy scenes with Dyani as a man/m2f * Sexy scenes with Askook...
  3. Sykosa

    General questions from a new Dialogue writer

    Greetings all, I have been searching the forums for the following information items, which i have not found documentation of in the various dialogue action mod documents, etc. They are all related to my attempt to make a semi-progressive mod, based on a big rewrite of Feminizing Futa, with more...
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