curly hair

  1. Perdition

    Geecku Static Hair 1.3

    Static hair mod of Geecku's hair, anthro gecko character of Chaodillo Char Code...
  2. Perdition

    Jenny Realight Static Hair Adjust 2018-11-19

    Based on @Mineur's 'Jenny Realight Static Hair' mod, I shortened the ponytail and removed the flower from her hair.
  3. Perdition

    Blair Earless Hair 2018-11-18

    Based on @Anoon's static hair mod 'Blair', this mod removes the ears.
  4. DigitalSmutExports

    Carmilla w/ Horns Static Hair 1.0

    Version without her horns can be found here.
  5. DigitalSmutExports

    Carmilla Static Hair 1.0

  6. S

    Can someone alter this hair?

    I really like this hair mod except for the little pigtail like things by her ear. Can someone remove that for me please? Cut it off to the lock of hair by the top of the tip of her ear. Thank you so much
  7. S

    Can someone alter the ears on this hair? REQUEST FILLED

    I really like this hair mod but I don't like the ears. If someone could revise it to have normal human ears or let SDT chan's ears be there that'd be awesome. Thanks in advance.
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