armor swap

  1. badilator

    [Raiders of Icarus] Badilator's Nude Armor Replacer 0.3 + Hi-Res Nude texture + SexyThong

    In Nude Armor Replacer Mod for Icarus I replaced the 512x512 lame vanilla texture with a 2048x2048, hand made, custom texture with real nipples and vagina from photos. But I'm not really into normal maps texturing, so if someone can provide hi rez textures with good normal maps i prefer to...
  2. BlackFireBR

    Black Desert Online- Armor/Outfits File Names. Please don't ask about armor swapping in this thread.

    Black Desert Online - PAC File Names Relations Disclaimer: Armor Swapping no longer works for this game and it has been discontinued, please don't ask about armor swapping in this thread. This thread is basically to find which file corresponds to which armor or weapon of the game. You can try...
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