1. Glitter Blush

    Glitter Blush LDR 1.0

    Sparkles on her cheeks
  2. S

    Why do my character's cheeks keep turning black?

    I'm using the newest version of sby's loader bundle, and my characters will often times have a black blush fade in. I don't know what it is, but it usually happens while they're on the cock. None of my saves have any blush, so I'm confused why this keeps happening. I enable breast expansion...
  3. Antimatter42

    Blush Trigger

    I would like to request a dialogue-writing feature for SDT (either through dialogueactions, moretriggers, or any other mod) in which her cheeks blush due to a blush trigger feature. I think it would be perfect for writing tsundere or shy girl dialogues. I do hope I was clear enough in my...
  4. Shinobu Static Hair

    Shinobu Static Hair 1.0

    Static hairstyle for Shinobu Oshino of Nisemonogatari


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