costume request

  1. Kyruel

    [Request] I want Secre Swallowtail of Black Clover

    Can we have secre swallowtail please ? she look so cute EDIT: Deleted useless image I ask it on behalf of all, everyone wants her
  2. Hank East

    Platform Sandals footwear

    I would like to request a pair of platform sandals such as these: [USELESS ATTACHMENTS REMOVED BY A STAFF MEMBER] My apologies if it has been done already, however I have searched a lot and found no footwear mods similar to this. I have found sandals, platforms, but no platform sandals.
  3. BrickShithouse

    Sweater Dress

    So I'm thinking, anyone interested in making a sweater dress? Like a loose and baggy one, ribbed, soft, yet hugs the important parts, kind of wrinkled and with folds, also rides up just enough that you see the bottom of her ass-cheeks, hangs off her shoulder some, or maybe with a soft...
  4. Faceless

    Bayonetta costume

    Right, at stuntcock's suggestion, this thread is for documenting progress on a Bayonetta costume mod. The plan is to have two modes: normal and Wicked Weave. normal mode concept art Wicked Weave mode concept art Now, the above concept art is very much not the final design that made it into the...
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