fate/stay night

  1. dark_knight17

    Mordred - Fate Apocrypha 2018-03-11

    Original thread found here...
  2. sandman_2010

    Rin Tohsaka (Fate/ stay night UBW 2010) Static Hair 2.0

  3. M

    Saber Dynamic Hairstyle 1.0

    Shift-Click on the various parts of the hair to show or hide them.
  4. N

    Caster Static Hairstyle 1.0

    Light Skin iris:normal,100,104,161,1;breasts:57;skin:light;lipstick:1,94,116,215;1;eyeshadow:55,26,99,1;eyebrow:112,114,199,1,36,40,82,1; Pale Skin iris:normal,100,104,161,1;breasts:57;skin:pale;lipstick:1,94,116,215;1;eyeshadow:55,26,99,1;eyebrow:112,114,199,1,36,40,82,1; Hooded hairstyle...
  5. Faceless

    Fate/stay night hairs (update 1 Apr 13: Like a King!)