Vera Blanc and the Return to Romania

Vera Blanc and the Return to Romania HTML

Join Vera Blanc, private investigator who specializes in solving "unusual" cases, as she travels to Romania in search of a missing person.
Was she kidnapped, and if so, who kidnapped her, and why?

You, the player, guide Vera through the story. Help her investigate, ask questions, interview the other characters, and use Vera's ability to (sometimes) read minds in order to solve the mystery.
Player choices determine how the story progresses, and the eventual outcome. There are two endings.

This is a fan-made cross-over story combining characters from my original story 'Arnie and the Hitchhiker', and the Vera Blanc characters from Winterwolves Games (Riva Celso has generously granted permission to use the characters from the Vera Blanc commercially released visual novels). Conversion to HTML used techniques developed by kexter.

You may NOT upload this visual novel to any other website without my permission.
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