1. AstralHorizen

    Scheherazade Static Hair (Fate/Grand Order) 2020-12-28

  2. AstralHorizen

    Scheherazade Outfit (Fate/Grand Order) 2020-12-28

    (Does not support handjob position or Breast Slider) "If any bugs or major clipping are found, inform me." The outfit is preloaded with data already to work with the custom thighs. I'll plan on adding different skins tones later in the future. The chest and breasts won't load correctly. So...
  3. AstralHorizen

    Neith (SMITE) Outift 2.0

    Neith from SMITE, comes with hair. If there's major clipping, notify me and I'll try to patch it up. (Does not support Handjob position or breast slider clothing changes, hair is static for the time being). (Added an SWF file without the preset character data) "Due note, the gloves and...
  4. B

    Menace costume - Individual pieces

    Hi. I attempted to do this myself, originally just the cuffs, however I wasn't able to since I'm illiterate with stuff like this, so I'm here requesting this revision. I really just want each part of the costume as individual pieces, no need for RGB or anything like that. So in all I would like...
  5. Apollion

    Cleopatra Static Hair 3

    HOYYY ^^ I searched on internet for a cleopatra hair mod but i didn't find lmao... so I make it myself .-. hope you will like it ^^ Btw if you want modify It you can ^^ here is a preview (I used theese mods: Arm ribbons from sby loader...
  6. Masterdragon

    Nitocris hair (Semi-Dynamic) 1.0.1

    Semi dynamic hair (meaning it moves, but only a little), for Nitocris from the Fate series. Caster version. Tried to make the the pigtails more dynamic, but then they look like they broke cause I couldn't get the rotation points to look smooth. PS: Yes, the is that long. Requested by @Hank East
  7. Hank East

    Neith costume redrawn

    So a couple of years ago, I requested Neith's hair and costume from Smite here walkeroftheocean's imports - 28/12/2015 Star Wars The Force Awakens - Rey. However think they've aged a bit poorly, so I'd like it if someone touched them up a bit. More specifically, I'd like them to have...