clothing customization

  1. Deleted member 331943

    Princess Guards

    Hello :) I am working on a new dialogue “project” that for now I call Princess Guards. However I could really use some help with the character designs. I will be needing: 1. princess - she get’s abducted by an evil entity and it’s up to her 3 guardians to save her. Guardians: 1. A mage 2. A...
  2. Deleted member 331943

    Does an Outfit like this exist (NOT a request for a new mod)

    Hey :) I am working on a dialogue and I need a specific outfit for my character (see the attached file). I am hoping some of you might wonna help me out? I can’t seem to get it right myself :/ I just need an outfit that looks close to the photo :) EDIT by moderator: Note that @Myrrdin never...
  3. I

    How to save colours of custom clothing (.swf)?

    I want to save the colours of specific clothing I've downloaded. Couldn't find any threads detailing how to do this. When I change the RBG values of the item whilst in the Loader (I am not using moreclothing, very vanilla Loader), it changes colour, but when I save the custom file this colour is...
  4. Super Deepthroat

    Super Deepthroat 1.21.1b

    Blowjob simulator game with an anime art style. Includes various well-known anime girls.


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