dark skin

  1. Nightstalker

    Olga Static Hair True Skin Color

  2. Huitznahua

    Olga Discordia Outfit 1.2

    You can find the hair on the Nightstalker Import thread. Requirements : TemplateExtensionV5_sby. CharCode is now embedded in the outfit file.
  3. Huitznahua

    Chloe Outfit 1.2

    Requirements : TemplateExtensionV5_sby. You can use the Chloe Dynamic Hair or the Chloe Static Hair by @Nightsalker. The charCode is now embedded in the hair files. So, you shouldn't need this one but, just in case, here it is ...
  4. C

    Korra Costume 1.0

  5. M

    Iris Dynamic Hair 1.0