Very long curly hair

Very long curly hair 1.0 [RGB] [Dynamic]

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A very long curly rgb dynamic hair.
Based on Faceless's Neptune & Kir's Nelliel hairs, fuse and rework these.
RGB adjustable colours code is due to the programming skills of ModGuy ModGuy .

  • open with the SWF mod button in the Modding tab.
  • This mod is compatible with Vanilla
  • To change the colour of the fill, use the left Headwear or Collar or Tonguepiercing or HairRGB slider1 (depending on the version used).
  • To change the colour of the shade, use the right Headwear or Collar or Tonguepiercing or HairRGB slider 2 (depending on the version used).
  • You need this mod for the HairRGB version.
  • Click here for find other mod compatible with HairRGB.
  • If you are a modder and want to make RGB adjustable hair mods, look at this tutorial.

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Latest updates

  1. Add a HairRGB Version

    add a new version for HairRGB

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I love these hair mods, I would like you to do more, they fit you perfectly
Glad you like these. I project to release others soon. Wait a little more.

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